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Have you ever wondered why you fell happy, excited and lively after receiving a bunch of flowers. It is not only you; every one of us feels delighted and happy. According to the findings by behavioral research conducted by The State University of New Jersey, natural gift flowers are the simplest ways to improve our emotional health. They prompt happy emotions within us instantaneously like no other thing which is the reason of our sudden change in mood. Flowers really alleviate stress and works as an instant remedy towards it. Flowers give you a direct connection to nature, nature always gives us a soothing effect and that is why all of a sudden we feel calm and tension free. It makes us believe that life is not that hard and for once we just need to give time and things would fall in the place right. There is an interesting thing about flowers, it not only the flowers which make us happy but also there are certain colors that affect our mood too. Receiving a flower brings you closer to people around you; we overcome our insecurities, fear and even depression. We fell like a very new person and that for once we forget about everything we are facing, and then at that time we realize all that efforts and worries were for nothing. They ease your trouble; help you in improving your relationships, help in improving confidence, oneís dignity and also eliminate jealousy, anger and guilt towards others. Ever wondered why flowers are always placed at place where everyone can see them, it is because it changes the mood of everyone in the house and makes everyone happy.

We need not enlighten about how flowers really make us happy and also you might have noticed that no festivals are complete without flowers they are a part of it by some way or the other. The beauty of flowers is just undefinable. They add beauty to a place, home, a building, a desk or even a human. A bride looks her best with all the gajra; a flower band used as a fashion accessory. The weddings halls, the bouquets, the alleyways, the entire hall is actually decorate with different flowers. That is not all flowers are the best gifts you can give during any occasion. Let us say that flowers can be during any occasion. Get your friend a bouquet of flowers and cakes, or you can even send your mother flowers on motherís day or ow about gifting flowers to your boss on his/her birthday.

Any occasion flowers can never go wrong. Flowers are the best way to convey your message to your closed ones. Let it be friendship, love, jealousy, anger, passion, affection and such any emotions there is nothing better than flowers which will help you in conveying them. Many times relations are ended or even worse not initiated because of the fear to communicate. We donít blame anyone for this; this can happen to anyone, there are few who fear being in a communication, some might not be well versed at sharing their emotions and at such times flowers comes to your rescue. Flowers can help you speak volumes without even trying and the message reaches straight to the heart. Ever wondered why we normally use flowers while confessing our love towards someone, now you know. No matter how much ever upgraded our technologies are or how much ever developed and broad minded we are certain things like this are always going to be old schooled and we are going to follow it.

Happiness, Cheerfulness, joy and pleasure is what flowers bring to us. They are the definition of calmness, and purity. They give us instant hope. One look at this beautiful creation and we are happy and it changes our, mood from sad to happy. Sending flowers is really a trouble. Finding the appropriate flowers which suits the occasion and adds spark to the mood is very necessary. Again we know flowers are not cheap and find an appropriate flower for the occasion is going to be a very big issue. Welcome to Ďawesomejií you are at the right place.

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