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Navratri Gifts

'Navratri', a Sanskrit word meaning nine nights is a prominent Indian festival. During these nine nights and ten days, the Mother Goddess/Shakti is worshiped in different forms, all throughout India. This festival is celebrated in different regions of the country with great mirth and ardor. In Western India, especially in the state of Gujarat, Navratri is celebrated with the Garba dance; on the other hand in Northern parts of India, it is celebrated with great devotion and fasting on all nine days. The celebrations of Navratri can also be sighted beyond India as the Indian communities residing in other parts of the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and pomp. Just like all other festivals in Indian, exchange of gifts is a common custom during this festival. Confer all your love and best wishes to your family and friends on this auspicious day by sending gifts and sweets. Here you will find a variegated assortment of gifts at cheap rates which you can order online to be send across to your loved ones.