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Sending or receiving gifts is not new to us. Do you choose gifts depending on the occasion. India being a diverse nation has different gift etiquettes. In India gifts are given on various occasions including weddings, house warming, baby showers, engagements, birthdays, Anniversaries, farewells,  retirement parties and on festivals including  Pongal, Onam, Durga Puja, Baisakhi, Maha Shivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vishu and many such festivals.  This country will surprise you with its diversities in culture, cuisines and tradition and these varies from one area to another. We normally carry a pack of sweets or dry fruits while visiting your friends or relatives during festivals. Gifts like flowers or bouquets, chocolates, soft toys are gifted during birthdays and child birth etc. Close families or relatives gift clothing, electronic gadgets, cakes, cards or books on such occasions. In few parts of the country white is considered as the symbol of death and hence white flowers are mostly avoided but again in some states black symbolizes and so that color is avoided. In the southern part of the country, white denotes happiness and so this color is used during weddings. Gifting cash is also a common trend in India, we gift cash during occasions like wedding, house warming, baby shower and house warming. There is another interesting fact to it the cash is always gifted in odd units like 11, 55, 101 or 501. Idols of Gods, a pack of sweets or dry fruits are on the list too. There is a strange myth prevalent in the society and due to which leather products are not gifted to Hindus. There are only few of the customs followed by the people in India. Similarly there are many manners followed by many other countries. Let’s say in countries like United States greeting cards are used frequently even today. The Americans give cards on Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s/Mother’s day, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter and during any such occasion or festival. The common things that are gifted here are chocolates, clothing, toys, books, electronic gadgets and many other such things.  We usually have a practice of opening the gifts at the end unless we are insisted to open it then and there.  Gifts are the best way to show our love and care towards one. We have a tendency of giving gifts even if it not any festival, sometimes it is just to make the opposite person happy. Planning a surprise date for your spouse, gifting your dad his dream vehicle, taking your mother to the luxurious restaurant and buying her favorite cuisine, getting chocolates for your younger sister; such small acts can make big difference in that person’s life. Imagine the amount of delight that person would be having. Gifts are not always about giving presents during any occasions or festivals. The language of gift is love; you want to make someone fell special, you want to thank them, you want them to know however busy they are busy in life there is always time for them. A gift can mend a broken relationship, a small token of love and we are all good, no more misunderstandings and complaints. Time has traveled and all of us have adapted to it. We know it is not the same now, the choices on gifts too have changed. Some are bookworms, stationary lovers, photographers, gadget lovers and we even have objects that can be gifted to these groups too.  Trends keep changing every day, earlier during birthdays the only celebration that we had to do was cut the birthday cakes and have the sweet but we have much more rituals added to it.  Any celebration is complete without the exchange of gifts. 

We know you might have found many websites where there are many gift items but have you found any such portal where you can find all the gift items under it. Hello there, you are at the right place. As you can see we have a huge gallery of gifts including cakes, jewelry, fashion accessories, photo frames, leather products, bags, metal artifacts, saree, chocolates and what not. Don’t worry people all these goods are easy on your pocket. Our website ‘awesomeji’ will help you in sending gifts in Bhopal and India.  Bhopal, one of the cities in Madhya Pradesh also known as the capital city of the state is very popular for the lakes in this city.  Before you misunderstand our services are not limited till Bhopal, we have deliveries to cities including Sehore, Berasia, Raisen, Sanchi, Ichhawar, Vidisha, Rehti, Hoshangabad, Nasrullanganj, Shujalpur, Ashta, Talen, Itsari, Akodia and Biaora.  Taking literally, our website will help you to send gifts online through India.  We also offer free deliveries and zero shipment charges to any part of the country. True, sitting in Bhopal you can end gifts to anywhere you want. Your job is very easy, all that you have to do is select a gift and click send, there it is, job done. We also have midnight delivery services that should make your job easier and no more spoiling of surprises.  We have gifts for every occasion, let it be Diwali, New Year, Pongal, Bhaidooj, Onam, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chathurthi, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Farewells, Retirement, reunions, wedding, anniversaries and what not. For your expediency we have we have categorized the gift items according to the occasion, festival; which will help you in picking up your gifts in a calmer way.  No more last minute freaking on the shortage of budgets and panicking about the gift items. As we have already mentioned we are easy on pockets. Many times distance too becomes a hindrance to happiness and we might think twice about sending a gift to other countries.  We understand, with the prices high on the gift articles, and again the shipment charges anyone will think more than twice. Not any more though, our shipment charges to other countries like France, Australia, UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Singapore, Italy, New Zealand and many other countries are free too. There are no delivery charges either. 

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