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The word cake has a long history attached to it. Cake is one of the most important desserts in ceremonial functions like weddings, anniversaries, jubilees, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, baby shower and what not. All of us celebrate every little achievement either in our life or in the lives of our beloved ones. Everything calls up for a party and why not everyone doesn’t have the privilege of the life we are living. And so live every moment of it. Cawnpore now known by the name Kanpur is the 12th most populous city in India. We are all aware of the IIT Kanpur, one of the reasons why Kanpur is listed on top of the major cities in India. IIT is a raging trend in India and many students interested in computer technology believe it as a privilege to get in any of the IIT institutes that are spread all over India.

And having one of the most reputed Institutes here has its own perks with the flow of migrant populace finding their homes here and settling down or pursuing their career. Hence celebrations too come along, let it be Diwali, Rakhi, Navratri, Holi any other festival or any other occasion festivities are a must. Every first thing, the first breakup, the first job, first salary such moments are to be cherished and shared with your friends, family or anyone. What a better way than cutting a cake and sharing it with your loved ones, hence letting them know that they are a part of all your achievement. We at ‘awesomeji’ help you in celebrating these festivals with ease and with vey yummy cakes you will ever find. We will help you in sending cakes through online at a very cheaper price anywhere in Kanpur. And let us inform you that our cake collection is very rich which might leave you in the conclusion of buying it all. Butterscotch cakes, Vanilla cakes, Fruit cakes, Chocolate cakes, special shape cakes, Carrot cake, many options to choose from. Feel free pick any cake send it and your cake would be delivered free. Yes, we don’t charge anything during delivery and we even deliver during mid nights, so go and plan your birthday surprise and we will take care of your cake. Well apart from Kanpur we deliver our service to cities like Unnao, Bithur, Safipur, Rasulabad, Ugu, Bighapur, Fatehpur, Ghatampur, Akbarpur, Purwa, Rura, Mohan, Bhagawanthnagar, Bangaramau and Bilhaur.
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