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50 Assorted Colorful Roses Bouquet 50 Assorted Colorful Roses ...
$25.23 (Rs 1740.00)
$22.91 (Rs 1580.00)
12 Yellow Roses Bouquet 12 Yellow Roses Bouquet
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
Fresh Exquisite Fresh Exquisite
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Diwali Silver Coin + Ferrero Rocher -16 pcs + Teddy Diwali Silver Coin + Ferrer...
$26.17 (Rs 1805.00)
$23.78 (Rs 1640.00)
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
$21.82 (Rs 1505.00)
$19.87 (Rs 1370.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$21.68 (Rs 1495.00)
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)
Elegant Ladies Bag From Wenz Elegant Ladies Bag From Wenz
$36.54 (Rs 2520.00)
$33.21 (Rs 2290.00)
Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) Leather Shoulder Bag (Black)
$27.55 (Rs 1900.00)
$25.01 (Rs 1725.00)
Hersheys Chocolate Bars Hersheys Chocolate Bars
$10.22 (Rs 705.00)
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
Sizmic Bite Fills Strawberry Pralines Sizmic Bite Fills Strawberr...
$5.08 (Rs 350.00)
$4.64 (Rs 320.00)
Chocolate Date Almonds Chocolate Date Almonds
$5.08 (Rs 350.00)
$4.64 (Rs 320.00)
Candles-  Set of 2 Wooden Candles with Tray with Valentine Chocolate Box Candles- Set Of 2 Wooden C...
$20.59 (Rs 1420.00)
$18.71 (Rs 1290.00)
Candles Set of 3 Coffee Cups Scented Candles Candles Set Of 3 Coffee Cup...
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Christmas Candles- Candles Set of 2 Wooden Candles with Tray Christmas Candles- Candles ...
$17.18 (Rs 1185.00)
$15.59 (Rs 1075.00)
Diwali Special Dry Fruits Diwali Special Dry Fruits
$19.14 (Rs 1320.00)
$17.40 (Rs 1200.00)
Delightful Dry Fruit Gift box Delightful Dry Fruit Gift Box
$28.78 (Rs 1985.00)
$26.17 (Rs 1805.00)
Designer Raisin Potli Designer Raisin Potli
$9.43 (Rs 650.00)
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
Ghasitaram's Mawa Coconut Modaks 800 gms Ghasitaram's Mawa Coconut M...
$18.05 (Rs 1245.00)
$16.39 (Rs 1130.00)
Ghasitaram's Kaju Chocolate Delight Modaks 800 gms Ghasitaram's Kaju Chocolate...
$32.55 (Rs 2245.00)
$29.58 (Rs 2040.00)
Ghasitaram's Gud Kaju Modaks 800 gms Ghasitaram's Gud Kaju Modak...
$26.32 (Rs 1815.00)
$23.93 (Rs 1650.00)
Determined To Rise Determined To Rise
$12.76 (Rs 880.00)
$11.60 (Rs 800.00)
The Duology The Duology
$12.76 (Rs 880.00)
$11.60 (Rs 800.00)
Leading Instinct Leading Instinct
$12.76 (Rs 880.00)
$11.60 (Rs 800.00)
Fancy Beads Rakhi Fancy Beads Rakhi
$2.02 (Rs 139.00)
$1.83 (Rs 126.00)
Beautiful Diamond Rakhi Beautiful Diamond Rakhi
$5.29 (Rs 365.00)
$4.79 (Rs 330.00)
Bal Krishna Kids Rakhi & Temptations Combo Bal Krishna Kids Rakhi & Te...
$9.43 (Rs 650.00)
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
Rudraksha Rakhi with Hanuman Chalisa Rudraksha Rakhi With Hanuma...
$9.15 (Rs 631.00)
$8.31 (Rs 573.00)
Colorful Om Colorful Om
$4.86 (Rs 335.00)
$4.42 (Rs 305.00)
Peacock Swastika in pearls Rakhi Peacock Swastika In Pearls ...
$4.86 (Rs 335.00)
$4.42 (Rs 305.00)
The Choco Bling basket The Choco Bling Basket
$8.77 (Rs 605.00)
$7.98 (Rs 550.00)
Chrismas Temptation Chrismas Temptation
$19.36 (Rs 1335.00)
$17.62 (Rs 1215.00)
Exotic Collection Exotic Collection
$10.15 (Rs 700.00)
$9.21 (Rs 635.00)
Beautiful World Beautiful World
$21.17 (Rs 1460.00)
$19.21 (Rs 1325.00)
Cute Santa Claus Soft Toy Cute Santa Claus Soft Toy
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Christmas Santa Soft Toy with Candles Christmas Santa Soft Toy Wi...
$9.86 (Rs 680.00)
$8.99 (Rs 620.00)

