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Textured and coloured Double Handle Tote Bag Textured And Coloured Doubl...
$32.42 (Rs 2105.00)
$26.95 (Rs 1750.00)
Yellow Leather Handbag Yellow Leather Handbag
$30.95 (Rs 2010.00)
$28.11 (Rs 1825.00)
Leather Unisex Sling Bag Leather Unisex Sling Bag
$36.73 (Rs 2385.00)
$33.42 (Rs 2170.00)

Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$23.02 (Rs 1495.00)
$20.94 (Rs 1360.00)
Beautiful Ladies Handbag From Wenz Beautiful Ladies Handbag Fr...
$25.26 (Rs 1640.00)
$22.95 (Rs 1490.00)
Pistachio Green Textured Cross Body Bag Pistachio Green Textured Cr...
$28.80 (Rs 1870.00)
$23.33 (Rs 1515.00)
Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) Leather Shoulder Bag (Black)
$29.26 (Rs 1900.00)
$26.57 (Rs 1725.00)
Fawn Brown Smooth Satchel with Buckle Flap Fawn Brown Smooth Satchel W...
$39.66 (Rs 2575.00)
$32.34 (Rs 2100.00)
Brandeis Blue Smooth Chain accent Tote Bag Brandeis Blue Smooth Chain ...
$39.66 (Rs 2575.00)
$32.34 (Rs 2100.00)
Ladies Simple Handbag Ladies Simple Handbag
$37.88 (Rs 2460.00)
$34.42 (Rs 2235.00)
Elegant Ladies Bag Elegant Ladies Bag
$38.81 (Rs 2520.00)
$35.27 (Rs 2290.00)

Stylish handbags and purses can be fabulous gift items for men and women of all age groups. More so, varieties of leather bags, fabric bags like cotton, jute and other mixed material in the market offer you to pick this beautiful present for any formal or informal occasion. If you are too busy to hit the markets and make your choice, then opting to buy the present online is a good idea. At awesomeji.com, attractive and trendy handbags and purses can be picked. You may choose from the items given below and send them online as presents to your loved ones anywhere in India or abroad.