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Gifts for friends, parents, siblings, spouse, girlfriends, teachers, boss, colleagues and there are countless people in your list whom you need to give a gift on various occasions.  We know a gift can lighten up your bad day, it can make you feel loved or cared, it can make you feel special, and it can melt any heart. The happiness that we feel when we receive something that we always wanted cannot be expressed in words. We are overwhelmed when we know that we have someone in our life that looks to our needs. It is not the receiver who is always happy about; on contrary the one who gives them is happier than the one who received it. The thought that, we made someone happy or we are the reason behind their smiling face is enough to make the person ecstatic. Whether it is our friend’s marriage or birthday we are the ones who are more excited about it. We plan the things to do before they get married; their bachelor party is literally our gift to them. We are the only ones who know that the person who seems to be a grownup to the whole world is actually the craziest person and that he/she still is the laziest person on earth. But still when it comes to their big day we want them to remember their last few days before marriage as their best times of their life and so you plan surprises for them. You don’t need lessons to know what their choices or likes are as you already know them and then that smile on their face that says everything. Gifts can anyone’s heart you just need to present it in such a way that words would fall short to express your love towards them. 

 The culture of sending gifts is as old as mankind. Grains, cattle, fabric, pottery or gold or silver ornaments were gifted in Ancient times. Gift giving is customary in India and people using give gifts is also considered as an act of friendship. Mostly every item can be counted as a gift here mostly foreign products like perfumes, electronic gadgets, chocolates, mobile and computer accessories and other such products are accepted at during every occasion. Usually people don’t open the gifts right after the time they get it, though if insisted they open it then and there. If you are invited for dinner by a Indian family you should some gift to say thanks. It can be flowers, sweets, chocolates or anything of such thing. If the family of host has children carrying a pack of chocolates or toys would be fine. Sweets is the most commonly given gifts during festivals like Diwali, Eid, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Pongal, Onam or any other festival. Flowers have different connotations across India like few states do not accept white colored flowers; some flowers are considered auspicious and are used at every function while some are not. However a red rose is always accepted and goes with any occasion. Some also follow the culture of giving utensils or lamps made of brass and even gold. In the southern part of the country people even gift large bowls also famously known as ‘Urali’; which is used for aesthetic purposes. Gifts like wall clocks, photo frames, dining sets, lamps and kitchen decors are given during house warming functions. Gold and silver jewellery, cash are the gifts normally given during baby showers or weddings. Money is a customary gift given in India during occasions like wedding, baby showering, house warming etc.  There is another thing to keep in mind if you are gifting money which the amount that you give should be in odd numbers like 101, 201, 501 etc. 

Shopping definitely kills a lot of time and people without enough patience can never go for shopping especially gifts shopping. Not anymore, online shopping has made everything very easy. We have numerous websites that give us different options for shopping; we can also find branded products. With the boom in e-commerce we have numerous websites, apps or pages that are solely meant for shopping. This is the reason why we also have gifting websites where we can buy or send gifts.

Our portal ‘awesomeji’ is merely for the purpose of sending and buying gifts. We have gifts for every occasion and festivals. There is no birthday celebration without cutting of cakes and what better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday without ordering their favorite cake. We have a huge collection of cakes for you to choose from. Chocolate cakes, Butter Scotch cakes, Fruit cakes, Egg less cake, Black Forest cake, cupcakes and what not. Send your spouse or girlfriend flowers on your special day. We want to bring this to your notice that we deliver cakes and flowers on the same day in India. Okay we you come into any conclusions let us tell you that we have other gift items too like sweets for all festivals, soft toys, clothing apparels, holiday packages, baby products, gift baskets, chocolate boxes, gift vouchers, home décor, personalized gifts, fashion accessories, metal and bronze artifacts, electronic gadgets and many other gift items. We also solve another major problem of your as we don’t have any delivery or shipment charges to any part of the country  and also we are very easy on pocket due to which you can now send or buy  gifts online in Hassan. Our deliveries and shipments are free even to countries like France, Australia, Canada, UK, UAE, USA and many other countries. We don’t know why you are still reading this when we gave you a lifetime offer, but since you are still here let us inform you that we also cater our services to nearby cities including Alur, Gorur, Chikmanglur, Arkalgud, Hole Narsipur, Kodlipet, Channaryapatna, Sakleshpur, Sanivarsante, Arsikere, Konanur, Banavar, Tiptur and Somvarpet.

Now send gifts/presents to Hassan (India) and get free online delivery. Buy/order presents like flowers, cakes and sweets and get them delivered at cheap and discounted rates to Hassan.