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Imported Miniature Chocolates Smiley Mug with Laughing Buddha and Birthday Card For Bro Imported Miniature Chocolat...
$10.22 (Rs 705.00)
$9.28 (Rs 640.00)
20 Mix Carnations Bouquet 20 Mix Carnations Bouquet
$16.46 (Rs 1135.00)
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
10 Pink Roses Bouquet 10 Pink Roses Bouquet
$8.19 (Rs 565.00)
$7.47 (Rs 515.00)
100 Multicolored Roses Bouquet 100 Multicolored Roses Bouquet
$46.84 (Rs 3230.00)
$42.56 (Rs 2935.00)
Assorted Colorful Carnations Bouquet Assorted Colorful Carnation...
$11.31 (Rs 780.00)
$10.30 (Rs 710.00)
Beautiful World Beautiful World
$21.17 (Rs 1460.00)
$19.21 (Rs 1325.00)
Rasgulla Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Rasgulla Sweets And New Yea...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)
Fresh Exquisite Fresh Exquisite
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
10 Red Roses Bouquet 10 Red Roses Bouquet
$8.77 (Rs 605.00)
$7.98 (Rs 550.00)
Pure Love with Romantic Red Roses Bouquet Pure Love With Romantic Red...
$26.25 (Rs 1810.00)
$23.85 (Rs 1645.00)
Crunchy Treat Basket Crunchy Treat Basket
$12.04 (Rs 830.00)
$10.95 (Rs 755.00)
15 Red Romantic Roses Bouquet 15 Red Romantic Roses Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
24 Red Roses Bouquet 24 Red Roses Bouquet
$14.43 (Rs 995.00)
$13.12 (Rs 905.00)
Booty of Goodwill Booty Of Goodwill
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Elegant Ladies Bag Elegant Ladies Bag
$36.54 (Rs 2520.00)
$33.21 (Rs 2290.00)
Leading Instinct Leading Instinct
$12.76 (Rs 880.00)
$11.60 (Rs 800.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$21.68 (Rs 1495.00)
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)
Angelic Dreams Personalized Combo Angelic Dreams Personalized...
$12.76 (Rs 880.00)
$11.60 (Rs 800.00)
Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) Leather Shoulder Bag (Black)
$27.55 (Rs 1900.00)
$25.01 (Rs 1725.00)
Determined To Rise Determined To Rise
$12.76 (Rs 880.00)
$11.60 (Rs 800.00)
Floral Fashion Pendant Set (0047) Floral Fashion Pendant Set ...
$14.49 (Rs 999.00)
$6.31 (Rs 435.00)
Friendship Forever Friendship Forever
$28.78 (Rs 1985.00)
$26.17 (Rs 1805.00)
Remembrance Bouquet Remembrance Bouquet
$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
$9.79 (Rs 675.00)
Exotic Collection Exotic Collection
$10.15 (Rs 700.00)
$9.21 (Rs 635.00)
Go ‘Nuts’ Over Nuts Basket Go ‘Nuts’ Over Nuts Basket
$9.57 (Rs 660.00)
$8.70 (Rs 600.00)
Chrismas Temptation Chrismas Temptation
$19.36 (Rs 1335.00)
$17.62 (Rs 1215.00)
Christmas Santa Soft Toy with Candles Christmas Santa Soft Toy Wi...
$9.86 (Rs 680.00)
$8.99 (Rs 620.00)
Cute Santa Claus Soft Toy Cute Santa Claus Soft Toy
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
$6.24 (Rs 430.00)
Immortal Pleasure of Love Immortal Pleasure Of Love
$13.85 (Rs 955.00)
$12.62 (Rs 870.00)
Gulab Jamun Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Gulab Jamun Sweets And New ...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)
Assorted Kaju Sweet Box and New Year Greeting Card Assorted Kaju Sweet Box And...
$51.48 (Rs 3550.00)
$46.76 (Rs 3225.00)
Cashew Galore Cashew Galore
$15.30 (Rs 1055.00)
$13.92 (Rs 960.00)
Sweet Surprise Sweet Surprise
$19.14 (Rs 1320.00)
$17.40 (Rs 1200.00)
Mend a Heart Chocolate Basket Mend A Heart Chocolate Basket
$11.46 (Rs 790.00)
$10.44 (Rs 720.00)
Homemade Assorted Chocolates Homemade Assorted Chocolates
$8.77 (Rs 605.00)
$7.98 (Rs 550.00)
Happiness Chocolate Hamper Happiness Chocolate Hamper
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Silky Sensations Silky Sensations
$19.29 (Rs 1330.00)
$17.55 (Rs 1210.00)
$10.66 (Rs 735.00)
$9.72 (Rs 670.00)
Golden Delight Basket Golden Delight Basket
$12.69 (Rs 875.00)
$11.53 (Rs 795.00)
Soan Papdi Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Soan Papdi Sweets And New Y...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)

