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Amongst all, Diwali is the most awaited and joyous festival which is celebrated with huge fanfare by Hindus in India and around the world. On this revered festival, people light earthen lamps, perform special Diwali worship, and distribute gifts and sweets amongst one another to wish prosperity, luck and happiness in the coming year. If your relatives are living in Udaipur and you want to wish them Diwali prosperity in a special way, then you can send Diwali gifts through our website. Make your loved ones’ Diwali more delightful by sending unique Diwali presents online to Udaipur. You can buy/order cheap Diwali gifts for India delivery at our e-shopping portal. Using our online cheap delivery facility, you can send Diwali gifts and presents to Udaipur and other popular cities of Rajasthan, like Ajmer, Jaipur, Bikaner, Bharatpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, etc. Here in this exclusive festive selection, we have come up with a plethora of Diwali gifting options for you, such as festive chocolates packs, dry fruits festive packs, sweets, metal artifacts, showpiece, Laxmi Ganesha idols, apparels and many more. To send Diwali presents of your choice from anywhere in the world, you just need to place the order and we will deliver the same at your desired time and place. Sending Diwali gifts to Udaipur (India) is easy now! Buy/order and send Diwali gifts to Udaipur online with awesomeji.com and get free delivery.
Bhaidhooj Gifts Sweets- Ghasitaram's Ghasitarams Natural Sugarfree Mix 800 gms Bhaidhooj Gifts Sweets- Gha...
$28.61 (Rs 1973.00)
$26.00 (Rs 1793.00)
Toblerone Chocolate with Gold Plated Note Toblerone Chocolate With Go...
$19.79 (Rs 1365.00)
$17.98 (Rs 1240.00)
Pack of Snickers Minature Chocolates with Earthen Diyas Pack Of Snickers Minature C...
$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
$9.86 (Rs 680.00)
Antique Golden Ganesha Bandhanwar Antique Golden Ganesha Band...
$24.87 (Rs 1715.00)
$22.62 (Rs 1560.00)
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift Pack with Diwali Card Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gi...
$42.49 (Rs 2930.00)
$38.64 (Rs 2665.00)
Big Cane Basket with Mysore Pak, Almonds, Namkeen Pouch with 2- T-lites Big Cane Basket With Mysore...
$21.36 (Rs 1473.00)
$19.42 (Rs 1339.00)
Wooden Wall Hanging Diamond Multicolor Ganpati hamper Wooden Wall Hanging Diamond...
$19.21 (Rs 1325.00)
$16.68 (Rs 1150.00)
chand earrings Chand Earrings
$22.62 (Rs 1560.00)
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
Red Glass Candle Set Red Glass Candle Set
$5.08 (Rs 350.00)
$4.64 (Rs 320.00)
Earthen Diya and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Earthen Diya And Ferrero Ro...
$47.49 (Rs 3275.00)
$43.14 (Rs 2975.00)
Earthen Diya with Miniature Toblerone Chocolate Earthen Diya With Miniature...
$16.46 (Rs 1135.00)
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
Desinger Diwali Thali and Earthen Diya with Gold Plated Lakshmi Note Desinger Diwali Thali And E...
$7.90 (Rs 545.00)
$7.18 (Rs 495.00)
Ladies Simple Handbag Ladies Simple Handbag
$35.67 (Rs 2460.00)
$32.41 (Rs 2235.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$21.68 (Rs 1495.00)
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)
Silver Brass Plated Ganpati Diva hamper Silver Brass Plated Ganpati...
$19.21 (Rs 1325.00)
$16.68 (Rs 1150.00)
Red Fantasy Red Fantasy
$13.85 (Rs 955.00)
$12.62 (Rs 870.00)
Diwali Sugarfree Chocolates-Golden Mix Nuts Sugarfree Chocolates Box Diwali Sugarfree Chocolates...
$14.54 (Rs 1003.00)
$13.21 (Rs 911.00)
Big Cane Basket with Soan Papdi, Almonds, Namkeen Pouch with 2- T-lites Big Cane Basket With Soan P...
$20.07 (Rs 1384.00)
$18.24 (Rs 1258.00)
Beautiful Floral Beige Potli of Almonds Beautiful Floral Beige Potl...
$9.43 (Rs 650.00)
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
Pink Candle Lantern Pink Candle Lantern
$5.08 (Rs 350.00)
$4.64 (Rs 320.00)
Floating LED Candle Set- 12 Pcs Floating LED Candle Set- 12...
$24.00 (Rs 1655.00)
$21.82 (Rs 1505.00)
Red Potli Basket with Kaju Katli and Almonds Pouch and Om T- lite Red Potli Basket With Kaju ...
$17.95 (Rs 1238.00)
$16.31 (Rs 1125.00)
Red & Green LED Candle Set- 4 Pcs Red & Green LED Candle Set-...
$10.30 (Rs 710.00)
$9.35 (Rs 645.00)
Premium Red & Yellow Bandhanwar Premium Red & Yellow Bandha...
$48.87 (Rs 3370.00)
$44.44 (Rs 3065.00)
Bhaidhooj Gifts Sweets- Sugarfree Khajoor/ Dates Roll 800 gms with Rudraksh Rakhi Bhaidhooj Gifts Sweets- Sug...
$29.00 (Rs 2000.00)
$26.36 (Rs 1818.00)
Acrylic Tear Drop Thali with Candle and Kuber Lakshmi Note Acrylic Tear Drop Thali Wit...
$7.76 (Rs 535.00)
$7.03 (Rs 485.00)
Sensational White Pearl Necklace Sensational White Pearl Nec...
$123.25 (Rs 8500.00)
$94.24 (Rs 6499.00)
Big Cane Basket with Nani's Spl Besan Barfi, Almonds, Namkeen Pouch with 2- T-lites Big Cane Basket With Nani's...
$21.36 (Rs 1473.00)
$19.42 (Rs 1339.00)
Beautiful Beige Potli of Cashew Nuts Beautiful Beige Potli Of Ca...
$15.37 (Rs 1060.00)
$13.99 (Rs 965.00)
Diwali Dry Fruits Hamper Diwali Dry Fruits Hamper
$29.36 (Rs 2025.00)
$26.68 (Rs 1840.00)
Classy Jute Potli of Almonds Classy Jute Potli Of Almonds
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
$7.76 (Rs 535.00)
Haldiram Sweets And Snacks Hamper With Diyas Haldiram Sweets And Snacks ...
$14.57 (Rs 1005.00)
$13.27 (Rs 915.00)
Fragrance Oil Burner Lamp Green Fragrance Oil Burner Lamp G...
$6.02 (Rs 415.00)
$5.44 (Rs 375.00)
Mango Light Mango Light
$17.95 (Rs 1238.00)
$16.31 (Rs 1125.00)
Creative drop earrings Creative Drop Earrings
$20.88 (Rs 1440.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Bhaidhooj Gifts Natural Fruit Assorted Sugarfree Sweets 800 gms Bhaidhooj Gifts Natural Fru...
$34.12 (Rs 2353.00)
$31.02 (Rs 2139.00)
Auspicious Silver  Ganapati Diya and Wooden Swastik Auspicious Silver Ganapati...
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
$7.32 (Rs 505.00)
Decorative Wall Hanging Velvet Fabric toran With Wooden Swastik Decorative Wall Hanging Vel...
$5.37 (Rs 370.00)
$4.64 (Rs 320.00)
Golden & White Pearl Bandhanwar Golden & White Pearl Bandha...
$7.76 (Rs 535.00)
$7.03 (Rs 485.00)
Diwali Sugarfree Chocolates- Assorted Sugarfree Chocolates  Box Diwali Sugarfree Chocolates...
$11.12 (Rs 767.00)
$10.11 (Rs 697.00)
Decorative Terracotta Diya Set 6 Pcs Decorative Terracotta Diya ...
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Designer Terracotta Diya Set 4 Pcs Designer Terracotta Diya Se...
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
2 Lines Pearl Necklace 2 Lines Pearl Necklace
$147.90 (Rs 10200.00)
$133.11 (Rs 9180.00)
Pink Lily Arrangement With LED Light Pink Lily Arrangement With ...
$18.85 (Rs 1300.00)
$17.11 (Rs 1180.00)
Rose Print Reed Diffuser Rose Print Reed Diffuser
$11.96 (Rs 825.00)
$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
Wax Filled Terracotta Diya Set 3 Pcs Wax Filled Terracotta Diya ...
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Beautiful Matki Shaped Terracotta Diya Set 4 Pcs Beautiful Matki Shaped Terr...
$4.28 (Rs 295.00)
$3.92 (Rs 270.00)
Antique Golden Bajirao Ganesha Idol Antique Golden Bajirao Gane...
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Mini Lakshmi Ganesha Idol On One Singhasan Mini Lakshmi Ganesha Idol O...
$5.08 (Rs 350.00)
$4.64 (Rs 320.00)
Pack of Bounty Minature Chocolates with Earthen Diyas Pack Of Bounty Minature Cho...
$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
$9.86 (Rs 680.00)
Classy Jute Potli of Cashew Nuts Classy Jute Potli Of Cashew...
$11.96 (Rs 825.00)
$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
The Diwali season is approaching and you are surely thinking about how to convey your love to your relatives and friends living in Udaipur! What could be a better way to wish them than by sending them a loving gift through Awesomeji.com? Gift giving has been made easy for you! Just a few clicks and you are ready to go! We provide you four convenient options for making payment: credit card, debit cards, PayPal and internet banking.

