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Mothers Day Sweets-Roasted Peanut Delight 18 pcs Mothers Day Sweets-Roasted ...
$8.62 (Rs 560.00)
$7.85 (Rs 510.00)
Impy Chimpy : Soft Toys Impy Chimpy : Soft Toys
$11.86 (Rs 770.00)
$10.01 (Rs 650.00)
Lucky Feng Shui Symbols Lucky Feng Shui Symbols

$10.78 (Rs 700.00)
Mothers Day Sweets-Roasted Almond Delight 18 pcs Mothers Day Sweets-Roasted ...
$11.78 (Rs 765.00)
$10.70 (Rs 695.00)
Snow White Rabbit : Soft Toys Snow White Rabbit : Soft Toys
$8.01 (Rs 520.00)
$6.78 (Rs 440.00)
A Prem Bhara Paigham (Medium) A Prem Bhara Paigham (Medium)

$12.01 (Rs 780.00)
Mothres Day-Pyramid Diamond Pendant Mothres Day-Pyramid Diamond...
$7.24 (Rs 470.00)
$6.55 (Rs 425.00)
Clear n Fair: Designer Drinking Glasses Clear N Fair: Designer Drin...

$17.94 (Rs 1165.00)
Congratulations Mom Tile with Card Congratulations Mom Tile Wi...
$11.09 (Rs 720.00)
$10.70 (Rs 695.00)
Vendee Traditional Designer Square Shape Filigiri Blue Alloy Pendant set  (8664C) Vendee Traditional Designer...
$12.29 (Rs 798.00)
$7.47 (Rs 485.00)
ravi varma Photo Paintings Ravi Varma Photo Paintings

$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Beauty In Tree Beauty In Tree

$11.24 (Rs 730.00)
Assorted Colorful Carnations Bouquet Assorted Colorful Carnation...
$10.40 (Rs 675.00)
$9.01 (Rs 585.00)
Awesome Maa Package Awesome Maa Package
$10.40 (Rs 675.00)
$10.01 (Rs 650.00)
Round Shape Purse Mirror Round Shape Purse Mirror

$3.39 (Rs 220.00)
Lovers Delight Lovers Delight
$14.71 (Rs 955.00)
$13.40 (Rs 870.00)
ravi varma Photo Paintings Ravi Varma Photo Paintings

$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Bottle lamp for brother Bottle Lamp For Brother
$17.33 (Rs 1125.00)
$11.53 (Rs 749.00)
Ladies Simple Handbag Ladies Simple Handbag
$37.88 (Rs 2460.00)
$34.42 (Rs 2235.00)
Personalized couple bottle Personalized Couple Bottle
$18.46 (Rs 1199.00)
$12.30 (Rs 799.00)
Remembrance Bouquet Remembrance Bouquet
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
$8.55 (Rs 555.00)
Best Teacher Frame with Flower Bunch Best Teacher Frame With Flo...
$15.32 (Rs 995.00)
$14.78 (Rs 960.00)
Mend a Heart Chocolate Basket Mend A Heart Chocolate Basket
$12.17 (Rs 790.00)
$11.09 (Rs 720.00)
Friendship Forever Friendship Forever
$26.10 (Rs 1695.00)
$22.72 (Rs 1475.00)
Copper Leafy Pendant Sets Copper Leafy Pendant Sets
$27.72 (Rs 1800.00)
$10.09 (Rs 655.00)
The Seven Heavens The Seven Heavens
$14.86 (Rs 965.00)
$13.48 (Rs 875.00)
Mothers Day Sweets-Rose Ice Halwa (800 ) Mothers Day Sweets-Rose Ice...
$16.25 (Rs 1055.00)
$14.78 (Rs 960.00)
10 Red Roses Bouquet 10 Red Roses Bouquet
$8.01 (Rs 520.00)
$6.93 (Rs 450.00)
100 Multicolored Roses Bouquet 100 Multicolored Roses Bouquet
$42.43 (Rs 2755.00)
$36.88 (Rs 2395.00)
Pure Love with Romantic Red Roses Bouquet Pure Love With Romantic Red...
$23.79 (Rs 1545.00)
$20.71 (Rs 1345.00)
Mom Knows Best Pack Mom Knows Best Pack
$10.40 (Rs 675.00)
$10.01 (Rs 650.00)
Rajwadi Copper Pendant Sets  with  Antique Plating Rajwadi Copper Pendant Sets...
$55.44 (Rs 3600.00)
$29.26 (Rs 1900.00)
Adorable Tile with Card Adorable Tile With Card
$11.09 (Rs 720.00)
$10.70 (Rs 695.00)
Vendee Traditional Designer Square Shape Filigiri Pink Alloy Pendant set  (8664D) Vendee Traditional Designer...
$7.67 (Rs 498.00)
$5.01 (Rs 325.00)
Fresh Exquisite Fresh Exquisite
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
$8.55 (Rs 555.00)
Attractive and Ornate Attractive And Ornate

$8.86 (Rs 575.00)
Conceptual Package for Maa Conceptual Package For Maa
$10.40 (Rs 675.00)
$10.01 (Rs 650.00)
Mothers Day Sweets-Pink Printed Peda box Mothers Day Sweets-Pink Pri...
$9.09 (Rs 590.00)
$8.24 (Rs 535.00)
Personalized Doodle bottle Personalized Doodle Bottle
$23.08 (Rs 1499.00)
$19.02 (Rs 1235.00)
Om rakhi Arrangements with Photo Printed Cushion Om Rakhi Arrangements With ...
$9.09 (Rs 590.00)
$8.24 (Rs 535.00)
Pink Carrybag : Soft Toys Pink Carrybag : Soft Toys
$8.32 (Rs 540.00)
$7.01 (Rs 455.00)
ravi varma Photo Paintings Ravi Varma Photo Paintings

