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Picnic Chocolates Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Picnic Chocolates Combo - F...
$35.89 (Rs 2475.00)
$32.63 (Rs 2250.00)
Snickers Chocolates Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Snickers Chocolates Combo -...
$35.89 (Rs 2475.00)
$32.63 (Rs 2250.00)
Soft Teddy bear and Candles with Ferrero Rocher - FOR AUSTRALIA Soft Teddy Bear And Candles...
$36.83 (Rs 2540.00)
$33.50 (Rs 2310.00)
3 Set Fragrance Candles with Ferrero Rocher 200gm & Cadbury Dairymilk - Flake 3 Set Fragrance Candles Wit...
$43.28 (Rs 2985.00)
$36.98 (Rs 2550.00)
Fragrance Candle with Guylian Belgian & Dairy Milk chocolates Fragrance Candle With Guyli...
$50.90 (Rs 3510.00)
$43.50 (Rs 3000.00)
3 Set of Diya Fragrance with Ferrero rochar 200gm 3 Set Of Diya Fragrance Wit...
$52.49 (Rs 3620.00)
$44.88 (Rs 3095.00)
Colorful Diya With Mars chocolate Colorful Diya With Mars Cho...
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
$12.18 (Rs 840.00)
Elegant Diya with Dairy Milk Elegant Diya With Dairy Milk
$14.79 (Rs 1020.00)
$13.41 (Rs 925.00)
Charming Diya With KitKat Charming Diya With KitKat
$14.94 (Rs 1030.00)
$13.63 (Rs 940.00)

Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Nutties Cup Chocolate  (12 pcs) Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Nuttie...
$6.82 (Rs 470.00)
$6.19 (Rs 427.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Golden 12 pcs Roasted Almond Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Golde...
$7.26 (Rs 501.00)
$6.60 (Rs 455.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Royal 9 pcs Mixed Nuts Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Royal...
$7.26 (Rs 501.00)
$6.60 (Rs 455.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Marble Chocolate Box (12 pcs) Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Marble...
$7.26 (Rs 501.00)
$6.60 (Rs 455.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Red 12 pcs Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Red 1...
$7.71 (Rs 532.00)
$7.00 (Rs 483.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Assorted Chocolate  Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Assort...
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
$7.76 (Rs 535.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Red 10 pcs Mixed Nuts Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Red 10...
$9.41 (Rs 649.00)
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Baby Fruit Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates- Baby ...
$10.24 (Rs 706.00)
$9.29 (Rs 641.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Ideal Brother Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Ideal ...
$10.24 (Rs 706.00)
$9.29 (Rs 641.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Golden Mix Nuts Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Golden...
$11.12 (Rs 767.00)
$10.11 (Rs 697.00)
Diyas With Choco Hamper Diyas With Choco Hamper
$12.04 (Rs 830.00)
$10.95 (Rs 755.00)
Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Wakrakund Mixed Nuts Chocolate Box Bhaidhooj Chocolates-Wakrak...
$14.27 (Rs 984.00)
$12.96 (Rs 894.00)

The brother-sister relationship is celebrated with grandeur in the form of two special festivals – Raksha Bandhan and Bhaidooj, which is celebrated on the last day of the five-day long Diwali festival by Hindus around the world. On Bhaidooj, sisters apply a tikka on their brother’s forehead praying for their good health, happy life and protection from evil powers. In return, brothers present loads of love and gifts to their sisters. When we talk of gifts, then what can be more special than chocolates for brothers and sisters? In fact, giving special bhaidooj chocolates to your brother or sister is a very exciting idea to make them happy. If you are looking for exclusive chocolates and wondering from where you can buy cheap bhaidooj chocolate gifts online, then you are at the right destination. In our special festive collection, we have an array of mouthwatering Bhaidooj chocolates, such as boxed Lindt, silk chocolates, international chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury’s celebrations, chocolate gold coins, miniatures, truffles etc. for you to choose from. In order to send Bhaidooj chocolates to India, you just have to place the order online at our shopping portal. We deliver Bhaidooj chocolates to Bhilai, Durg, Puri, Madurai, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Panaji, Gwalior, Saharanpur, and others.