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For about hundred years, gifting flowers as a means of communication as a matter of fact we still use it. But off course the traditions and culture are different and it varies from one part of the world to other. Traditionally while the students gifted apples to their favorite teachers during the ancient times, china followed a different tradition and here teachers were gifted flowers. In Russia while you are gifting a birthday present in return you would either receive flowers or an unwrapped bouquet of flowers. During Women’s day, Russians gift traditional gifts like tulips, red roses or hyacinths. During funerals or to show sympathy the most number of flowers used are lilies, roses; which symbolizes death, sorrow or rebirth. In ancient Rome brides carried flowers; which they believed would scare away evils and encourage fertility. While people in Dutch believed that flowers are a food for soul. The people in Great Brittan still follow the tradition of gifting flowers while being invite for dinner. Here flowers are usually gifted in odd numbered sequences irrespective of any occasion. Red roses are mostly given to show love and it is same everywhere. Anyone who wants to convey his love passion, adoration and affection towards other always chooses red roses. A guy going down on his keens with a bunch of red roses in his hand, the message is loud and clear for you. Yo need not be an Einstein or wake up the Sherlock within you, neither do you have to solve a math equation; it is clear and simple.

Flowers are generally used to show love and affection and they can convey your message and it always works for a very shy person who finds it difficult who cannot put their emotions into words. Flowers along with a greeting card, a letter or any such gift can do your job. Gifts like chocolates, red roses, diamond jewellery, rings clearly say the message ‘I love you’. This small gesture and your messages are loud and clear. Guys, who are looking to propose their girls, find it easy to do so and this is how they confess it. Flowers are also an expression of friendship. You can gift flowers to your friends, colleagues during occasions like birthdays, graduation, promotion or any such occasion. This gesture would mean that we are happy for them and also wish them good luck. Gifts like yellow roses actually mean friendship. Yes it is true that flowers are a good gift and that it suits every occasion but they have different meaning and it depends on the factors like whom we are giving and when. Gifting a friend flowers on his wedding means you are wishing him good luck and a message that you are happy for them. Gifting your teachers shows your respect, gratitude and care towards them. Taking gifts to your friends while being invited for dinner shows that you are thankful. Flowers gifted to your parents show your love, affection and care towards them. Anything becomes a gift only when the receiver fells blessed, respected and loved. Your love should reflect in the gift that you give to others.

There is no one in the worlds who don’t like receiving gifts or are not happy to give a gift. All of wants to be pampered appreciated or sometimes to be shown that we are worth all of it. We might be strong, independent and working all of this true but there are times when we need someone to show love to us. We want someone to plan surprises for us and make us happy. The whole ritual of remembering an occasion or festival and buying a suitable gift is very thrilling. This shows that the person whom you are going to gift means something to you and he / she holds a special place in your heart. Sometimes you just want to gift someone just because you want to make them happy or to make them feel exceptional. At certain times buying an actual gift would be difficult task. It is a very easy job when you the recipient personally, but if you area merely an acquaintance then picking up an gift is going to be a very big duty and that is when flowers come. They are the perfect gift for any occasion and to anyone. Flowers say it better than words.

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