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Diwali Corporate Gifts India

Diwali, the festival of lights is celebrated over a grand scale in the country. Pleasure of exchanging gifts among friends or family makes the occasion even more special. What about your colleagues? In case you might have forgotten to gift him/her, don’t worry. We are at your service. Log onto our website and take your pick from the available gifting options and surprise them as you send online corporate gifts for attractively cheap price. Take your pick from the assortment of sweets, dry fruits, show pieces, Lakshmi or Ganesha idols, chocolates, assorted gift hamper etc. Fill the work atmosphere with joy and merriment as they unwrap their gifts. Even if you are shipping Diwali gift to India from US, UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore, it will be done for free shipping cost to send anywhere in India. We ensure safe and timely delivery of the gift so that you will be happy to visit us again. This will indeed generate a positive vibe in your work place and also enhance your relations with your colleagues. The entire process is simple and your corporate gift will be send online for cheap prices at the right time with just a matter of few clicks. Bring a smile on the face of others as they find their Diwali gift wrapped attractively send online.
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Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, celebrated all over the country in a grand manner. The festival is considered symbolic of the victory of good over evil, of knowledge over ignorance and of light over darkness. Traditionally considered a religious occasion, it has over the years evolved to become a celebration of the Indian and South Asian culture as a whole. Lighting lamps, candles, and lanterns, decorating homes and public buildings, and bursting of fire crackers are the traditions associated with the festival. Preparing special delicacies to be shared with family and friends is also a common practice. Exchanging gifts with your loved ones is another tradition associated with the festival. Diwali is also considered an auspicious time for opening new ventures, expanding businesses and purchasing new properties. It is also a time to celebrate the relationship you have with your bosses, colleagues, and business clients. 

Diwali Diyas With Chocolates: Diwali is a good time to celebrate the meaningful relationships you have with your workplace colleagues. That is why we bring to you the Diwali diyas with chocolate gift hamper which is a simple yet elegant gift to give to your boss at work in order to maintain cordial relations.

Diwali Diyas With Sweets: Traditionally, sweets are exchanged at the time of Diwali with business partners, colleagues and clients. Gifting decorative diyas along with sweets with add a personal touch to your gift which is surely to impress the important people you give them to. There are numerous such hampers available from Awesomeji.com and we also assure you of timely delivery of your gifts.

Diyas With Sweet Hamper: During Diwali time, most of your business clients and colleagues would generally receive an overload of mithai boxes. Gift them something different to make sure that your gift is genuinely appreciated. With Haldiram’s gift hamper, you not only get the assured quality of products, but also ensure that you balance out the sweetness with a little bit of spicy namkeens. And adding decorative diyas to the combo raises its charm!

Assorted Chocolates: While mithais are fine to gift your business associates and colleagues in India, you need to be more thoughtful while sending gifts to your business connections living overseas. People in countries like USA, Australia, England, Germany, etc. might appreciate a gift of assorted chocolates more. Why not choose from our wide range of Diwali chocolate hampers and surprise your associates this Diwali?

Sweet & Snack Hamper: While is it natural to share sweets during Diwali as sweets are considered auspicious gifts in the festive season, too many boxes of sweets can become boring. Why not select Awesomeji.com’s Haldiram sweet and snack hamper which not only contains sweets like rasgulla and gulab jamun, but also packs in a tangy punch with spicy and savory namkeens. This combo hamper is truly an interesting gift to give during the Diwali season!

Dry Fruits With Diya Hamper: No festival is complete without the sharing of rich and delicious dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and raisins. A healthier alternative to sweets and chocolates, dry fruits make for a popular Diwali gift. Add to the festivities of the season by sending a dry fruit basket + decorative diya hamper to your boss and impress him with your thoughtfulness.