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Booty of Goodwill Booty Of Goodwill
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Moments Forever Cherish Moments Forever Cherish
$17.26 (Rs 1190.00)
$15.66 (Rs 1080.00)
Dual Delight Dual Delight
$11.46 (Rs 790.00)
$10.44 (Rs 720.00)
Ferrero Rocher 16- bhaidhooj Ferrero Rocher 16- Bhaidhooj
$13.99 (Rs 965.00)
$12.69 (Rs 875.00)
Ferrero Rocher 300 gms Ferrero Rocher 300 Gms
$41.33 (Rs 2850.00)
$37.56 (Rs 2590.00)
Red Carnations with Fererro Rocher Chocolates Red Carnations With Fererro...
$25.23 (Rs 1740.00)
$22.91 (Rs 1580.00)
Exclusive Basket of Christmas Tree Ornaments with Candle Exclusive Basket Of Christm...
$15.88 (Rs 1095.00)
$14.43 (Rs 995.00)
Lantern Candle with Christmas Greeting Card Lantern Candle With Christm...
$11.96 (Rs 825.00)
$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
Candles Set of 3 Coffee Cups Scented Candles with Valentine Chocolate Box Candles Set Of 3 Coffee Cup...
$10.30 (Rs 710.00)
$9.35 (Rs 645.00)
The Choco Bling basket The Choco Bling Basket
$8.77 (Rs 605.00)
$7.98 (Rs 550.00)
Choco Special Choco Special
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
Around The World Around The World
$25.45 (Rs 1755.00)
$23.13 (Rs 1595.00)
A Would Be Bride : Dolls A Would Be Bride : Dolls
$20.37 (Rs 1405.00)
$17.18 (Rs 1185.00)
Love Me Always : Soft Toys Love Me Always : Soft Toys
$15.23 (Rs 1050.00)
$12.83 (Rs 885.00)
Pink 'n Lovable : Soft Toys Pink 'n Lovable : Soft Toys
$15.23 (Rs 1050.00)
$12.83 (Rs 885.00)
Ashta Lakshmi Devotional Photo Frame Ashta Lakshmi Devotional Ph...

$18.34 (Rs 1265.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Band Baaja Baarati (Pink) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Abstract Geometry (Black) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Rose The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Trio Colors Beads with Golden Beads Rakhi Trio Colors Beads With Gold...
$2.19 (Rs 151.00)
$1.99 (Rs 137.00)
Rakhi for Brother Rakhis Online- Nritta Vinayakar Ganesha av5805 Rakhi Rakhi For Brother Rakhis On...
$4.50 (Rs 310.00)
$4.06 (Rs 280.00)
Rakhi for Brother Rakhis Online - 7235 Bedazzled By  Diamond Om Rakhi Rakhi For Brother Rakhis On...
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
$7.76 (Rs 535.00)
Heartfull of Dry Fruits Heartfull Of Dry Fruits
$19.14 (Rs 1320.00)
$17.40 (Rs 1200.00)
Pista Badam Potli Pista Badam Potli
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Gift Box With Dry Fruits Gift Box With Dry Fruits
$11.67 (Rs 805.00)
$10.59 (Rs 730.00)
Ghasitarams Irish kaju Katli 250 gms Ghasitarams Irish Kaju Katl...
$7.03 (Rs 485.00)
$6.09 (Rs 420.00)
Ghasitaram's Kaju Kesar Chocolate Delight Modaks 800 gms Ghasitaram's Kaju Kesar Cho...
$32.55 (Rs 2245.00)
$29.58 (Rs 2040.00)
Ghasitaram's Baked Anjeer Modaks 800 gms Ghasitaram's Baked Anjeer M...
$32.55 (Rs 2245.00)
$29.58 (Rs 2040.00)
Remembrance Bouquet Remembrance Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Red and White Carnations Bouquet Red And White Carnations Bo...
$16.46 (Rs 1135.00)
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
15 Yellow Carnations Bouquet 15 Yellow Carnations Bouquet
$11.82 (Rs 815.00)
$10.73 (Rs 740.00)
100gm Lindt Excellence Intense Cranberry 100gm Lindt Excellence Inte...
$14.36 (Rs 990.00)
$13.05 (Rs 900.00)
100gm Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate 100gm Lindt Classic Recipe ...
$14.36 (Rs 990.00)
$13.05 (Rs 900.00)
100 gm Lindt Swiss Orange Dark Chocolate Bar 100 Gm Lindt Swiss Orange D...
$14.36 (Rs 990.00)
$13.05 (Rs 900.00)
Ladies Simple Handbag Ladies Simple Handbag
$35.67 (Rs 2460.00)
$32.41 (Rs 2235.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$21.68 (Rs 1495.00)
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)
Elegant Ladies Bag Elegant Ladies Bag
$36.54 (Rs 2520.00)
$33.21 (Rs 2290.00)

