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Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24...
$21.46 (Rs 1480.00)
$19.50 (Rs 1345.00)
Diwali Silver Coin + Ferrero Rocher -16 pcs + Teddy Diwali Silver Coin + Ferrer...
$26.17 (Rs 1805.00)
$23.78 (Rs 1640.00)
16 Pcs. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 16 Pcs. Ferrero Rocher Choc...
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Candles Set of 3 Coffee Cups Scented Candles with Valentine Chocolate Box Candles Set Of 3 Coffee Cup...
$10.30 (Rs 710.00)
$9.35 (Rs 645.00)
Christmas Candles- Candles Single Led Candle Christmas Candles- Candles ...
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Candle Gift Set with Valentine Chocolate Box Candle Gift Set With Valent...
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)
$17.91 (Rs 1235.00)
Pot of Gold Pot Of Gold
$11.46 (Rs 790.00)
$10.44 (Rs 720.00)
Exotic Collection Exotic Collection
$10.15 (Rs 700.00)
$9.21 (Rs 635.00)
Chrismas Temptation Chrismas Temptation
$19.36 (Rs 1335.00)
$17.62 (Rs 1215.00)
Mixed Dried Fruits Mixed Dried Fruits
$9.57 (Rs 660.00)
$8.70 (Rs 600.00)
Diwali Dry Fruits Hamper Diwali Dry Fruits Hamper
$19.14 (Rs 1320.00)
$17.40 (Rs 1200.00)
Pista Badam Potli Pista Badam Potli
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Yellow Monument The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -Peacock Watercolour The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Abstract Geometry (Black) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Trio Colors Beads with Golden Beads Rakhi Trio Colors Beads With Gold...
$2.19 (Rs 151.00)
$1.99 (Rs 137.00)
Designer Diamond Rakhi Designer Diamond Rakhi
$2.02 (Rs 139.00)
$1.83 (Rs 126.00)
Simple Diamond Studded Rakhi Simple Diamond Studded Rakhi
$2.02 (Rs 139.00)
$1.83 (Rs 126.00)
12 Pink Carnations Bunch 12 Pink Carnations Bunch
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
12 Pink Carnations Bouquet 12 Pink Carnations Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Remembrance Bouquet Remembrance Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Soan Papdi Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Soan Papdi Sweets And New Y...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)
Ghasitaram's Baked Anjeer Modaks 800 gms Ghasitaram's Baked Anjeer M...
$32.55 (Rs 2245.00)
$29.58 (Rs 2040.00)
Ghasitaram's Granula Oats Modaks 400 gms Ghasitaram's Granula Oats M...
$16.24 (Rs 1120.00)
$14.79 (Rs 1020.00)
Strawberry Goldilocks : Soft Toys Strawberry Goldilocks : Sof...
$9.93 (Rs 685.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
SweetHeart : Soft Toys SweetHeart : Soft Toys
$18.05 (Rs 1245.00)
$15.23 (Rs 1050.00)
Pink 'n Lovable : Soft Toys Pink 'n Lovable : Soft Toys
$15.23 (Rs 1050.00)
$12.83 (Rs 885.00)
Fig with Chocolate Dates Fig With Chocolate Dates
$10.22 (Rs 705.00)
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
Raffaello and Toblerone Chocolates Raffaello And Toblerone Cho...
$6.38 (Rs 440.00)
$5.80 (Rs 400.00)
100 gm Lindt Excellence Swiss Chocolate with 70% Cocoa  100 Gm Lindt Excellence Swi...
$14.36 (Rs 990.00)
$13.05 (Rs 900.00)
Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) Leather Shoulder Bag (Black)
$27.55 (Rs 1900.00)
$25.01 (Rs 1725.00)
Elegant Ladies Bag From Wenz Elegant Ladies Bag From Wenz
$36.54 (Rs 2520.00)
$33.21 (Rs 2290.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$21.68 (Rs 1495.00)
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)

A gift is many times a reward for achieving set goals and targets. Parents promise their children gifts if they excel in their studies. Firms give gifts on the completion of hard tasks and targets. Sometimes gifts are just given to preserve the memory of an organization - like coffee mugs with the organizations name and logo. Gifts maintain the connection that has been formed by anyone. They also soothe the nerves and make joy run through our veins. Studies say that people who gift more are happier, so increase your happiness level by giving someone a gift. 

