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Mix Gerberas Bouquet and New Year Greeting Card Mix Gerberas Bouquet And Ne...
$14.94 (Rs 970.00)
$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Say It With Flowers Say It With Flowers
$43.74 (Rs 2840.00)
$39.73 (Rs 2580.00)
Mix Roses with Chocolates N Free Greeting Card Mix Roses With Chocolates N...
$13.09 (Rs 850.00)
$11.40 (Rs 740.00)
Pink Me Up A Little Pink Me Up A Little
$11.86 (Rs 770.00)
$10.78 (Rs 700.00)
Fine Artificial Arrangement Fine Artificial Arrangement
$17.40 (Rs 1130.00)
$14.61 (Rs 949.00)
10 Pink Roses Bouquet 10 Pink Roses Bouquet
$7.55 (Rs 490.00)
$6.55 (Rs 425.00)
Red Shadow Red Shadow
$18.25 (Rs 1185.00)
$15.86 (Rs 1030.00)
Mix Roses Bouquet with Indian Wine and Christmas Card Mix Roses Bouquet With Indi...
$67.99 (Rs 4415.00)
$59.14 (Rs 3840.00)
Mix Gerberas with Assorted Sweets & Soan Papdi Mix Gerberas With Assorted ...
$22.41 (Rs 1455.00)
$19.48 (Rs 1265.00)
Roses Arrangement with Wine and Christmas Card Combo Roses Arrangement With Wine...
$74.92 (Rs 4865.00)
$65.14 (Rs 4230.00)
Charming Beauty with Mix Carnations Charming Beauty With Mix Ca...
$27.95 (Rs 1815.00)
$24.33 (Rs 1580.00)
Elegant Artificial Arrangement Elegant Artificial Arrangement
$23.87 (Rs 1550.00)
$20.00 (Rs 1299.00)
Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Hydrangea Flower Arrangement
$22.02 (Rs 1430.00)
$18.46 (Rs 1199.00)
Mix Flower Basket with Merry Christmas Greeting Card Mix Flower Basket With Merr...
$21.02 (Rs 1365.00)
$18.25 (Rs 1185.00)
Mix Roses Bouquet with Fruits Basket and Christmas Card Mix Roses Bouquet With Frui...
$53.05 (Rs 3445.00)
$46.12 (Rs 2995.00)
Mix Lovely Flowers Bouquet with Merry Christma Card Mix Lovely Flowers Bouquet ...
$17.94 (Rs 1165.00)
$15.63 (Rs 1015.00)
Arrangement of Mix Flowers with New Year Greeting Card Arrangement Of Mix Flowers ...
$25.95 (Rs 1685.00)
$22.56 (Rs 1465.00)
Crazy Carnations Crazy Carnations
$14.94 (Rs 970.00)
$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Immortal Pleasure of Love Immortal Pleasure Of Love
$12.63 (Rs 820.00)
$11.01 (Rs 715.00)
Shiny Yellow Carnation Vase Arrangement Shiny Yellow Carnation Vase...
$16.40 (Rs 1065.00)
$14.25 (Rs 925.00)
100 Red Roses Bouquet 100 Red Roses Bouquet
$35.88 (Rs 2330.00)
$31.19 (Rs 2025.00)
Fragrance Mist Fragrance Mist
$10.78 (Rs 700.00)
$9.39 (Rs 610.00)
Wishing You Well Wishing You Well
$16.40 (Rs 1065.00)
$14.25 (Rs 925.00)
Priceless Pink Roses Arranged in a Vase Priceless Pink Roses Arrang...
$17.79 (Rs 1155.00)
$15.48 (Rs 1005.00)
Exotic Gift Collection for Mothers Day Exotic Gift Collection For ...
$91.48 (Rs 5940.00)
$83.16 (Rs 5400.00)
Wish Mothers Day with Exclusive Gift Combo Wish Mothers Day With Exclu...
$48.05 (Rs 3120.00)
$43.66 (Rs 2835.00)
Love and Romance Love And Romance
$18.25 (Rs 1185.00)
$15.86 (Rs 1030.00)
Refreshing Treat Refreshing Treat
$27.10 (Rs 1760.00)
$23.56 (Rs 1530.00)
Christmas Card and Mix Flowers Bouquet for Christmas Christmas Card And Mix Flow...
$21.02 (Rs 1365.00)
$18.25 (Rs 1185.00)
Seasonal Flowers with Rasgullas N Teddy Bear Seasonal Flowers With Rasgu...
$22.87 (Rs 1485.00)
$19.87 (Rs 1290.00)
15 Red Romantic Roses Bouquet 15 Red Romantic Roses Bouquet
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
$8.55 (Rs 555.00)
Rosy Fruity Fun Rosy Fruity Fun
$32.65 (Rs 2120.00)
$28.41 (Rs 1845.00)
Surrender Surrender
$14.94 (Rs 970.00)
$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Lover's Special Gift Lover's Special Gift
$59.14 (Rs 3840.00)
$51.44 (Rs 3340.00)
Love Desert Love Desert
$24.72 (Rs 1605.00)
$21.48 (Rs 1395.00)
Graceful Day Graceful Day
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
$8.55 (Rs 555.00)
Marking Impression Marking Impression
$16.40 (Rs 1065.00)
$14.25 (Rs 925.00)
4 Day For U 4 Day For U
$58.21 (Rs 3780.00)
$50.59 (Rs 3285.00)
Merry Christmas Card and Carnation Bouquet Combo for Christmas Merry Christmas Card And Ca...
$31.03 (Rs 2015.00)
$26.95 (Rs 1750.00)
24 Pink Carnations Basket 24 Pink Carnations Basket
$16.40 (Rs 1065.00)
$14.25 (Rs 925.00)
Pink Roses Vase Arrangement Pink Roses Vase Arrangement
$12.63 (Rs 820.00)
$11.01 (Rs 715.00)
Sunny Surprise Sunny Surprise
$15.94 (Rs 1035.00)
$13.86 (Rs 900.00)
Mix Flowers Bouquet with Plum Cake and Christmas Card Mix Flowers Bouquet With Pl...
$47.97 (Rs 3115.00)
$41.73 (Rs 2710.00)
Red Roses Bouquet and New Year Card Combo Red Roses Bouquet And New Y...
$14.94 (Rs 970.00)
$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Mix Flowers Vase Arrangement with Merry Christmas Greeting Card Mix Flowers Vase Arrangemen...
$21.95 (Rs 1425.00)
$19.10 (Rs 1240.00)
Mix Color Roses with Celebrations N Rocher Chocolates Mix Color Roses With Celebr...
$28.95 (Rs 1880.00)
$25.18 (Rs 1635.00)
Floral Delight Floral Delight
$14.94 (Rs 970.00)
$13.01 (Rs 845.00)
Seasonal Flowers Vase Arrangement Seasonal Flowers Vase Arran...
$16.40 (Rs 1065.00)
$14.25 (Rs 925.00)
Half Kg Chocolate Cake with Goodluck Bamboo Plant Half Kg Chocolate Cake With...
$26.26 (Rs 1705.00)
$23.87 (Rs 1550.00)
Kaju Katli Sweets Box with Mix Flowers Bouquet and New Year Card Kaju Katli Sweets Box With ...
$65.91 (Rs 4280.00)
$57.29 (Rs 3720.00)
Red and Pink Roses Bouquet Red And Pink Roses Bouquet
$8.47 (Rs 550.00)
$7.39 (Rs 480.00)
Right from Gods and Goddesses to the common man everyone wants to make use of flowers in a suitable manner. In Indian tradition Gods and Goddesses are always adorned with flowers. The deities in temples too are decked in flowers and it is a ritual to change the deities ‘Shringar’ (adornment) of flowers every day. There is no special occasion where flowers are not a part of the celebration. Marigolds, Chrysanthemums, and roses are mostly offered to the Gods though every God has a special flower that can be used to please the deity. People also use garlands to offer to the deities in temples. All religious festivals like Durga Puja, Shivratri, Janmashatami use flowers extensively as an offering. In cities like Chennai, flowers are in a huge demand because of the presence of several revered temples.