A thoughtful gift is a great way to exhibit your love, affection and care for a person. A nicely wrapped gift with ribbon and bows increases the heartbeat of a person because of excitement. While presenting a gift the excitement is palpable as it signifies that somebody cared enough to get that gift into your hand. The happiness quotient of any event increases with a gift. Perhaps that’s the reason why gifts are customary on big occasions like weddings and Christmas. In India gifts are an important part of major festivals like Diwali, Eid, Rakshabandhan and Holi. Gifts bring cheer in an otherwise routine life and break the monotony. Another quality that gifts have is they soothe the mind of the giver and the receiver. Gifts are an important part of life human socialization as they foster strong bonds between people, be it family, friends or acquaintances. It establishes important ties between people and both the parties derive pleasure out of it.

A gift strengthens our feelings for the other person and makes us feel that we are caring and loving people.

So indulge in the habit of giving gifts for one’s own emotional betterment. Is the irritating traffic and hunt for the gift preventing you from buying a gift that you surely want to buy? Then you can relax as plenty of gifts are available online on websites like awesomeji.com, which will save you a trip to the local market. Experience the pleasure of giving an online gift this time. 

Remember that friend of yours who gave you a lift to the college or office regularly without expecting anything in return. It is time you paused to give a thought about his or her commitment to you and you can do it best by presenting the person with a gift. When we are invited for a dinner it is courteous to carry a gift even if it is a small one. So, one shouldn’t wait for big occasions only to present a gift. If your friend, wife or sister is fond of jewelry you can choose from a wide range of jewelry items like bracelets, bangles, mirrors, neckpieces, pendant jewelry. Besides you can choose from polki, marble, diamond, kundan, rosewood, thewa and lacquer jewelry. So floor your dear one with our extensive jewelry that’s quite cheap also.

Throwing a party for a special occasion?  Then make sure you order decorative Torans, flower bouquets, chocolates, and cake to add a dash of peppiness to your event. You can pick from Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Ranunculus, Peach Blossom, Carnations, Anthuriums and a lot more. A spongy and delicious cake with an unusual flavor is a must have for any celebration. You just need to order on awesomeji.com and you can get amazing flavours like Limoncello Cake, caramalised Apple cake, Tiramisu cake, Carrot cake, Sunken Oreo, Blue Berry, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Apple tart, Apple crumble, Apple lime cake, American Apple pie and all the usual flavours. If you want to keep your gift simple you can order a bunch of flowers and complement it cookies, chocolates, brownies, cupcakes, soft toy, greeting card and dry fruits. The flower combos on this website will leave your special person spellbound. You can also buy or order a gift from a range of products on this website. You can go for items like gold or silver plated gift items hamper, home décor objects, God idols made of brass, utility wares, Pooja thalis and lamps, silver and brass plated decorative items handmade paper products, gemstone artifacts, fashion accessories, games and toys, accessories and other products for babies, God photo frames and photo paintings, handicrafts and much more.

So whether it is a birthday, success in exams, anniversary, promotion, retirement, housewarming or festival you have a lot of ideas to purchase the right gift from awesomeji.com. Don’t forget that Karwa Chauth gift while you are busy with work; the website has a special section for gifts for this auspicious occasion. From Baya, Sargi to thali you can please your better half with these special gifts. Make your special occasion an unforgettable affair by giving a personalized gift. Even a cake can be personalized by having a photo cake. You can think about personalizing a cushion, a bottle, a jar, a bedsheet, or a simple photo frame to keep the memories of an event fresh for a long time. If you are fond of wine then you can pick a wine bottle from awesomeji.com that is accompanied by flowers, chocolates or snacks. This will further add thrill to your party or dinner and provide wholesome enjoyment. So raise a toast to your good times and make the moment special. 

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