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Wondered how many occasions come up when we gift each other. Many a time we gift each other for reasons that can be too silly for others. If you find your friend angry with something you know you can win her/his heart by giving him favorite thing can bring the million dollar smile on their face and that is all matters. We gift others or even surprise them is because we want them to happy, we look forward to make some beautiful memories with them just to be happy. This is the whole point; we do things to be happy and to make others happy. Many times, we do not appreciate small gifts that we have. Chocolate can do wonders for a small girl. For a mother the biggest gift in the universe is her children. A superstar enjoys his stardom because of the audiences who watch all their work and adore them, but then he is gifted with acting, dancing, writing or even drawing. The nature has gifted us the essentials of life like oxygen, water, land which is why we are living happily. Internet is again a gift to us; imagine the life without internet connection is scary. Similarly, there are many unnoticed things around us which are actually very important. So gift is not always about the articles that money can get you, there are there small gifts that can make us happy. All of you might have noticed that a chocolate lover always gets the pack of chocolates, or a gadget lover the same gadgets, a dog lover we gift him a dog. The culture of gifting varies from one person to another, from one state to another. In a state like West Bengal, where life is like a festival this tradition is very different. For instance, during any wedding in this state the bridegroom has to gift his sister in laws. This is actually very interesting for girls as they can demand anything or any amount that his sister-in –laws ask. This is even before the marriage; imagine the situation of the groom who has to follow the same tradition even after marriage. It is a practice among the girls, they won’t allow the groom to meet his bride unless all the sister-in-law is happy with the gifts and they keep on asking for more money or anything of their choice. Few days after marriage when the girl revisits her home she again has to bring gifts for her relatives. All this is quiet surprising and interesting. This is just about a single state; imagine the diversity in his when we have more than 28 states. Christmas, New Year and Valentines are the universal occasions when we gift each other. Every country has its own way of celebrating New Year, for example in Armenia; there used to be a tradition where children gather in groups and roamed around the streets singing songs and in return they received fruits as gifts. In Spain people eat and even gift each other 12 grapes as a symbol of luck. Children in New York write a letter as gifts to their parents. Similar to this there are many traditions associated with Christmas and New Year that is very different and unique. Digital gifting during Christmas is a new trend adopted by many. In the year 2015 this trend took a new turn and digital gift cards are the rising drift. 

Chennai is one of the busiest cities in India with a large number of people migrating from different parts of the country. Chennai has also attracted large number of students who come from different parts of the country. With such diversities in culture there is no shortage of occasions to celebrate. Getting a gift for every occasion can now be a difficult task as there are a lot number of people whom we need to gift. Though we know the need to gift others on their special days, we also think about it twice as we don’t always find the proper gift at the cheapest rate. This is why we are here. Our website ‘awesomeji’ is an exclusive gifts portal where you can buy or send gifts for any occasion. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank you gifts, Retirement gifts, Farewell gifts, house warming gifts, Engagement gifts, Wedding gifts, mother’s day gifts, Father’s day gifts, Children’s day gifts, Diwali, New Year, Durga Pooja, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chathurthi, Lohri, Pongal, Onam, Easter, Holi and many more. Actually the list will be too long as we have gifts for any and every occasion. Just like the long list of festivals, events or occasions we also have a long list of gift items.  Bouquets, chocolates, cakes, clothing, jewelry, perfumes, sweets, flowers, dry fruit baskets and list will go on. Sending and buying gifts is not anymore a headache as you can send gifts online to anywhere in Chennai. Only a click away, yes that is the how far you are from sending your gifts to your loved ones and this is as easy as it sounds. You only have to select the gift, place the order and send it. Your part of the job is done, this where we fall in and we will be sending your gifts to the assigned destination that too with zero delivery charges. Our shipment charges are zero too which makes it more feasible for you to send the gifts to anywhere in the country.  We even have something for those who are away from their home, firstly we have already mentioned that our services are spread within India. Apart from this we also ship gifts to other countries including Canada, Australia, France, UK, UAE, USA, Singapore and many other countries. Distance is never going to be a barrier for your happiness. Sorry about the confusion created when we only mentioned Chennai, actually our services are extended to cities including Chetpet, Nerkunram, Tiruvottiyur, Madhavaram, Alandur, Saint Thomas Mount, Kottivakkam, Pallavaram, Naravarikuppam, Avadi, Minjur, Ambattur, Tambaram and Ponneri.

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