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Thewa Jewellery India

Beads Thewa Jewelry Beads Thewa Jewelry
$142.45 (Rs 9250.00)
$129.51 (Rs 8410.00)
Traditional Ethnick Handcrafted Thewa Set Traditional Ethnick Handcra...
$180.95 (Rs 11750.00)
$164.47 (Rs 10680.00)
Fancy Thewa Necklace Set Fancy Thewa Necklace Set
$193.58 (Rs 12570.00)
$175.95 (Rs 11425.00)
Handcrafted Thewa Set with Gold Work Handcrafted Thewa Set With ...
$206.36 (Rs 13400.00)
$187.57 (Rs 12180.00)
The combination of exquisite Gold work on shimmering colored glass...that's what makes an irresistible creation called Thewa jewellery.

Pratapgarh, a remote town in Rajasthan (India), is known for its community of skilled craftsmen who work with Gold and Glass to make this elegant jewellery. There is a bit of mystery to the origin of Thewa but it is said to have originated some four hundred years ago, practiced only by a single family then. The skill, passed on from one generation to next, is still kept within the community.

Thewa essentially means 'to set'. An intricate pattern is handcrafted on a 23kt. Gold sheet and fused onto (or set on) a colored glass. As this is heat processed, the colored glass takes on a glittering effect and highlights the beautiful gold work even more. This process requires a high degree of expertise and the craftsmen of Pratapgarh are skilled in this art. This fused gold work on glass is then encased in a Gold plated Silver casing and combined with colored beads to make necklaces and earrings.

Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted, and it sometimes takes over a month to create a single piece. This makes every piece of Thewa a unique & exclusive work of art in itself. This 400 year old art of jewellery making has now been revived and is in much vogue these days. It makes for a perfect gift for loved ones on festivals like Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Dusshera, Karva Chauth, Akshaya Trithya etc . It is also a memorable gift for special occasions like Weddings, Marriage anniversary & Birthday.