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Name any one event when we do not exchange gifts to one another. Let it be New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, baby shower, marriage, farewells, retirements, etc. The lists are too long and we have to get appropriate gifts for every occasion. The real question is was it like this always. Digging into history to know how all of this started, science is the best place to start with. It is believed our nearest relatives; the male chimpanzees have observed the tradition of exchanging gifts by exchanging food to female chimps.  To be dated precisely, the custom of gift giving was started in Europe. Gradually it was practiced in all over the world.  It would be quiet hard to celebrate birthdays without gifts. As far as we can remember gifts have always been a part of birthday celebrations. We also make sure that we get the best birthdays gifts for our dear ones. We are eager to know that all of us do follow this tradition and have never had a second thought about it regarding why do we actually buy and give gifts on birthdays. Although we all know that there is an unwritten law that says we always have to get a gift on birthdays and this culture varies from one region to another. Gifting birthday’s gifts has its origin from religious rituals. Apparently a theory says that giving gifts started hundreds of years ago in Europe and people then assumed that during any person’s birthday, evil spirits will haunt and harm them. For the sake of their protection they gave the person gifts and since then we follow this tradition blindly. Resembling to this we have histories associated with every occasion and how the practice of gift giving came into existence. There is a belief that the ordinance of giving and receiving gifts on Christmas is a reminder to us about the presents given to Jesus by The Wise Men. Getting the facts checked, giving gifts during winter can be traced back to winter-solstice celebrations; a thousand year old custom of celebrating the start of solar year in Europe. This festival also is known as Yule in old Europe. Surprisingly this celebration was held even before the birth of Jesus. During the 4th century when 25th December was announced as Christmas, the reputation of winter-solstice celebrations started fading away. Gradually the gift giving and receiving tradition was embraced on the ‘Christmas’ day. The real reason why we exchange gifts still remains unsolved but we for sure know that the act of receiving and giving gifts is a way to express our gratitude and love towards the person. There are theories that state that exchanging gifts with your spouse, girlfriend or partner is very essential in a relationship. Sending of giving gifts can help you in staying in a healthy relationship. This act can convey many messages, it will let them know that they are special are always loved and appreciated for the person they are.  Many minor misunderstandings can be eliminated, celebrating milestones and surprising each other are all ways through which you convey your messages and in such cases words merely matter. 

Globalizations or the innovations in technology which one of these is the real reason behind our advancements is quiet conflicting.  Believing that both had equal parts, we all must agree that our lives had taken a major turn after these new additions. In your history classes you might have learned about the gifts exchanged by our descendants. Money, gold or some other metals, cotton and any such material was produced before the king/moneylenders/ landlords in exchange of money or during any special occasions. This tradition stayed for a long time in India and gradually a major change occurred. We no more exchange such items with one another. Soft toys, chocolates, personalized gifts, jewelry, clothing, cakes are the options these days. Our portal ‘awesomeji’ has every gift for every occasion; be it Onam, Pongal, Durga Puja, Teacher’s Day, Karwa Chauth, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Bhaidooj, Dhanteras, Baisakhi and many other festive.  That’s not all we even have a very huge collection of gift items which includes cakes of all types, jewelry, clothing, flowers, bouquets, handicrafts, fashion accessories, leather products, electronics, food and beverages, gift baskets, chocolates and many such products that you can send as a gift. Sending gifts is easy like never before, all that you have to do is pick the gift that you want to send to your parents, spouse, friends, boss, teachers, colleagues or anyone click send and  it will be delivered for free. Yes, you read it right all our shipments are free throughout India and also deliveries it free. Sending online to Indore is not a difficult job anymore, take advantage of our services and we don’t want you to worry about the price, all the gift items here very cheap, at a price that suits your budget. There is more to it we even have midnight deliveries and so your surprises are not spoiling ever. We only talked about sending gifts to India or throughout out Indore, well actually our services are extended to countries like Australia, Canada, UK, UAE, USA, France, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, south Africa and ,many other countries. Okay before the question rises in your mind, let us tell you that shipping to these countries are free.

Thank us later guys, we have extended our services to neighboring cities including Hatod, Betma, Sanwar, Depalpur, Dewas, Manpur, Ujjain, Bagli, Barwaha, Dhar, Mandleshwar, Sanswad, Maheshwar, Dhamnod and Kasrawad. 

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