But looking for an appropriate gift can be quite nerve-racking if you follow the conventional method of searching for gifts in the local retail stores. To save people from this tiring exercise, online gifting is expanding fast. Giving a personalized gift is also in vogue these days. For your son who loves to play football you can order a football personalized sports bottle. If your near and dear one is living away from home, it would be a good idea to send cushions, mugs, photo frames with family photo, friends photo to constantly maintain your presence around that person. 

These gifts are available on awesomeji.com at cheap rates. Hundreds of other gifts like nicely wrapped dry fruits pack, sweets, chocolates, snack packs, bouquets, soft toys, perfumes, aromatic candles, showpieces, jewelry, handbags, clutches, wallets, personal grooming kits, kitchenware, children’s gifts and gifts for different festivals too are available on the site. Apart from this you can celebrate any occasion with cakes from awesomeji.com. The flavors available will make your mouth water. You can pick a Limoncello cake, caramelized Apple cake, Tiramisu cake, Carrot cake, Sunken Oreo, Blue Berry, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Apple tart, Apple crumble, Apple lime cake, American Apple pie and many more to add thrill to the moment. Since sweets are a must to share happiness awesomeji.com is providing scrumptious sweets such as laddoos, Mohan Thal, Pedas of different types, Mysore Pak, Imarti, Mango Firni, Pinnis, Barfis and more. 

A good collection of silk, Bengal cotton and chiffon sarees is also available to bring cheer to the person you adore. When you are gifting a saree what makes the gift complete is the jewelry that fits with it. So, don’t just give a saree, rather pair it with earrings, necklace sets, bracelets and bangles so that dress gets a complete look. Colorful stoles are also there for you to choose. 

Gift vouchers of Nike, Lifestyle, and Home Centre are also available for those who are not sure what to gift and want their loved ones to choose for themselves.

If you want to constantly remind someone of yourself a durable gift is a perfect idea. On awesomeji.com you will find a number of such gifts. Right from metal God idols, brass table ware to photo paintings. You can spruce up the interiors of somebody’s home by gifting items like Tea light holders, wall hangings like Torans, table clocks, candle holders, Kashmiri coasters. Fruit baskets, serving dishes, glassware, bowls and trays in fantastic designs will surely bowl over your loved one. Photo paintings of Ravi Varma, Tanjore paintings and photo paintings of Gods and Goddesses will brighten up the walls of the person you care for. God photo frames in intricate designs and some of them in pure silver are another kind of long-lasting gifts that will leave their impact on a person and also add to the beauty of the house.

Enhance the spirit of your celebration by making your home smell great too. Buy or order fragrances in the form of potpourri, aromatic candles, message bottles so that the perfume relaxes you and your special person while you celebrate. Further, add more appeal to your gift by complementing it with flower bouquets, dry fruits and chocolates. 

Why should children be left out from the pleasure of having gifts? Our website has put together a range of gifts that children will be delighted to have. For their mental growth a number of educational games are available other than board games like business and housie. In addition danglers to make their bags look fabulous are also there along with stylish key chains, puzzles, books, educational toys, soft toys, bottle covers, diffuser travelling bottle, watches, silicon water bottle with lunch box and bags are available.

The delivery of all products from awesomeji.com is free and spread all across India. It also offers midnight delivery and same day delivery of flowers and cakes to any part of India. People living in Madurai can purchase or order online gifts along with its surrounding areas. Gifts can be sent from awesomeji.com to Dindigul, Tiruchirapalli, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Thanjavur and many other places. If you are an inhabitant of U.S, U.K, U.A.E, Canada and Australia you can send gifts to your loved ones in India through awesomeji.com. Also, folks in India can send gifts to these countries so your loved one will feel cared for wherever he or she may be.

Now send gifts/presents to Madurai (India) and get free online delivery. Buy/order presents like flowers, cakes and sweets and get them delivered at cheap and discounted rates to Madurai.