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Popular Birthday Gifts to Chennai

Attractive and Ornate Attractive And Ornate

$8.34 (Rs 575.00)
Cashew Galore Cashew Galore
$15.30 (Rs 1055.00)
$13.92 (Rs 960.00)
Ghasitarams Irish kaju Katli 250 gms Ghasitarams Irish Kaju Katl...
$7.03 (Rs 485.00)
$6.09 (Rs 420.00)
Mango Cups 250 gms Mango Cups 250 Gms
$7.03 (Rs 485.00)
$6.09 (Rs 420.00)
Mango Bon- Bons 250 gms Mango Bon- Bons 250 Gms
$7.03 (Rs 485.00)
$6.09 (Rs 420.00)
50 Pink Roses Round Bouquet 50 Pink Roses Round Bouquet
$27.26 (Rs 1880.00)
$24.80 (Rs 1710.00)
Touch Me Softly Touch Me Softly
$7.18 (Rs 495.00)
$6.53 (Rs 450.00)
Love Zone Love Zone
$16.46 (Rs 1135.00)
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
Happiness Chocolate Hamper Happiness Chocolate Hamper
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Happy Birthday Photo Cake Happy Birthday Photo Cake
$30.02 (Rs 2070.00)
$27.26 (Rs 1880.00)
Sweet Surprise Sweet Surprise
$19.14 (Rs 1320.00)
$17.40 (Rs 1200.00)
Metal Purse Mirror Metal Purse Mirror

$1.67 (Rs 115.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -Chillam The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Round Shape Purse Mirror Round Shape Purse Mirror

$3.19 (Rs 220.00)
Chocolate Fantasy Chocolate Fantasy
$17.26 (Rs 1190.00)
$15.66 (Rs 1080.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Abstract Peacock The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Apple Shape Apple Shape

$2.03 (Rs 140.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -Art & Architecture The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Radiant Encounter Radiant Encounter

$4.50 (Rs 310.00)
Take My Heart : Heart Shaped Soft Toys Take My Heart : Heart Shape...
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
$7.11 (Rs 490.00)
Chic Earrings Chic Earrings

$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
Golden Moonflower - Delicate Gold Chain and Earrings Golden Moonflower - Delicat...

$21.75 (Rs 1500.00)
Golden Eye - Elegant Golden Pendant and Earrings Golden Eye - Elegant Golden...

$21.75 (Rs 1500.00)
Passionate Purple - Silver Pendant and Earrings Passionate Purple - Silver ...

$28.28 (Rs 1950.00)
Ooty’s Bliss Ooty’S Bliss
$9.57 (Rs 660.00)
$8.70 (Rs 600.00)
Round Shaped Pendant Set 0054A Round Shaped Pendant Set 0054A
$12.59 (Rs 868.00)
$6.16 (Rs 425.00)
New Design Pendant Set 0099A New Design Pendant Set 0099A
$15.94 (Rs 1099.00)
$6.16 (Rs 425.00)
Sqaure dazzling pendant set Sqaure Dazzling Pendant Set
$7.54 (Rs 520.00)
$4.57 (Rs 315.00)
Studded Pendant Jewellery Set 0099B Studded Pendant Jewellery S...
$15.94 (Rs 1099.00)
$6.16 (Rs 425.00)
My Love For U : Love Soft Toys My Love For U : Love Soft Toys
$11.17 (Rs 770.00)
$9.43 (Rs 650.00)
Hold Ur Love!! : Love Soft Toys Hold Ur Love!! : Love Soft ...
$12.62 (Rs 870.00)
$10.66 (Rs 735.00)
Pep Up Ur Love : Heart Shaped Soft Toys Pep Up Ur Love : Heart Shap...
$5.44 (Rs 375.00)
$4.57 (Rs 315.00)
Red and White Carnations Bouquet Red And White Carnations Bo...
$16.46 (Rs 1135.00)
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
Passionate Love Passionate Love
$8.77 (Rs 605.00)
$7.98 (Rs 550.00)
The Colorful Paradise The Colorful Paradise
$26.25 (Rs 1810.00)
$23.85 (Rs 1645.00)
Pink Roses and Pink Gerberas Bouquet Pink Roses And Pink Gerbera...
$18.05 (Rs 1245.00)
$16.39 (Rs 1130.00)
Red Fantasy Carnations Bouquet Red Fantasy Carnations Bouquet
$18.05 (Rs 1245.00)
$16.39 (Rs 1130.00)
Hold My Love Tight : Love Soft Toys Hold My Love Tight : Love S...
$20.37 (Rs 1405.00)
$17.18 (Rs 1185.00)
Pinkish Surprise : Love Soft Toys Pinkish Surprise : Love Sof...
$25.23 (Rs 1740.00)
$21.32 (Rs 1470.00)
Emotional Love : Love Soft Toys Emotional Love : Love Soft ...
$13.56 (Rs 935.00)
$11.42 (Rs 787.50)
Lady Love : Love Soft Toys Lady Love : Love Soft Toys
$20.37 (Rs 1405.00)
$17.18 (Rs 1185.00)
Reddish Love : Love Soft Toys Reddish Love : Love Soft Toys
$9.93 (Rs 685.00)
$8.41 (Rs 580.00)
Austrian Diamond Pendant Set 0099C Austrian Diamond Pendant Se...
$15.94 (Rs 1099.00)
$6.16 (Rs 425.00)

