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Retirement Gifts

Retirement is a part of life 

Ever wondered why retirement is very important and much important is planning for retirement. Retirement opens a whole new chapter for many individuals, wherein they halt their work and engage themselves in things or works that they prefer to do. Most of us might be wondering about when is the right time to retire. Withdrawal; is not a small word related for those who work, on the contrary it is for everyone. Sachin Tendulkar, who is considered as the God of Indian cricket team, hit the headlines when he announced his retirement. Not arguments or disagreements in the fact that Sachin is one of the greatest cricketers of our time, but it has to end one day or the other. The time comes for everyone. Do you really believe that, Sha Rukh khan can rule the Bollywood for eternity; no he can’t. As a matter of fact no one can. There will be a time when eventually we will have other actors rising to fame. But what will always remain the same would be the fact that there would be no other ‘Sha Rukh Khan’, and only SRK can be him. He would be loved forever for his contributions to Indian cinema and world cinema. It is not hidden that the future generation would come to know about him only through us. 

We would say that retirement is also a way of moving on. You spend half of the years of your life studying, working, maintaining your family and then it’s time for you to spare few years and make time for yourselves, spend some quality time with your loved ones, your pet, staying home reading the book you always wanted to read or writing the poems you always had thought of writing but couldn’t make it, making all those trips that were canceled because you were busy with your work or you always had to put the needs of your children before yours. Retirements are the days when you can spend quality time with your grandchildren, telling them stories out of your experience.  

The history of retirement

Initially there was no retirement, and this was when there were no old people. So we are basically talking about the people during Stone Age. In this era everyone has a job until the age of 20 and by the time they reached 20 years old most of them were dead. Another interesting fact is that those who were alive for more than 220 years were either eaten by wild animals or worshipped as Gods. Even during the biblical time period when few of them reached their old age, retirement still was not invented. During the medieval period the elderly population had increased and reached to a critical mass. Old people were everywhere, we able to find them giving advices, complaining about how irresponsible the younger generation is or about rheumatism. And again there was another tendency among them to hold onto the wealth and belongings. This might be the reason why they are unpopular among their middle aged sons. In 1883, Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck of Germany faced a problem where the Marxists had threatened about taking control over Europe. As a solution to this, to help his countrymen resist their fawning, Otto Von announced that he would pay a pension to any non-working German over the age of 65.  

The world renowned physician William Osler first put forward the idea of retirement. In 1905 while addressing the patients in Johns Hopkins Hospital he mentioned that the years between 25 and 40 are the worker’s career age and also are the “15 golden years of plenty”. He also added saying that the workers between ages between 40 and 60 are uncreative and above 60 are ‘useless’, hence should be put out to pasture.  Gradually retirement became handy in United Sates when large number of factory workers was wandering around during the industrial revolution and many of them had taken the place of young workers. By 1935, it became clearer that the only way to stop old people from working was to pay them enough is that they can stop it. So now you know how this started. 

Retirement in specific countries 

There is no particular age for retirement; a person can retire at any age they want. Yet different countries consider a ‘standard’ age for retirement.  This ‘standard’ age differs from one country to another, but generally the retirement age lies between the age group of 50 and 70. Again in few countries this age is different for males and females. In Australia the early retirement age is 60 while the normal retirement age is 65, while in USA the early retirement age is 62 and the normal retirement age is 67. 

Having more than 4.8 million populations in Florida, this state also ranks first in countries in percentage of elderly citizens. Florida is also the home to the largest retirement community. You might be wondering that why are we talking about Florida all of a sudden, let us tell you guys that Florida is one of the best states to settle down after retirement. This state offers options for those seeking retirement here. 

The modern idea of retirement

Today retirement plans comes before retirement. The trivial question that rises when we hear about retirement is about their financial security. Proper planning for retirement is equally important like any other thing.  For instance, with advanced medical facilities life expectancy has also increased and which means that we have to gather enough funds that will help us to sustain longer. Similarly many of the retirees do not prefer to depend on their family members for financial support and so they start planning for it beforehand itself. Though they plan to retire from their work, the seniors always like to contribute financial support or even donate for their family and due to which they prefer pensions, insurances and other such allowances. Retirement is not always about planning for their future, sometimes it is the time when you have the whole time in your hands and you prefer to spend it the way you want. All of us have read about how few people have quitted their job or opted voluntary retirement and engaged their time in travelling, cooking, writing or any such activity that makes them happy. Work until you die or work until you can’t work anymore is the thought followed by many at present.  

Farewell parties are usually thrown by the company or the organization to send off their employees during the time of retirement. It is their way to show respect and love to that person. Joining as a team player and then leading a team, this time duration is very long for any worker in any organization. This time period is the longest, where he beings as a fresher and to gradually be a leader. Being senior comes with its own perks; others (juniors) look forward to them and take their advice while in doubts. And few become work mates and then best friends. Our work mates are different from other friends, though our best friends are much closer to us; with our work mates have we always shared more things in common. We might hate our boss equally, we might be bored with the monotonous life of ours which includes of only work and home, the leisure time in office are the breaks in between that we take for refreshment, the time spend together in office parties, etc.; This can be the reason why throwing a retirement or farewell party to such co-workers brings in many emotions that were buried deep down. Also this is exactly why retirement gifts are the easiest way to show our gratitude towards them. Gifts always have a special place in our minds and so only while parting, giving gifts can show our love and respect we have towards them. It is also a way to acknowledge them for their sincere hard work and for all their efforts that was helpful and crucial in meeting the goals set by the organization. While they are planning to spend the rest of their life with their family and closed ones, a gift can leave a mark in their hearts which will help them in realizing that they will always be missed and they have played a very important role in this organization. 

Sending Gifts online is the best way to go

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