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Vishu Gifts

Celebrated in the second week of April, Vishu is a Hindu festival observed in Kerala. This festival falls generally on April 15th (occasionally April 14th), when sun enters the Meda Rashi. People of Kerala celebrate this day by arranging Vishukkani, which is a spectacular arrangement comprising of fruits, vegetables, precious metals, coins, idols of Lord Krishna, lamp, rice, cucumber, metal mirror, holy texts etc. Vishukkani is the first thing to see after waking up. A family member wakes you up and helps you in getting to Vishukkani without opening eyes. The first thing you see after opening your eyes would be this spectacular arrangement that consists of all symbols of prosperity. It is believed that this brings good fortune and prosperity to the members of the family. Such is the warmth exuded by this festival that not being at home can make one feel really lonely. However, if you can’t physically be there for the celebrations, you can always send your wishes by way of online gifts to your family. It isn’t a difficult job too for we offer a service which isn’t just cheap but also lets you buy and order gifts from an amazing range.