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The institution of gif giving is one of the oldest traditions that we follow today. Any event is not complete until gifts are being exchanged. If ever you have keenly observed the gifting culture and the gifts, varies from one session of the people to other. Private jets are the gifts of rich people. That’s not all they also have the trend to plan exotic trips as a gift to each other.  We can talk about this in detail. There is a common mistake that we usually make by considering present and gift as the same. Present is something that you give to recipient at a ceremony, it is called as present. For better understanding, a present is given between the equals. The traditions on gift giving can be both wired and quirky.  The Maasai people of Kenya have a unique tradition that might not be tolerable by many of us. They spit on the gift items before exchanging it with each other and consider it as a blessing and do it out of respect to one another. According to many Asian countries gifting mirrors as a wedding present should be avoided. As marriages are supposed to last life long, mirrors that are fragile can break any time and thus causing bad luck in the relation. Gifts are not always something that is exchanged within family members, friends, co-workers, boss, teachers, spouse or any other person who is close to you. There are other national and internationally acclaimed gifts that define the culture of gift giving was never limited within associations. The biggest ever gift the world has seen is the ‘Statute of Liberty’ that was gifted by France to U.S in the year 1881. You all won’t believe but ‘red rosses’ is one of the utmost gifts of the world.  Guys going down on their knees with red rose in one of their hands, so romantic and magical.  Very few people know that this tradition of sending or gifting red roses is a gift to the world given by Joe DiMaggio. Joe DiMaggio, the legendary baseball player sent flowers to his better half Marilyn Monroe. You might be thinking how is this special, what makes this act of his special is that he used to send this gift for 20 years, that too after she was in her grave. Joe had signed a contract with a florist in Persia to send these roses forever, but then Joe decided to cancel the contract as ‘forever’ would be a  long time. Now you know why red roses are the symbol of love, it in a way means ‘forever’. Hanno, a white elephant born in 1510 travelled from India to Rome was presented to Pope Leo X by King Manuel 1 of Portugal. This trend was set by King Manuel 1 and now you know what t gift an animal lover, major goals. We might have the perfect gift for your friend who loves jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor, this British – American actress and businesswomen has imminence love for jewelry.  And so if your friend have such love we suggest you to buy the ‘Taylor- Burton diamond’; a 629.42 pear shaped diamond. Richard Burton brought his wife the diamond as a gift to her. Guy, we don’t have any words further. 

Sending gifts online is the new trend among many as it is time saving. You don’t have to break your heads thinking what to buy or from where as you have all the options before your eyes. Have you ever come across any portal exclusively for the gifting purposes where you have everything you are looking for and that too at a very cheap price. Well now you have, ‘awesomeji’ is the place you will find everything you are looking for at the price you want. Unlike many other gifting gateways who only have one or two items we have everything. You have chocolate cake for chocolate lovers, fruit cake for chocolate heaters , earthquake cake, dirt cake, red devil’s cake, marble cake; that’s it, the name itself is so mysterious leaving all of us to dream about how does they look most importantly how do they taste. Now that is the option of cakes similarly we have a very huge gallery of other gift items like jewelry, clothing, perfumes, personalized gifts, metal artifacts and the list goes on. Happiness spreads when you share it, and so send your parents gifts on their birthdays, let your boss know that despite of him/her being rude you love them for always mentoring and correcting them. Remember your teachers on teacher’s day because nothing that you gained would have been possible if they were not there to guide you. Diwali, Durga Pooja, Dussehra, Bhaidooj and Janmashtrami, any occasion we have all kinds of gifts for every occasion for you. Your part of job is very easy, all that you have to do is select the gift of your choice for anyone you want and then place the order and click send. All this procedures are just a click away. Your job is done rest you can leave it to us; we will make sure that your gift reaches the address and don’t even think about the delivery charges as it is zero. Since all our shipments are free you can send gifts to anywhere in Hyderabad and India. Sending gifts to other countries like Canada, Australia, France, UK, USA and UAE should not be an issue anymore as the shipment charges to these countries are zero too. We even have midnight deliveries and so your surprises are never going to be interpreted due to delay in getting gifts.  We at ‘awesomeji’ will help you in sending gifts to anyone and to anywhere in India. Still reading, what are you waiting for go ahead place your orders. Before you people run we would like to say that  we have extended our services to nearby cities including Secunderabad, Kapra, Patancheru, Gudur, Farrukhangar, Bhongir, Jangaon, Sanargareddi, Vikarabad, Sadasivpet, Narsingi, Medak, Mahbubnagar, Devarkonda and Siddipet. 

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