Birthdays are always new beginning, a new start and it is true that as years goes we get older but it is always a new year to start over. Birthdays are significant in many ways, it is like we can look back and see how far we have come. This is the same everyone around you and this why all of us are excited about birthdays. As the birthday month approaches we are become excited, we look at ourselves and think about the things that we don’t have so that we can get it for us. We decide about how we are going to treat our friends. Accept it or not we already know that is a surprise party for us which would be thrown by our friends. We feel the inner child within us peeping out and even though it is old fashioned we still cut cakes on our birthday because that is how celebrations start. Birthdays make people at the both ends happy. It might be our fiend or birthday or anyone else who might be celebrating their birthday, similar to them we are happy to celebrate their big day with them. We plan the surprise party and make sure that the rooms are decorated with balloons or flowers and boom we make the person cut the cake right when the clock strikes twelve. We are all excited and happy about birthdays, it makes us emotional; we are happy and sad. This particular day brought joy in many people happy. It is always good to appreciate what we have in life and acknowledge it. Birthdays are times when we celebrate life and take time to appreciate the time. We might for one day actually sit back and think about ourselves, about how far we have come and then we suddenly realize that we even have not lived our dreams and the time is actually running out, you then know that it was not easy to be where you are today and there are a lot of people who helped you to stand strong and still. This day is about analyzing you knowing who you are and what you want, some people even take resolution as people take it during New Year.

Birthday celebrations have changed over time. During earlier times birthdays were more of a homely occasion when our mother used to prepare something sweet for us and distribute it to your neighbors to close relatives and for you the biggest celebration was taking a packet of chocolates to your school and you give it among your teachers and best friends and guess what your best friend gets a chocolate extra from the rest of the class. This simple yet sweet gesture makes us happy and lively. Today birthdays are all new we buy gifts, we spend the whole day with them and we go out and plan dinner with them. Sending or buying gifts for them is not a problem at present as we have many gifting options like games, clothing apparels, leather products cakes, flowers, personalized gifts, cards , sweets, holiday packages and many such things.

The actual problem lies finding all these gifts at one place and that too at very cheaper price. With the upgraded technology and the new innovations online shopping of gifts is the easiest way to choose sending gifts to another. Time consuming and easy process are the two fundamental policies that have made e-commerce popular in this era. Because of this you can find any product just fingertips away. Say, you want clothing apparels, you can find dresses, tops, ethnic, shirts, bottoms, inners, winter wears, you can even find fashion accessories like sunglasses, chockers, belts, footwear, jewellery and like that everything and anything. Office stationaries, books, electronic gadgets, mobile accessories, cameras and many such goodies can now be found just finger tips away. You can even find gifts of your; let us just say that the person whom you are gifting loves books you can collect few copies of works of his/her favorite author, you can send cakes. Similarly you can gift the birthday boy or girl anything of your choice after all it is their day and all their wishes are to be fulfilled.

Confused about where to find all these goodies under one roof that too at a cheaper rate as you have numerous options where you can buy gift items. Hello there, ‘awesomeji’ is the right place for everyone. As it is clearly visible we have very huge gallery of gifts, starting from cakes, flowers, metal and silver artifacts, fashion accessories, clothing apparels, games, perfumes, sweets, cards, holiday packages, personalized gifts and the list would be too long. The best new is that our gifts items are very cheap and we plan on going easy on your pockets. Our services are now available in Salem and so sending birthday gifts online to Salem at a cheaper price is now easy. Hold on guys we have more for you, firstly all our deliveries are free and also the shipment charges are zero. We even have midnight deliveries and so your worries on cakes are all sorted for life. Order the cake the birthday boy/girl likes and we are going to deliver it right away; please do note that we have different flavors of them which makes it easier. We also cater services to nearby cities including Mallur, Omallur, Attayampatti, Ilampillai, Rasipuram, Taramangalam, Namagirripettai, Mallasamudram, Belur, Konganapuram, Jalakandapuram, Nangavalli, Idappadi, Mallapuram and Mettur. We have even solved the problem of sending gifts to other countries like France, Australia, Canada, and UK, UAE, USA, New Zealand and many other countries. No, the shipment and delivery charges to these countries are free too. Let distance be no more a hindrance to show your love.