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Colorful Dreams Colorful Dreams
$42.20 (Rs 2910.00)
$38.35 (Rs 2645.00)
Vanilla Cake with Twenty Five Red Roses Bouquet Vanilla Cake With Twenty Fi...
$29.00 (Rs 2000.00)
$26.39 (Rs 1820.00)
Seasonal Flowers with Assorted Cookies Seasonal Flowers With Assor...
$24.65 (Rs 1700.00)
$22.40 (Rs 1545.00)
3 Rosy Days 3 Rosy Days
$39.66 (Rs 2735.00)
$36.03 (Rs 2485.00)
12 Mix Roses Bouquet with Wine and New Year Card 12 Mix Roses Bouquet With W...
$54.45 (Rs 3755.00)
$49.52 (Rs 3415.00)
Dazzle Beauty Dazzle Beauty
$12.83 (Rs 885.00)
$11.67 (Rs 805.00)
Graceful Day Graceful Day
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Yellow & White Seasonal Flowers with Soan Papdi Yellow & White Seasonal Flo...
$24.14 (Rs 1665.00)
$21.97 (Rs 1515.00)
Vanilla Cake with Red Roses Bouquet for Mom Vanilla Cake With Red Roses...
$54.67 (Rs 3770.00)
$49.66 (Rs 3425.00)
Rock with Red Roses Rock With Red Roses
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
Mix Gerberas Bouquet and New Year Greeting Card Mix Gerberas Bouquet And Ne...
$13.34 (Rs 920.00)
$12.11 (Rs 835.00)
Heartful Sympathy Heartful Sympathy
$35.96 (Rs 2480.00)
$32.70 (Rs 2255.00)
Touch Me Softly Touch Me Softly
$7.18 (Rs 495.00)
$6.53 (Rs 450.00)
Floral Delight Floral Delight
$16.46 (Rs 1135.00)
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
Assorted Roses Vase with Fererro Rocher Chocolates Assorted Roses Vase With Fe...
$31.90 (Rs 2200.00)
$29.00 (Rs 2000.00)
Perfect Mothers Day Gift Collection with Cake and Roses Perfect Mothers Day Gift Co...
$54.67 (Rs 3770.00)
$49.66 (Rs 3425.00)
Red Roses Bouquet and New Year Card Combo Red Roses Bouquet And New Y...
$13.34 (Rs 920.00)
$12.11 (Rs 835.00)
50 Pink Roses Round Bouquet 50 Pink Roses Round Bouquet
$27.26 (Rs 1880.00)
$24.80 (Rs 1710.00)
Remembrance Bouquet Remembrance Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
4 Day For U 4 Day For U
$64.31 (Rs 4435.00)
$58.44 (Rs 4030.00)
12 Mix Roses Bouquet and Merry Christmas Greeting Card 12 Mix Roses Bouquet And Me...
$14.50 (Rs 1000.00)
$13.20 (Rs 910.00)
Lovely Red Roses Bouquet with Chocolate Cake on Mothers Day Lovely Red Roses Bouquet Wi...
$19.65 (Rs 1355.00)
$17.84 (Rs 1230.00)
Pink Roses with Teddy Bear Pink Roses With Teddy Bear
$15.37 (Rs 1060.00)
$13.99 (Rs 965.00)
Exclusive Red Roses Bouquet Exclusive Red Roses Bouquet
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
24 Red Roses Bouquet 24 Red Roses Bouquet
$14.43 (Rs 995.00)
$13.12 (Rs 905.00)
Spring Splendor Spring Splendor
$12.83 (Rs 885.00)
$11.67 (Rs 805.00)
Red Roses n Free Chocolates Red Roses N Free Chocolates
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
50 Mix Colour Roses Bouquet 50 Mix Colour Roses Bouquet
$26.25 (Rs 1810.00)
$23.85 (Rs 1645.00)
Seasonal Flowers with Jamuns N Chocolates Seasonal Flowers With Jamun...
$25.67 (Rs 1770.00)
$23.35 (Rs 1610.00)
12 Pink Carnations Bouquet 12 Pink Carnations Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Roses in a Vase with New Year Greeting Card Roses In A Vase With New Ye...
$19.58 (Rs 1350.00)
$17.76 (Rs 1225.00)
Sunset Sunset
$13.85 (Rs 955.00)
$12.62 (Rs 870.00)
Exclusive Gift Collection on Mothers Day Exclusive Gift Collection O...
$45.24 (Rs 3120.00)
$41.11 (Rs 2835.00)
12 Multicolour Gerberas Bouquet 12 Multicolour Gerberas Bou...
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
For U From Me For U From Me
$8.19 (Rs 565.00)
$7.47 (Rs 515.00)
A Treasure of 3 Day A Treasure Of 3 Day
$40.67 (Rs 2805.00)
$36.98 (Rs 2550.00)
Vanilla Cake with Fifty Red Roses Bouquet Vanilla Cake With Fifty Red...
$41.76 (Rs 2880.00)
$37.99 (Rs 2620.00)
Butterscotch Cake with Fifty Red Roses Bouquet Butterscotch Cake With Fift...
$41.76 (Rs 2880.00)
$37.99 (Rs 2620.00)
Spring Explosion Spring Explosion
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Mix Roses Bouquet with Indian Wine and Christmas Card Mix Roses Bouquet With Indi...
$60.39 (Rs 4165.00)
$54.88 (Rs 3785.00)
Buds of love Buds Of Love
$30.89 (Rs 2130.00)
$28.06 (Rs 1935.00)
Red and Pink Roses Bouquet Red And Pink Roses Bouquet
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)