$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Favourite Love Story Cushion Favourite Love Story Cushion
$9.09 (Rs 590.00)
$7.68 (Rs 499.00)
Mothers Day Sweets-Roasted Cashew Delight 18 pcs Mothers Day Sweets-Roasted ...
$11.78 (Rs 765.00)
$10.70 (Rs 695.00)
Aesthetic OM Aesthetic OM

$2.85 (Rs 185.00)
Blueish Copper Ethnic Pendant Sets Blueish Copper Ethnic Penda...
$27.72 (Rs 1800.00)
$10.09 (Rs 655.00)
Pet Me : Soft Toys Pet Me : Soft Toys
$16.94 (Rs 1100.00)
$14.32 (Rs 930.00)
Teddy Loves Choco Roses Teddy Loves Choco Roses
$14.86 (Rs 965.00)
$13.48 (Rs 875.00)
Elephant Hug : Soft Toys Elephant Hug : Soft Toys
$6.70 (Rs 435.00)
$5.62 (Rs 365.00)

Birthdays are special occasions as it is the day when the focus is just on one person. We enjoy all the attention that we get from family members, relatives and friends. It is the day to rejoice as we relax with music and have great fun with people who are close to us. We get the opportunity to celebrate life and know the importance of the life that we have got. We are expected to wear a new outfit, eat a great meal at home or outside and feel happy about ourselves. To make our day special our loved ones pour their heart out for us by giving us gifts, good luck charms and wishes for a really happy and satisfying life. The feeling is so great that we want to celebrate in a big manner every year. A birthday brings us closer to our dear ones as we get ample time to treat them and interact with them. Itís also an excuse when we take out time to think about ourselves as otherwise we would just not think about ourselves much. It is a good way to pep up our spirits and rejuvenate ourselves. And that is good enough a reason to celebrate it.

If anybody asks us about the most memorable day in our life, I think, the answer will be a birthday. A gift is undetachable from a birthday so everyone looks for gift ideas to please oneís loved one. Since these are the days of online shopping a gifts portal worth giving a try is awesomeji.com. The site has everything from flowers to paintings to sweets and cakes. The added advantage being you can sit in the comfort of your space and order or purchase a gift without having to spare too much time to look for a suitable gift.

Flowers are surely the first things to strike our mind when we think of giving a gift on a birthday, specially when the person is fond of flowers. If itís a big milestone year for your wife, you can pamper her in the most adorable way by going for our 700 roses pack. It consists of an arrangement of 100 roses, 20 different arrangements containing 30 red roses each, a teddy bear, a kilogram of black forest cake, and two heart shaped balloons. We think, it will surely make her feel loved and special. The other flower arrangements are made up of the best flowers available like Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, Orchids, Gladiolus and other exotic flowers like Eustomas, Posys, Bird of Paradise, Anthuriums, and Tuberoses in different colours and combinations. Many of the flower bouquets and bunches come along with sweets, like Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamuns, chocolates and cakes, so you can have a complete celebration with our flowers alone. A number of brownies like Sunken Oreo, Mocha coconut, Chocolate, carrot are available too.

The gift of course needs to be picked up! So, here are some of the best ones that you can order or buy. A pure silver Laxmi-Ganesh and Saraswati stand, Shiv and Parvati devotional photo frame, Tirupati Balaji, and Narayanadri Padmavathi devotional photo frame are excellent gifts to maintain the presence of God in our loved ones lives. Our lives revolve around our tiny tots so pick as cute little gift like soft stuffed animals such as Pikachu, Dolphin, Dog, Rabbit, cat and many more from our collection of soft toys. Soft toy bags and bottle covers are also available. Toys such as a combination of five board games, housie, business and many others form a good gift.

For those of us who have to manage too many things and make note of the work at hand a diary is the best gift. The site has a two set and a three spiral diary set that comes with magnets too, which will not allow your dear one to forget an important task.

Gift some comfort to your mother by picking something from our kitchen items. The site is offering heating pad, lassi maker, sandwich toaster, blender, chopper, pudding set, cutlery set, juicer mixer grinder and more. A utility gifts sewing box is also available. Excellent designs of jewellery will simply blow your loved one away. Choose from a vast collection of neck pieces, necklace sets, earrings, finger rings, bracelets and bangles. Other types of jewellery like pearl jewellery, Thewa, Kundan, and Lacquer jewellery are extremely attractive. If you want to gift something everlasting then go for our silver coins which come with interesting articles and a set of gold pen with 8 GB pen drive.

Best of all, the shipping is free to any part of India and you can enjoy same day delivery and midnight delivery. All articles on awesomeji.com are available at cheap prices and their quality is ensured.

Out of all the destinations that awesomeji.com caters to Panipat is one of them. The websiteís services are also available in nearby areas of Yamunanagar, Jhajjar, Behrampur, Bilaspur, Chhajpur Kalan, Dhodpur, Garhi Bhalaur, Badauli and more. If your dear one is residing overseas in nations of Canada, U.K, U.S, U.A.E and Australia then also you can send your wishes and gifts from India using our site. Besides, gifts can also be sent to India from these nations.