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Pichkaris, or colorful water guns, are the hottest things to get your hand on this Holi season. While people throw color powders and color waters at one another, Holi played without a Pichkari has become unthinkable. Pichkari, which is basically a water gun made from bamboo, plastic, metal, or brass, has given a new face to Holi celebrations. They come in various colors and different types. Holi pichkaris are widely popular and used by all age groups. We, therefore, have meticulously gathered Holi pichkaris to meet every age group. Buy Holi pichkaris online for cheap prices in India here to make your celebrations jubilant and memorable. Since it is a time to be joyful, gifting Holi water guns can be a enthralling to your loved ones. Buy and send unique Holi pichkaris online in India for cheap prices to mark this Holi a special one in your life and that of your loved ones.

Pichkaris, over the time, has changed in immensely in size and design. They are available in India in shapes of Spiderman, AK-47, Superman, Ice Cream Corn, Minnie Mouse, etc... Pichkaris have added that extra element of fun into the celebrations of Holi. Buy all kinds of Holi Pichkaris online for cheap prices in India here and commemorate it with enthusiasm with your family. Pichkaris are ideal for children since they can both play a water gun game with their friends and also play Holi. While compared to those exotic water guns, pichkaris are relatively cheaper and serve both purposes well. Even naught adults and women would find Holi pichkaries handy since they can spray color water at someone who is far. Buy designer Holi Pichkaries online for cheap prices, in India here, and send them worldwide to your relatives, colleagues, etc... as gifts.