Do colours turn your loved one on? Then the best way to impress and make the person happy is through flowers. Flowers have the appeal to make people excited and enthusiastic after looking at a bunch of fresh flowers. Studies have shown that flowers also have the power to influence moods in a positive way. So, if thereís someone around you who is not feeling well or is going through extreme work pressure then you can be the savior by gifting him/her flowers. A bouquet of flowers also gives rise to happy emotions and spreads warmth by its beauty and grace. Flowers go a long way in building relationships and maintaining them too. Nearly all weddings make extensive use of flowers to create a charming and happy atmosphere. Flowers are mostly associated with women because their personality matches that of flowers. Women also make use of flowers in a big way for decoration and to add beauty to their hair and special occasions. Many of us go overboard when it comes to offering flowers to deities. While celebrating Diwali or on your special achievement, you can think about gifting a bunch of flowers to the Gods.

Itís a good thing to say it with flowers, but what is also important is that flowers should be extremely fresh and their bouquets too must have a good blend of flowers. This is essential to express your feelings completely. There is no need to hunt for such breathtaking flowers as you can easily shop for them online at awesomeji.com. Keeping in mind peopleís moods the website has put together bunches and bouquets that can be used for different moods and occasions. In fact, you can think about a flower theme to celebrate your loved oneís special occasion. Flowers are of great help when you want to socialize, so pick any kind of flower from our site and make new friends. Choose from flowers like Eustoma, Posy, Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, and Tuberose flowers. Bouquets and bunches of Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, and Gladiolus in amazing hues will definitely bowl over your near and dear ones.

A special flower and goodies arrangement called ĎLove on Wheelsí will definitely overwhelm your sweetheart. The package comes with a cute huggable Teddy Bear, a cushion, a heart filled with 25 resplendent Roses along with a bunch of 40 seasonal flowers and radiant roses and thatís not all, you also give the chocoholic dear one of yours a Ferrero Rocher chocolates pack. Apart from this, you can opt for a bigger treat if you choose serenades that let your celebration go on for two, three or an elaborate four days. Send not one but 300 red roses in three days in three different forms and receive as well as give immense love and admiration.

Let your celebration not be devoid of extra sweetness. Pick packs that come with chocolates, dry fruits, natural fruit baskets, and a yummy cake. Sweets like Kaju Katli, Soan Papdi, Gulab Jamuns and Rasgullas are also part of the combos. Donít forget to try our special flower-shaped sweets called Mango Flowers and Passion Flowers, which are available separately. Some combos also have a free greeting card with them, so you can pen down your warm wishes and thoughts too.

The collection of artificial flowers on this website is as good as real flowers. These flowers can be preserved for long and are really attractive. You can turn a drab corner of your dear oneís home or office by gifting him/her these flowers. Such flowers are also ideal to make the interiors of your car look chic. They may be faux but the beauty they provide is not less than real flowers. Artificial flowers or silk flowers are cost-effective too. The silk flowers are also advantageous because they donít have an expiry date, are eco-friendly and are hypoallergenic too. Some of the flowers that you will find on the site are: Carnation, Daisy, Glitter Eucalyptus Berry, Cymbidium stems flower stick, a bunch of Gloriana, Orchids are as good as real flowers. The decorative Ranunculus flower stick and Phalaenopsis flower stick will light up not only your loved oneís face but also the interiors. The products at awesomeji.com are cheap and full of variety. Youíll be glad to know that the delivery of flowers and cakes is free and you can give some a pleasant surprise by opting for midnight delivery. The other thing is you can choose same day delivery as well.

Awesomeji.com has reach in all areas of Patna and its nearby regions as well. You can order or buy a product from a place convenient to you and from nearby areas of Nalanda, Rajgir, Vaishali, Bodh Gaya, Madhubani, Samastipur, Sitamarhi, or Sasaram. Sitting in your comfort zone you can order cakes overseas to countries like Canada, UK, U.S, U.A.E and Australia without any trouble. And, if you are residing in these nations you can send gifts to India through awesomeji.com. This is the portal that gives you a lot to take away.

Sending Flowers to Patna (India) is easy now! Buy/order and send Flowers to Patna online with awesomeji.com and get free delivery.