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Thoughtful Sentiments Thoughtful Sentiments
$18.48 (Rs 1200.00)
$16.09 (Rs 1045.00)
Assorted Colorful Carnations Bouquet Assorted Colorful Carnation...
$10.40 (Rs 675.00)
$9.01 (Rs 585.00)
10 Red Roses Bouquet 10 Red Roses Bouquet
$8.01 (Rs 520.00)
$6.93 (Rs 450.00)
Ladies Simple Handbag Ladies Simple Handbag
$36.11 (Rs 2345.00)
$32.80 (Rs 2130.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$21.95 (Rs 1425.00)
$19.94 (Rs 1295.00)
Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) Leather Shoulder Bag (Black)
$27.87 (Rs 1810.00)
$25.33 (Rs 1645.00)
Handy Jumbo Bag : Soft Toys Handy Jumbo Bag : Soft Toys
$10.86 (Rs 705.00)
$9.16 (Rs 595.00)
Reddish Love : Love Soft Toys Reddish Love : Love Soft Toys
$10.55 (Rs 685.00)
$8.93 (Rs 580.00)
Cheerful Bunny : Soft Toys Cheerful Bunny : Soft Toys
$8.32 (Rs 540.00)
$7.01 (Rs 455.00)
Unforgettable Surprise Unforgettable Surprise
$45.66 (Rs 2965.00)
$39.73 (Rs 2580.00)
Simple Elegance Simple Elegance
$33.11 (Rs 2150.00)
$28.80 (Rs 1870.00)
Assorted Roses Vase with Fererro Rocher Chocolates Assorted Roses Vase With Fe...
$28.95 (Rs 1880.00)
$25.18 (Rs 1635.00)
Divine Fragrance and Lightning Combo Divine Fragrance And Lightn...
$8.16 (Rs 530.00)
$6.91 (Rs 449.00)
Colorful Candle Set Colorful Candle Set
$10.01 (Rs 650.00)
$8.45 (Rs 549.00)
Gifts For Him Aromatic Candle & Towel Gifts For Him Aromatic Cand...
$10.93 (Rs 710.00)
$9.22 (Rs 599.00)
Dark Fantasy Hamper Dark Fantasy Hamper
$13.55 (Rs 880.00)
$12.32 (Rs 800.00)
5-Star Magic Basket/ Caramel Choco Pleasure 5-Star Magic Basket/ Carame...
$10.86 (Rs 705.00)
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
Red Fantasy Red Fantasy
$14.09 (Rs 915.00)
$12.78 (Rs 830.00)
Green Elegance Green Elegance
$11.63 (Rs 755.00)
$10.55 (Rs 685.00)
Dry Fruits Gift Pack Dry Fruits Gift Pack
$9.63 (Rs 625.00)
$8.78 (Rs 570.00)
Pachatantra Mix Dry Fruit Box Pachatantra Mix Dry Fruit Box
$16.09 (Rs 1045.00)
$14.63 (Rs 950.00)
Ashta Lakshmi Devotional Photo Frame Ashta Lakshmi Devotional Ph...

$19.48 (Rs 1265.00)
100 gm Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolates 100 Gm Lindt Excellence 85%...
$14.48 (Rs 940.00)
$13.17 (Rs 855.00)
100gm Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate 100gm Lindt Classic Recipe ...
$14.48 (Rs 940.00)
$13.17 (Rs 855.00)
100gm Lindt Excellence Caramel 100gm Lindt Excellence Caramel
$14.48 (Rs 940.00)
$13.17 (Rs 855.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Band Baaja Baarati (Blue) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$8.16 (Rs 530.00)
$6.91 (Rs 449.00)
Herbal Tea Hamper With Mug Herbal Tea Hamper With Mug
$48.36 (Rs 3140.00)
$40.79 (Rs 2649.00)
Mug N Candy Mug N Candy
$10.93 (Rs 710.00)
$9.22 (Rs 599.00)
Mango Bon- Bons 250 gms Mango Bon- Bons 250 Gms
$7.47 (Rs 485.00)
$6.47 (Rs 420.00)
Tasty Fusion Tasty Fusion
$10.16 (Rs 660.00)
$9.24 (Rs 600.00)
Ghasitarams Pista Katories250 gms Ghasitarams Pista Katories2...
$9.32 (Rs 605.00)
$8.09 (Rs 525.00)
Car Shape Cake Car Shape Cake
$93.48 (Rs 6070.00)
$81.31 (Rs 5280.00)
Two Tier Cake 4Kg Two Tier Cake 4Kg
$117.89 (Rs 7655.00)
$102.49 (Rs 6655.00)
Alphabet Shape Cake Alphabet Shape Cake
$59.68 (Rs 3875.00)
$51.90 (Rs 3370.00)

