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Quite often people spend their precious time in finding their keys which are semi-lost in their bulky handbags and backpacks. Isn’t it a great idea to keep a separate pouch for your keys? This is how key chain pouches came into existence! And interestingly, they are not only used to keep your keys but also other essential accessories such as mini Bluetooth, batteries, ID cards, credit cards, money and even ear bud type headphones. Key chain pouches are very practical to use when you abstain from carrying your entire wallet or purse. They can be easily fit into your backpacks, jerseys or even pant pockets. A loop given on the side can be used to attach the pouch to a bag or key ring. These elegant key chain pouches are very eco-friendly, usually made up of quality leather and are great gifts to present. Various styles and shapes of key chain pouches are available to suit your requirements. With awesomeji sending key chain pouches as gifts to your friends and relatives is very trendy, easy and economical!