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Farewell Gifts

“A goodbye isn’t painful, unless you are never going to say a Hello again”

We too agree with this quote. The last day at your college, school, work place it can be both scary and reveling. We would be happy because it’s over, no more homework’s to write, no more exams to attend, no more fear of attendance falling short, and the list goes on. There might be a long list of things that we hate while we are in college or school and the thought of not facing it more makes us happy. Call it change, part of growing up or life anything you want but this is the truth. The thought of joining college after our school days leaves all of us in delight. While in school we might have already made plans with our gang of friends about how we are going to the same college and have the most awaited times of our lives. Everyone one of us has been here, it’s not only you. No matter how much ever we try to convince ourselves that goodbyes are not forever, that life never ends with here it is painful. Whether it would be the goodbye which is painful or the flashbacks that might follow along what makes farewells more painful is bit confusing. Maybe, both are equally painful.

The actual meaning of goodbyes might be God Bless, but for us goodbyes are feelings. It always indicates us the end, we prepare ourselves for this as the last days approaches. We show our love and care to our closed ones, we might for once look at them from distance and think about all that time we have spent.  We know that remembering those moments can bring tears to our eyes but still we do, we have smiles on us when we recollect about the pranks we have done together, or any such special moment spend together that has left a long and everlasting scar deep within us. This is the part where, fear takes over replacing happiness and sadness. With a fraction of second we don’t want to miss them, we don’t want can’t let them go. We are scared of our future because we by now have realized that the person most dear to us in not going to be in, may be they will have a small role to play but it won’t be like it used to be. Denial is the next phase; we deny change even though we are well aware that it will happen, a part of us is still not ready to accept it and move on. Gosh, school and college farewell parties are the creepiest. Student life is one the most beautiful time period of our time. While starting our journey or school we might not have a slightest idea that we are spend the next 12 years our life with few and that are going to change our lives forever. Take a second and dive into those initial days, nor in our wildest dreams we might have got the thought that the boy or girl standing on the door of the classroom with their mom would be your classmate, bench mate and your best friend. In these 12 years who thought that they would teach us about one of the most beautiful relationships in the world; friendship and we would grow and fall in this relationship. Then when reach our 12th grade, reality hits hard and all of a sudden time flies and that is when we realize that we only have 2 months before us before our school life comes to halt. Very scary, it becomes much scarier in college. We always fail to understand why does a strange feeling occupy us the moment we enter the hall where the farewell party is being arranged. And the worst part is when in the background we hear music like ‘Yaroo dosti’, ‘hum rahe na rahe kal’, the moment it start playing that’s it we lose it and start weeping like the kids on their first day school. 

The term ‘Goodbye’

This word first popped up somewhere between 1565 and 1575.We wonder how many of you know that the farewell term ‘Goodbye’ had its origin in a partying prayer: ‘God be with ye’. It took various forms and the expressions kept changing.  ‘God be wy you’, ‘God b’w’y’, and ‘good-b’wy’; all these are really religious terms which meant God Bless You. The first documentation of the term ‘Godbwye’ was in a letter written by Gabriel Harvey; an English writer and Scholar wherein he quoted “To requite your gallonde of goodbwyes, I regive you a pottle of howdyes”. Some also claim that ‘goodbye’ is a short religious phrase. 

One word different names

The synonyms of Goodbye that we use presently actually had its origin in Spain. ‘Adios’ is a Spanish word for Goodbye. This is combination of two words; ‘a’ which, means to and ‘dios’ which means ‘God’. Similarly ‘Hasta luego’ is another Spanish word which means ‘see you later’.  ‘Hasta la vista’ a phrase which gained fame through the movie Terminator also delivers the same meaning. This phrase actually means ‘until we meet again’ or ‘so long’.  ‘aloha’ is a Hawaiian word which is used for both the welcome and farewell purpose. In Italy it is ‘arrivederci’ which also has the same meaning as ‘Hasta la vista’. ‘Bon Voyage’ is a common French term which is usually used to convey the message ‘Happy journey’. The term ‘sayonara’ is actually short form of the term ‘sayo naraba’ which means ‘If it be thus’. ‘totsiens’ is the word that South Africans use while sending off each other. ‘Vale’ is the term for goodbye in Latin. 

Goodbyes can be easily handled and the pain is not forever

We are not talking about the normal farewell parties of college, schools, office. It can be anything like breaking up from a relationship, losing someone who is very dear to us or even ending a relationship. Farewells are in the air and the pain or the emotions that you feel are normal. This is how it is supposed to be. Another fact that most of us tend to forget is that even the person opposite to us feels the same. And life never ends here; you are still going to find people or mates with a level of craziness that is equal to yours and life is going to be normal gain. Moreover the technology has advanced in such a way that there is no such thing as long distance. You can always contact them and be in touch with them. WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Hike, Skype; you will always have an option before. Be grateful to the virtual technology and internet for this. 

Gifts are the way to heart

There is no other shortcut to one’s heart other than buying them a gift. While your friends or loved are spending their last days with you make them feel special by sending a farewell gift. This small gesture will leave a mark in their hearts very deep. Let them know that you love them for making every moment lively. The gifts need not always be very costly; a small gesture from you can make a huge difference. Picking a gift is not anymore a headache, and sending it online is the best surprise you can give them. Awesomeji will be at your help in every step. Your only job is to pick the gift from our portal and send it to anywhere in India or abroad. Our gifts store is huge, very huge and it has everything you are looking for.  We matter relationships more and so we deliver it to allover India and even in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, UAE, USA and France without any shipment or delivery charges. Before you raise the question, all our gift articles are cheap. Unlike many other portals ours is not a onetime offer, our delivery services are free for life time.  Go on and send farewell gifts to your closed ones.