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Whenever we hear Agra, the first thing that pops up our minds is Taj Mahal. The epitome of love, one of the wonders of world is the most treasured wealth that we have. It might be because of Taj Mahal that the idiom of love still exists within us. We believe in love, we fall in love and we stay in love. A larger part of Agraís history goes back to the Mughal Emperor period, which lasted for more than 300 years and we had witnessed few of the best and the wickedest emperors in history. Apparently the existence of this city can be dated way back during the time of Mahabharata. We treasure the architectural minds of the people at that time for building few of the best Mughal-era-buildings. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, are named under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they still give us the chills. Deep down we feel proud and happy for living in the era where we can witness these beauties. Agra, a city of love and fantasy is not far from the capital city of India, Delhi which adds another point for gaining attraction. Though the city has larger Muslim community, people of all other casts, creed and religion can be found here. After all love is their base and so spreading love and peace is what they do best.

Above all comes love and there is no other way to spread it rather than cutting a cake. Since multiplicity is not a matter of concern people celebrate all festivals irrespective of their origin. And that itself is love and so why to wait select a cake for anyone, for any occasion and place the order. Pick any cake of your choice online send it anywhere in Agra for cheaper price and with these two steps your favorite cake will reach you. As we have a variety of cakes for any occasion, let it be Motherís day, Fatherís day, Rakshabandhan, chocolate day, promise day, birthdays and what not, your wish is our command so select the cake and we will delivered it for free. Our midnight delivery services would also be helpful for all last minute planners. And again so many vibrant cakes come in prices that are unbelievable to eyes we only have one message to convey that your happiness is that all matters to us. Donít worry mates, we have stretched our services to neighboring cities like Dayal Bagh, Farah, Fatehabad, Firozbad, Rajakhera, Baldeo, Tundela, Kiraoli, Sadabad, Mahaban and Itimadpur.
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