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Bakrid Gifts

Observed as the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, Bakrid (Eid-ul-Zuha) is an important religious festival observed with great faith by Muslims all over the world. Commemorating Prophet Abraham’s act of obedience of sacrificing his son to god, this is an important Islamic festival. Though celebrations commence after Hajj, Eid-ul-Zuha comes on the 10th day of the 12th (last) Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Beggning from the 10th day, the celebrations last till the night of the 13th day. According to the legend, Abraham, the prophet, was asked to offer his dearest possession, his only son, to God as a token of his faith. Even with this difficult decision looming over his head, Abraham was not deterred by Satan’s temptations and threw pebbles at him. However, since he wanted his son’s consent for this sacrifice, Abraham asked him if he was willing. His son, Ishmael, agreed to it and laid patiently, ready to be sacrificed. Pleased with their faith, God then intervened and asked Abraham to replace his son with a goat and Ishmael’s life was spared. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the prophet’s faith in God and God’s reciprocation thereto.