Diwali Gift Ideas - Why Limit Your Gifting Choices!
Once upon a time choosing thoughtful gifts for your loved ones used to be a time consuming process. But with the convenience and choices offered by Awesomeji, gift giving has now become a breezy, fun-filled process! Choose a delicately patterned designer saree for your mom, a stylish handbag for your sister, and a beautifully decorated Diwali thali for your granny. Give a delicious chocolate collection to your young niece and a sophisticated wrist watch to your uncle. And how about a special Diwali cake for your best friend?

Send Diwali Gifts Anywhere in Udaipur
In today’s busy world, even travelling within your own city to personally greet your near and dear ones on Diwali has become difficult. But you can still send your love and wishes to the ones close to you in Udaipur. Just choose a gift from Awesomeji and tell us the address. We will deliver your gift to any part of the city, be it an urban location or a smaller settlement, in a timely manner.

Send Diwali Gifts from Udaipur to Other Indian cities
Wondering what to gift your daughter living in New Delhi and your nephew in Meerut? Choose from our amazing collection of trendy gifts specially chosen for youngsters like her! We know you have loved ones living across India and that’s why we bring to you our free delivery services to any city in India! Now send your love to friends and relatives irrespective of whether they live in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Ranchi, or Chennai.

Send Diwali Gifts from Udaipur to Other Countries
When Diwali has now become a global festival, why should gift giving be limited to India? We at Awesomeji completely understand the changing global trends and bring to you amazing gift options that you can send to your family and friends living in other parts of the world. Now easily send gifts from Udaipur to other countries in the world like Canada, Fiji, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, UAE, Denmark, Thailand, South Africa, USA, New Zealand, Oman, Italy, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, and Australia.
Sending Diwali gifts to Udaipur (India) is easy now! Buy/order and send Diwali gifts to Udaipur online with awesomeji.com and get free delivery.