The importance of flowers in Indian culture is, thus, immense. Flowers are used to give someone an extra-ordinary feeling. The ambience created by flowers is so lovely that when we wish somebody a speedy recovery we do it with flowers. Flowers give that feel good feeling which appeals to our senses and contributes to our well-being. If you have hurt somebody’s feelings then a bouquet of flowers is the best and simple way to make up for the wrong that you have done.

Flowers are so tender yet they take care of all our emotions, therefore, choose your flowers with care. A good collection of flower bouquets and bunches is available online on the website of awesomeji.com. Going online for your gift will expose you to some exotic bouquets that you will rarely find anywhere else. You can also make use of the gift portal’s midnight and same day delivery that too for free all across India.

The natural flower bouquets that you will find on this portal includes Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, Orchids, Gladiolus and other flower bouquets. You can present someone with a riot of colours by booking a multi-flower bouquet or bunch. The arrangement of flowers is very unique and no one can resist them. The flower arrangement of Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, Tuberose will leave your loved one speechless. The sweetness of the occasion has to be maintained while gifting too, so awesomeji is presenting a tasty range of flower shaped sweets as well. Add more merriment by ordering Kaju Kesar Pista, Mango flowers, Passion flowers sweets shaped in the form of flowers and strengthen your bonds.

A combination of a cute teddy bear and chocolates with flowers makes a complete gift. You can also choose a bouquet with chocolates or dry fruits. Some of the flower bouquets come with greeting cards for New Year, Diwali, Christmas, and Mother ’s Day so you can personalize the gift by writing a message on the card. Have more fun by selecting a bunch that comes along with a delicious bowl or can of Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas, an assortment of chocolates, a yummy cake, dry fruits pack and crunchy cookies. Mixed Roses and chocolates with a free greeting card is an all-in-one offer. The other unique floral gift that will get you a lot of affection in return is the combo of Red and Pink Roses with Kaju Barfi and chocolates. When you are saying - you care -say it in a different way and gain blessings of your near and dear ones.

In case you are looking for longevity, artificial flowers are the best bet. Here too the options are numerous. Carnation, Daisy, Glitter Eucalyptus Berry, Ranunculus flower stick, Ceramic pot arrangement, a bunch of Gloriana, Carnations, Phalaenopsis flower stick, Orchids and more are there so that you can please your loved one without much effort. Not just flower bouquets, you can gift someone close to you beautifully made Torans or door hangings of artificial flowers. These Torans will not only add beauty to your loved one’s doorway but also welcome guests in a colourful manner.

So, if you have someone on your mind to whom you would like to gift flowers, then don’t wait. Log on to awesomeji.com and order flowers online that too at discounted rates and get the best quality flowers delivered at your doorstep. What’s more is - the website also has free delivery, midnight and same day delivery.