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You can’t think of any gift ideas for your dear ones on the special occasion of Diwali? Flowers form an indispensable option to make your special ones feel significant and loved. The classic embellishment of flowers aliened beautifully add more color to the festival of lights and displays intense emotion. You don’t have to really break your head hard thinking about it. Looking for an option to send online flowers for attractively cheap prices? All you got to do is log onto our website and place an order for attractive flowers and enjoy fresh delivery for cheap prices. We offer gorgeous looking collection of flowers from which you can take your pick and send them online to India. Don’t worry, because we offer this delivery at reasonably cheap rates. No matter you place your order from US, UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore, there won’t be any shipping charges anywhere in India. We ensure fresh, quality delivery of flowers which will make you come back to us for a second time. Enthrall your loved ones as our website send online flowers at remarkably cheap charges. Make this moment special for your loved and dear ones and use these flowers to deliver love, care and gratitude since you cannot make it for the festival. The magical essence of flowers embraces warm feelings and will be conveyed thoroughly no matter how far the person is! Happy Diwali!
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It’s Diwali time again! The biggest festival of the Hindus, and one of the major ones in the Indian subcontinent brings with it an atmosphere of fun, celebrations and gaiety. While there are several legends behind the origin of the festival, one of the most popular ones is associated with the  return of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the eldest son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, from his 14-year exile with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman after killing the demon king Ravana. To commemorate their homecoming, people of the city lit lamps and illuminated their homes in order to welcome them. Rightfully called the festival of lights, Diwali, another one of the special features of Diwali is the exchanging of gifts with loved ones to show your love for them. Pretty, vibrant, and colourful, flowers are among the most popular gifts to give during Diwali.

Flowers With Chocolates: Flowers make for a lovely gift to give during the Diwali season! Bright, beautiful and fragrant, they add to the festive atmosphere and make the recipient feel special. Combining flowers with a chocolate hamper makes you gift even more special!

Flowers With Soan Papdi: Giving sweets as a Diwali gift is a time-honored tradition in India.  Soan papdi is among those sweets that are especially popular during the festive season. Why not give someone special a gift of delicious soan papdi paired with a beautiful flower bouquet?

Chocolates, Sweets and Flowers: There are so many things you can gift to your loved ones during Diwali! It’s not easy to choose between delectable sweets, chocolates and flowers as each one of these is special in its own way. That is why at Awesomeji.com bring you this combo pack consisting of chocolates, sweets, and flowers at an affordable rate. 

Carnations and Mithai: Carnations, with their lovely colors and delicate fragrance, are one of the most popular flowers to be gifted at festive times. We have an amazing gift hamper for you which not only includes a beautiful bouquet of fresh carnations, but also comes with a packet of special Diwali mithai.

Rosy Romance: Are you looking for something sweet and romantic to give to your significant half this Diwali? Choose our rosy romance gift hamper! A bouquet of fragrant red roses comes with a carefully chosen collection of chocolates to make Diwali truly memorable for your romantic partner. 

Bouquets and Cake: While sweets are something traditionally exchanged as gifts in Diwali time, the traditions have evolved over the past few years. With the globalization of the world culture, cakes have now become a staple of Diwali gift giving. Combining a bouquet of fresh flowers—roses, carnations, and marigolds-with a sumptuous chocolate cake makes for a truly global Diwali gift.

Roses and Dry Fruits: Along with sweets, dry fruits are also a popular option to give during Diwali. Not only are dry fruits rich and delicious, they are also full of nutritional benefits. Go ahead and gift a loved one a basket of assorted dry fruits with a bouquet of fragrant red roses. This gift is sure to delight them!