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Makar Sankranti Gifts

The popular harvest festival Makar Sankranti is celebrated between 14th to I8th of January. India being a country with vast diversity in geography and culture, many factors like climate, agriculture environment, location and cultural backdrop influence the celebration. In Sansrit, Sankranti means the transition of sun from one Zodiac sign to another and thus, there are twelve sankrantis a year. However, not all sankrantis are equally important with only Makara Sankranti being celebrated the most. Apart from agricultural significance, Makar Sankranti has great cultural significance also. 

According to Hindu mythology, the Sun god is said to visit his son Saturn on this day despite their mutual differences hence, this festival signifies the father-son relationship also. People take holy baths in Ganga Sagar and Prayag and offer prayers to the Sun god. Gujaratis and Rajasthanis celebrate this festival by flying kites. There are many things that make Makar Sankranti special; to buy and send some special, yet cheap, gifts to your beloveds in India, this online space is the best place to order from.