Birthday celebrations area big self-esteem boosters because they let people, be it, kids or adults, be the cynosure of all eyes. It gives children the opportunity to socialize in large groups, which is not possible for them otherwise. Even adults get the chance to mix with new people and know people closely. Enjoyment is the big take away from parties and birthday parties have the maximum to offer. Theme parties and games are organized to make the party more interesting and fun-filled. Birthday also leaves behind a lot of good memories that we cherish even after years. Gifts become essential for birthdays because we have to make the birthday boy or girl feel special and worthy of all the good things in life. The importance of a birthday is so much that people pay a lot of attention and care while buying a gift so that their loved one feels happy. Gratefulness is another virtue that is learned through celebrating birthdays. People never forget to load their gifts with their wishes and love which are much more important that physical gifts. This makes us feel grateful for not just the gift but also their good wishes.

When you are choosing a gift choose it wisely. A good way to shop is online on sites like awesomeji.com. This portal has a really good collection of gifts to cater to all your needs. Birthdays start with cakes and flowers so make use of our midnight delivery and same day delivery to send your gifts to your dear one.

A smiling dolly chair, makhan chor kanhaiya baby toy, and several other stuffed toys like lord Ganesha, Noddy, and dolls will provide a good playing mate to your kid. A jewellery game kit is also available for your child who likes to play with colours. Soft toys bottle covers, piggy banks, balls, school bags in cartoon characters like Doraemon, and Shin Chan are really interesting toys to gift to the apple of your eye.

The portal has several types of simple, aromatic and decorated candles that will prove to be a useful gift whether for a formal or an informal occasion. We also have many candle stands in incredible designs like camel, palm tree, which have a lot of elegance and style and will make your candle light dinners amazing. Let someone’s home light up with shadow diya tea light candle holders in major Gods shapes and auspicious words like Shubh-Laabh and other creative tea light holders and votives by gifting it to them.

For the beautiful women in your life the sarees collection on the portal is lovely, you can get nice silk, crystallized, and cotton sarees at discounted prices. If you choose from our jewellery collection you will add more grace and charm to your loved one. Delve into the number of designs and types of jewellery that we have and pick the perfect piece for your loved one. Apart from traditional jewellery like pearl jewellery, Thewa, Kundan, and Lacquer jewellery we also have diamond jewellery. You can choose from an exciting range of pendants, necklaces, bridal sets, earrings, finger rings, bracelets, bangles and make your dear one look more attractive.

The kitchenware collection on the site is also worth taking a look. You will find heating pad, lassi maker, sandwich toaster, blender, chopper, pudding set, cutlery set, juicer mixer grinder to spruce up your kitchen. If you care about your little sister who has just begun entering the kitchen or your brother who wants to dabble in cooking as well then gift them the exciting personalized aprons that we have brought together for you.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for your boss then we suggest you choose gold embossed marble pen stand with watch, or a marble and gold embossed kalash, a table top barbeque griller set is a terrific gift, you can also pick a pack of chocolates, dry fruits hamper depending on your boss’s taste. The cookie cradle consisting of cookies from top brands is also a good gift considering that we are also concerned about the good health of our dear ones. Our loved ones are so dear to us that we want all troubles to stay away from them. For this purpose, the portal is offering Feng Shui evil eye hangings and a host of other Feng Shui products, which form a good gift for your adorable one.

A laptop is a gadget that requires high maintenance, so we make your work easy with our exclusive range of laptop bags from Holii and Kalkatiya that you can gift to anyone you like. These bags will be the cause of unlimited joy for whomsoever you gift it to. The other bags that you can try are Wenz handbags and other designer handbags, sling bags are also a good choice. The leather accessories collection includes a combo of organizer, belt and deodorant, waist pouches, cash pouches, toilet kits and belts. A pack of crystal pen with cardholder, clock and keychain forms an excellent gift item. Make your special person smell great with Mont Blanc Exceptionnel, Ralph Lauren Polo Red, and Dunhill Desire Blue and Dolce Gabbana perfumes.

The shipping is free all across India so you can send your gift without any hassle. In the city of Chennai, awesomeji.com is functioning smoothly and also its nearby areas. You can also send you gifts to nearby places like Tirupati, Mahabalipuram, Srikalahasti, Kanchipuram, Vellore, Yelagiri Hills, Chittor, Nellore and many more. Most Indians living in U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, U.A.E use our service to deliver gifts within in India. You can also send your gifts and messages to your special person living in these countries from India.