Gifts are the shortest way to show your love to one another.  It has been a part of us since the evolution of mankind.  Gifts generally mean a way to show love and affection.  Many times a gift can convey your message and it always works for a very shy person who finds it difficult who cannot put their emotions into words. A greeting card, a letter or any such gift can do your job. Gifts like chocolates, red roses, diamond jewellery, rings clearly say the message ‘I love you’. This small gesture and your messages are loud and clear. Guys, who are looking to propose their girls, find it easy to do so and this is how they confess it. A gift is also an expression of friendship. You give gifts to your friends, colleagues during occasions like birthdays, graduation, promotion or any such occasion. This gesture would mean that we are happy for them and also wish them good luck.  Gifts like yellow roses actually mean friendship. Gifts are also a way to show our gratitude and respect. Remember the teacher at the school who has always been rude on you but he/she is the only one who has taught you lessons of both life and academics.  No matter how much ever our teachers are rude to us there is one that teacher who will always be our favorite.  We are so grateful to them and every year on the occasion of Teacher’s day and sometimes we also send gifts and this clearly shows our gratitude and respect towards them. It is not only us who are happy, but our teachers are the happiest when they realize that we still remember them after all these years.  They always shower the blessings on us and that is all that we want from them.  Gifts have different meaning and it depends on the factors like whom we are giving and when. Let us say that we find children on streets that might not be in a condition to have a proper meal one time a day.  We buy them food out of charity and sympathy but for them it is a gift that they might be dreaming off from a long time.  Anything becomes a gift only when the receiver fells blessed, respected and loved. Your love should reflect in the gift that you give to others. 

People exchange gift for various reasons. For some gifts are a medium to show our affection and love, while others use it as a medium to convey a message while for others giving gifts is a hobby. What is it with gifts that it makes both the person at the end happy.  We are happy when we gift someone and then the anxiety kicks in because we want to know whether the receiver is happy with the gift he received. Now the person who receives it is eager to know what is it packed and wrapped in a beautiful wrapper. Trust us let it be anything it will make them happy.  This is a  quite interesting thing about gifts  that it works like magic, it can heal broken hearts, mend misunderstandings and it is like with a blink of eye and all the problems are sorted.

Many a time buying gifts would be a hectic job as it is a very long process which looking through every gifts store, looking for that special thing which they always want. Then lays the major problem ahead which is your budget and no we are not complaining. You always want to gift something very special but not always our budget supports us.  Then what usually happens is we end up buying something that suits our budget. But whatever it is all that we want is we need them to be happy and always smiling and joyful.

Upgraded technology or the effects of globalization call it any name you want; online shopping is definitely a boon to us.  Because of the rise in e-commerce our lives are the easiest now and why not, when we have the whole world right in front of us. As it is clearly visible our page ‘awesomeji’ is exclusively meant for sending and buying gifts.  The page has everything that you are looking for and gifts for any and every occasion. Let it be Father’s day, Mother’s day, Baisakhi, Women’s day, Anniversaries, Rakhi, Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Lohri or even Onam, we have cakes of your choice. Talking about gifts, let us say that our gallery is very big which includes cakes of all types , flavors and shapes, jewellery, home and kitchen appliances, home decors, leather products, sweets, chocolates, electronic gadgets,  toys and games, gift vouchers, holiday packages and what not. The list would go and at the end of the day you would still be reading the list.  Before you even start thinking, let us say that all our gifts items are very cheap and hence we are easy on pockets. 

Our services are now available in Vijayawada too; go on make use of this opportunity and send gifts online at a cheap price to anywhere in Vijayawada.  No, it is not limited to only Vijayawada we even caters our services throughout India. Wait you did not read the best news yet, all our deliveries and shipments are free.   And this offer is available within India yes, send gifts to anywhere within the country the deliveries are free.   There is more to it we also provide same day delivery of cakes and flowers. Since you guys have decided to read further let us inform you that our services are extended to nearby cities including  Mangalagiri, Tenali, Guntur, Vuyyuru, Kondapalle, Kankipadu, Gannavaram, Nuzvid, Gudivada, Nandigama, Bhattiprolu, Eluru, Sattenapalle, Tadepalle and Phirangipuram.  Make your loved ones feel exceptional even if they are away from you, by utilizing  of our free shipping service that cater to several destinations including UAE, US, Canada, Australia, UK and many other countries. Order the cake for any occasion and send it, that’s all it takes to surprise your beloved ones. 

Now send gifts/presents to Vijayawada (India) and get free online delivery. Buy/order presents like flowers, cakes and sweets and get them delivered at cheap and discounted rates to Vijayawada.