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Flowers are the only thing that comes to one’s mind when we have to provide someone with special treatment. Flowers are the first thought that comes to our mind. You might have noticed when a movie of Sha Rukh Khan, Rajinikanth or any such influential actor hits the theatres, we can find loyal fans of these actors who actually put up so much efforts to make a poster of them and put them in front of the theatre and worship them, they make garlands made of flowers and shower on them. That is not all when your idol political leader visits your town you welcome them with flowers. Actually it nothing new to us, it has been liked this since the evolution of mankind. Flowers are the definition of beauty; it can make beautify the surrounding and even the person. Flowers can make us happy, bring down our anxiety and increase our happiness. They are the way to heart, making someone happy always does not mean getting them expensive gifts but also things like flowers can do wonders you did not know about. Their aroma calms our senses and a mere look at them has a positive impact on our moods. Many flowers have symbolic meaning in many Western countries. Let us say that red roses as given as symbol of love, beauty and passion. Poppies symbolize death in countries including USA and UK.

Gifting someone flowers is also about the fact that your loved one adores flowers so you are always ready to present them. Placing a flower bouquet in a vase of an ailing old parent or a loved one will make them happy and give them hope. The presence of flowers will certainly give them a lot of joy whenever they will look at them with pure amusement and adoration. We must have witnessed that at big sporting events where a bouquet of flowers is also presented as a token of appreciations. Flowers are lucky charms and also a symbol of appreciation.

Flowers can be called as one of the romantic gifts. There is nothing ecstatic as a bunch of red of red roses. We need not be a genius to guess the meaning of it. Flowers are way to heart; they mark the beginning of any relationship. Let it be a marriage, friendship or even love flowers mark the beginning. Flowers are actually a part of any occasion. We either begin with flowers or end it with them. Flowers are showered on the bride and the groom while tying the knot; they are even used during funerals. A new baby born to the earth finds flowers as one of the wonders of the world, he/she is amused about the different shapes and colors it can be found, the fragrance makes them smile as they match their innocence. A flower is innocent in different ways, it spends all its life making happy others and shedding away when the sun goes down. There is nothing that flowers cannot solve. Broken hearts, broken relations, wounds, your insecurities and fears, jealousy, your love, misunderstandings, your passion, your gratitude, they have a way to show it to others. They have everything that you are looking for. They are happiness, stillness, life and serenity. No matter what how much ever hard we are fighting at the end of the end all of us are striving just to be happy.

Sending flowers online is the rising trend that has many of us have adopted. Time consuming and easy handling might be few of the reasons. Flowers are the easiest way to show your gratitude or the easiest way to thank the people in your life. There are your friends who helped you in completing your assignments, there are people who made you laugh when you thought that you couldn’t anymore. You have your teachers, parent’s siblings, and such a long list of people who have helped you in a way or other.

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