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Holi, the vibrant spring festival, is one of the enjoyable Indian festivals. Believed to have originated in Gujarat, today Holi is celebrated throughout India and Nepal with vigor and fervor. Holi could well be called a game than a festival since people throw color powders on one another with joy and warmth. The festival was initially played to prevent fever and cold during the advent of the spring season. Traditionally the colors were neem, bilva, haldi, and kumkum – all of which believed to be medicinal. With years and its widespread, Holi has its own significance in every states in India. While there are variations in celebrations, the essence of Holi is the same everywhere: throwing color or spraying color water on one another. We, at awesomeji, have collected Holi colors and sprays online at one place for cheap prices. Buy or gift Holi colors and sprays online for cheap prices, in India here, to make your Holi celebrations jubilant and full of fun.

Share your jubilance this Holi. Send Holi gift hampers to your family, friends, relatives, etc... Buy Holi colors and sprays online in India, along with tasty dry fruits, chocolates, etc... for cheap prices here. Celebrate Holi the Indian way – with real colors, lot of joy, and economical. Play Holi the safest way. Play it eco-friendly with our special holi colors and sprays. Buy alluring Holi colors and sprays online for cheap prices in India and worldwide and send them as gifts during this euphoric season. In olden days, color powders were thrown at one another while in the modern days lots of sprays are being used to throw color waters. We have collected them both here for cheap prices to meet the requirements of various customers in India. Buy aromatic Holi colors and sprays online in India for cheap prices here and play it with true passion, happiness, and enjoyment.