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What are reminded of when you hear of the place, ‘Mangalore’? – Serene beaches, delicious sea food, coconut palms and temples. Innumerable numbers of tourists are being attracted to this port city like a magnet. Do you feel nostalgic about those beautiful streams, the beauty of which witnessed for half of your childhood? Do you want to delight your dear and near ones in Mangalore by sending a unforgettable gift? Then, do visit our online store and explore our huge collection of designer wallets, elegant purses or delicious chocos. Buy the one for which you felt the most and send it across to your friends in Mangalore. We assure you of a speedy and efficient delivery.

How vital a lady’s purse is for her, only a lady can express! It seems she carries the world with her in it, at least all the essentials that she needs to carry along such as her keys, mobile phone, handkerchief, lipsticks, cash, credit cards, etc. Therefore you can find different varieties of purses to suit different purposes. There are purses with a single pocket or a few more pockets for multiple storage. Then we have purses with a small mirror attached (for make-up touches) or with two or more zips. Some purses also come with separate see-through pockets for visiting cards and a magnetic closure to keep her supplies secure. You must have seen purses that give the leisure of a separate mobile pocket. If you wish to buy and send gorgeous purses to your friends or relatives residing in Mangalore, go online and enjoy cheap prices. Browse through awesomeji.com and order/buy the one you prefer and send them online to Mangalore at amazingly cheap prices.

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