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Birthdays are so special to all of us. Every month we have a friend, family member, colleague, teachers, and acquaintance who celebrate their birthday and we are a part of it. Ever wondered how it started at the first place, today when the birthday comes up we can find that our parents or friends crushing at our place with cakes or gifts and we do the same. To be precisely dated we don’t know when did this tradition begin but we can say it was the Egyptians who started this tradition. When Pharaohs were crowned in Egypt the first birthday was celebrated while it was the Greeks who added candles to the cake. But these celebration where among the Gods, and it was the people in ancient Rome that birthday was celebrated among the common man and gradually the celebration of birthday was passed to the entire world. The contemporary birthday cakes were invented in Germany by the bakers and it was during the industrial revolution that this cake travelled the world. Today birthdays are not complete without the cakes and it is a customary to cut the cake on birthdays. The famous birthday song was actually a remix of the song “Good Morning to All; written by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill. This should be how all of these started and today it is just more than just a celebration.

The day the infant is born is the happiest day for his/her parents. Birthday is more like rebirth; every year gives new hopes and wishes. This day gives you a chance to think about whom you are and also may be take new steps in life. No matter how much we grow up for our parents we would always remain the little child we were. Any celebrations always bring happiness and excitement but birthdays are always special. The customary tradition of cutting the cakes on the birthday and smashing it on their face is another unavoidable tradition. Well it is like this always. We all know we have a surprise party coming right at twelve but still we wait for it and then we find the room is decorated with balloons all over the place and glitters and the usual birthday song is sang and cutting the cakes; felling like a child all over again and no matter how old we get we love this feeling and we would always have a big smile on our faces while cutting the cake every time and that is the thing about birthdays they are meant to make people happy and joyful.

Sending and buying gifts are not new in birthdays instead it has been a part of us from a long time. As we grow older our preferences changes, like as a child we would love when we received dolls, balls, toys or such things as gifts. Then it changes to clothes, books, accessories and many such things. There are people who call themselves diehard fans of the ‘Harry Porter’ and so you know what to gift them, there are few fitness freaks, gamers, bookworms, fashionistas, photographers, pet lovers, travelers and such the variety changes. The best part is that we can find gifts of their choice. With the upgraded technology everything can now be founded easily. There are many portals where you can buy gifts online and send it to your loved ones.

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