Henry Van Dyke once quoted that “It is not the gifts but the thoughts that count” and we couldn’t agree more.  The gift can be small or big, it can be expensive or cheap but what actually counts is the thought or the emotions hid behind them.  Let us just say that every gift that give has some meaning that it beholds, for example a pack of chewing gum might be considered even as a gift by many but did you know that chewing gum means ‘I want to be with you long tie’. That is about chewing gum, let us tell you that a ball pen can also be a gift and it conveys that ‘I put half of my heart in it’.  A tie mean ‘I want to have you in my life’, now you know why some men receive a tie as gift.  Gifting needles, doesn’t make any sense, we know your thought you might be thinking  are needles even a gift item but as we told all gifts have some hidden message with and so does needles too. When you gift needles to someone it actually means ‘I am all yours’.  Do you miss some one very special and want to gift them we can tell  you about a gift that would hardly cost anything but is the most precious gifts ever; letters.  You might think that letters are old fashioned and who even writes a letter at the digital era, but it has all your emotion, thoughts, feelings and your heart poured into one.  Trust us even though letters are outdated, but if you still write a letter to your partner saying about all your feelings she/he is going to cherish that gift and keep it with them  till death apart them.  Gifts are not about how much money you spend or buying the latest product available in market, neither is it about how costly the gift is. Any gift you buy should be able to convey the message you want to. 

The tradition of gift giving as is very long. You can date it back to the time when mankind was evolved. It is quite interesting to know that we naturally follow the tradition blindly, as a child he/ she might first be excited about getting gifts but as they step foot into adolescence the scenario changes, they are many people in their love whom they need to  gift them because they want to see them smiling. This is a natural process you don’t learn lessons on how to gift and how to not. You have traditional festivals and then few more dates that are added up to your own calendar when exchanges of gifts are mandatory.  Farewells are the saddest good byes that we have to face in our love, and there is no escape but what you do to make the memories that you hold memorable you gift your friend, bench mates or even classmates; any name you wish to call as, you gift them something that holds your memory forever. You want them to gift something that conveys a message that you will be in their heart every day.  Similarly there are many events and occasion when you need to gift someone or the other for being an important part in your life. 

Online gifting is the increasing trend among many and why not, when internet has made all the process of buying a gift so easy we don’t think anyone would not opt for this easier way.  We don’t have to look through all the stuffs and visit every shop to get one. Websites have made it easy for us and all that we have to do is select the gift items and send it to the address.  The world has been brought at your fingertips. What else do you want, you have websites where ordering cakes are easy, getting flowers, clothing, fashion accessories, footwear and other such things are now easy.  We have different websites that provide you this service.  Now the question might come to your mind what is new in our page.  Our page ‘awesomeji’ is exclusively meant for gifts.

Awesomeji has gifts for any and every occasion. Sending gifts within India and other parts of the city is easy like never before. Gifts are the only way through which you can send your love; care and affection so why not do it now. Be it Diwali, Holi, New Year, Christmas, Eid, anniversaries, birthdays, house warmings, weddings, engagements, Rakhi, or any other occasion, you can choose gifts from our wide range of collections which includes cakes, chocolates, sweets, soft toys, gift boxes ad vouchers, holiday packages, flowers, metal and bronze artifacts, jewellery, fashion accessories, clothing, leather products, home and kitchen decors and lot many other products. Unlike many other websites, we are very easy on pockets, which make it easy for you to send cheap online gifts to Jaipur. Yes, Jaipur, the royal city of India can now avail our service.  Make use of our free delivery and shipment and send gifts anywhere in Jaipur and India.  We also cater our services to other countries including UK, UAE, USA, France, Australia, and Canada and many other countries. We also have extended our services to nearby cities including Basi, Bagru, Chomun, Chatsu, Jobner, Manoharpur, Daosa, Ringas, Phulera, Sambhar, Naraina, Lalsot, Sri Madhopur, Ramgarh and Bandikui.