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Sweets are synonymous to happiness and this is why people share happiness by distributing sweets. In a culturally diverse country like India, it is quite natural to have many cuisines and each of these cuisines has its own authentic sweets. This is the reason why India has become a land of innumerable varieties of sweets. Some of these sweets are specific to some occasions or festival whereas some others are part of regular menu. However, sweets are inevitable part of every celebration. In India, the land of festivals, people celebrate special occasion by gifting sweets to each other. However, these festival occasions may bring a bit of gloominess to those who have their beloveds on other part of the world. Couriering sweets would not be a wise decision as they may become stale by the time they reach there. Sending sweets to your beloveds is not a matter of concern at all with our online services which help you gift your favorite sweet to your beloveds that too in amazingly cheaper rates. We assure safe and timely delivery. Surprise your loved ones in US with the traditional Indian sweets on this special occasion!