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Birthday Gifts

The Hidden Message Behind Celebrating Birthdays

Birthday is the day to celebrate because it signifies that the person was born for a purpose. It also means that his/her birth brought a lot of joy in the life of his/her parents so they want to mark the occasion with something special. It is the day to reflect, to introspect how we are leading our life and what needs to be changed to make us a better person and lead a better life. Many people also make resolutions on their birthdays just like New Year. It is the day to thank the almighty for what we’ve received and achieved. 

The child’s first birthday is considered very special in India and Nepal. On the baby’s first birthday the head is shaved because it is believed that by removing the hair one can get rid of any evil in the previous life and signifies the renewal of the soul. In Korea too the first birthday is special and is called as Doljanchi.

Birthday Celebrations In Modern Times

In today’s times birthday celebrations have taken a grand meaning. The wealthy organize theme parties in opulent resorts and hotels. A lot is spent on decorations and loud music, and clothes. Rooms are decorated with buntings, balloons, pennant banners and confetti, party poopers, sparkler and fountain candles are used to make the occasion lively and playful. For little kids there are paper caps and masks, toy horns, toys, swings and other several Knickknacks. People dance and have a lot of fun. In India it is a tradition for the birthday boy or girl to visit a temple and offer Prasad to the Gods and then distribute it among the needy. They also take blessings from their parents and offer sweets to their friends and relatives. Traditional delicacies like Kheer (rice dessert) and Halwa (semolina dessert) are prepared at home. There can’t be anything better than observing your birthday by doing something good for others selflessly.  

Birthdays And Gifts Go Hand-in-Hand

In modern times birthdays have come to be associated with gifts. Whether it’s a small or a big present a gift is mandatory to make the day memorable and to make the person feel special on his/her big day. Gifts also indicate that a lot of thought was put to get the gift and that somebody cared enough to spare time and money to get a gift. A gift also fulfils the everyday requirement that a person might be facing. For example if a brother is carrying a bag that needs to be replaced and a sister gifts him a bag the brother is speechless. Giving a gift is a lot about caring for the person who is close to us. Just as everything is going digital these days gifting ideas too have gone digital. The trend of selecting gifts online and sending them online is fast picking up. 

Online Gifting Is The Way To Go

The younger generation particularly is interested in the idea of choosing gifts online and among the coolest sites to pick a birthday gift from is awesomeji.com. A birthday is an occasion to rejoice, to be pampered, to be cared for and loved, so the gifts line at awesomeji.com has considered all these aspects and put up gifts for you to express all these emotions freely. The collection of gift items on this site is full of variety both in terms of price and products. You can make the day of the apple of your eye by combining chocolates, flowers, greeting cards and teddy bears in any way you like and order a combo right away on awesomeji.com. One can find different kinds of flowers be it Roses, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Anthuriams, Carnations or Orchids and even a wide-variety of artificial flowers. The bouquets and flower arrangements are amazingly delightful and not heavy on the purse too. Besides, awesomeji.com has numerous other kinds of gifts that includes Educational Social Energy Kit, Pen Holders, games like Carom Board, key chains, bags, wallets, clutches, jewellery, candles, fashion jewellery, clothes, kitchen ware, grooming kits, gadgets, electronic devices, kitchen devices, photo frames, dry fruits, coffee mugs, baby gift hampers, beauty products and many others. Awesomeji.com is the website that fulfils all your requirements at the click of a button and offers you a range of cheap products. 

Offer Them The Yummiest Cake

What is a birthday without a cake and candles? A soft cake is the best way to overwhelm somebody with your soft emotions and let someone know that his/her birthday is a grand occasion for you that you’ll celebrate without fail. You can surprise your dear one by sending a cake at midnight or by having a home delivery done at midnight from awesomeji.com. Since we realise how special a birthday is for somebody we have taken immense care to put together flavours of cakes that make your taste buds enjoy. You can have a Limoncello Cake, caramalised Apple cake, Tiramisu cake, Carrot cake, Sunken Oreo, Blue Berry, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate cake, Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Black Forrest, Black Currant, Badam Mava, Khus Khus dry fruit cake, Pista Anjeer, Mango, Butterscotch cake at cheap rates but fresh and tasty. Our cakes will just melt in your mouth and leave an everlasting taste.

Create Memories Of A Lifetime

A coffee mug - simple or personalized - makes a great gift for keepsake. One can use it to drink coffee or as a showpiece or a pen holder. If it is handled with care it will last a lifetime. One can also personalize a cushion cover, a bottle, calendar or a bedsheet with one’s photograph. You can bring back the memories of the year gone by putting together a collage or a photo album or an exploding photo box.

Kitchenware products and appliances are also good for gifting, especially if the person enjoys cooking. Otherwise also, kitchen items like a set of designer glassware are a good choice because of their utility. To make things interesting one can buy a jar, fill it with 365 hand written notes and ask the person to read one note every day. This way the birthday feeling will last for a year. Similarly, you can create a small book which has reasons about what you love about someone. For music aficionados a set of the person’s favorite music CDs will be a great gift. 

Awesomeji.com has wine gifts too, which come along with chocolates, flowers, soft toys, gift hampers, fruits and nuts. By presenting a wine bottle you get a chance to spend some shared moments that will form a sweet memory forever. On this special occasion special memories can be created by gifting a weekend holiday that will also allow you time to pause and relax and be energized to go back to the routine life. Giving your loved one a movie treat or tickets for an exclusive concert is also a good way of celebrating a birthday. This way, apart from a gift you are also giving your company and that makes it more worthwhile. 

A birthday is a good occasion to gift artifacts to give that aesthetic feel to the occasion. You can choose from brass, handmade paper, metal, marble, gemstone artifacts.  Admirers of art can also be given photo paintings of Ravi Varma. A beautiful showpiece to a colleague in office or somebody in the family or friend will help in maintaining contact even if people are separated due to some reason. Books as a gift can’t be ignored as they open a whole new world for us and offer so much wisdom. So while we grow old our knowledge keeps growing. 

Since we are facing the threat of global warming and high pollution levels it will be a good idea to gift plants. A host of indoor plants are also available in the market. You can also spruce up someone’s desk by gifting a little good luck plant as well.  It’s a great idea to plant a tree on your birthday and watch it grow over the years. This gesture also involves the person in the activity of nurturing the plant, which is soothing for the brain.

If it’s a kid’s birthday one can think of presenting the child with a puzzle book or game so that he/she can enjoy and exercise the brain too.  Cuddly soft toys are a favorite with both children and women so you can pamper them with these on one of their birthdays. If you have noticed that the person you care for spends a lot of time driving in the sun you can surprise him/her by gifting a pair of sunglasses, so that the person enjoys the drive.  For the health conscious people a dry fruits gift hamper is the best bet. 

Flatter the men in your life by gifting them gadgets that can help them organize their lives better. You can go for a laptop, a smartphone, smart watch, headphones or a microwave too.  Travel kits and desk organizers will also be welcomed by anyone. 

Getting a gift holds a lot of importance because of the thought and the effort spent on it. Please someone with a sport kit, for a sport lover nothing can match this gift. Besides providing joy, it will also boost the morale of the person. Further for the people who matter in your life you can also charm them with a lampshade or decorative lights, latest watches and bean bags. A poster or a calendar of a celebrity or an actor or sport star will be appreciated by anyone who is the fan of that person. And yes, the icing on the cake is a fantastic lunch/dinner at the person’s favorite restaurant.

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