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Diwali, also known as ‘Divali’ or ‘Deepavali’, is a Hindu festival of lights and is celebrated on a grand scale in India and around the world. This Diwali, it is imperative you do something special for your friends and family. You can start by sending Diwali Mithai (sweets) hampers online to your loved ones in India, for cheap. We also cover free shipping within India from all over the world such as US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore and make sure that the delivery services of the gifts do not leave you disappointed. Moreover, we deliver these Diwali Mithai Hampers to the doorstep of your loved ones for cheap! After all, Diwali Mithai or Sweets are essential features of this festival. If you are living in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore, and you are looking for free shipping to India from there, then you have come to the right place. All you need is five minutes. Just log on to our online store and send Diwali Mithai Hampers from our here to your loved ones for cheap. Do not worry about sending your gifts; we will handle the delivery services and will ensure that you and your loved ones have the best Diwali ever! So, what are you waiting for? Log onto our online store and send exciting, at unbelievably cheap, Diwali Mithai hampers to Indian online from US, UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore!
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Festivities and celebrations are all about spending time with your loved ones and sharing yummy delicacies! Sweets are an integral part of any celebration, especially in the Indian subcontinent where sweets are considered auspicious. Diwali, being the biggest festivals of the Hindus and one of the major ones in India, is naturally marked by the preparation and consumption of a variety of sweets. Traditionally, women used to make sweet and savory snacks at home for the Diwali season, often beginning the preparations days in advance. However with time, the lifestyle of the typical Indian grew busier and nowadays it is not much practical for housewives to make all the special sweet dishes at home. The tradition of exchanging sweets during Diwali remains much cherished even today, and we at Awesomeji.com bring to you convenient Diwali Mithai hampers with your favourite sweets that you can give to your loved ones.

Mawa Peda Hampers: Mawa pedas, with their rich and creamy melt-in-mouth texture are a hot favourite to give during the Diwali season. At Awesomeji.com, we bring to you the best quality mawa pedas that have been made with the finest ingredients. Go ahead and gift a box to your friendly neighbour!

Soan Papdi With Roses: There are a lot of sweets that are highly popular as Diwali gifts. One of them is soan papdi. Choose from a variety of soan papdi hampers available at Awesomeji.com—orange soan papdi, soan papdi combo pack with savory snacks, or soan papdi with a bouquet of roses. 

Soan Papdi With Floating Diyas: While sweets are truly popular as gifts during Diwali, combining them with other items associated with the festival make it even more special. That is why we have this amazing soan papdi with floating diyas combo pack where you get a packet of soan papdi along with a set of beautiful and colourful floating diyas.

Mithai + Dry Fruits Hamper: There are several gift items that are exchanged during the Diwali seaon, mithai and dry fruits being among the most popular ones. This festive season, why choose between the two? Choose from our vast collection of mithai + dry fruits combo packs that bring together the sweetness of mithai with the wholesome goodness of assorted dry fruits.

Exotic Assorted Katlis: Who doesn't love katlis! Kaju katlis and badam katlis are among the most loved traditional Indian sweets. This Diwali, give your loved ones a packet of exotic assorted katlis—these delicious melt-in-mouth goodies are sure to delight the recipients!

Strawberry Kaju Katli: Don't you agree that kaju katli is one of the most delicious sweets ever? While plain kaju katli is amazing in itself, the sweet takes on a different avatar altogether when infused with strawberry flavor! Tasty and flavourful, it comes in a delicate pink color that makes it one of the best gifts to give this Diwali!

Sweets and Savory Snacks: While sweets are considered as auspicious gifts to be shared during the festive season, too much of a good thing can also get boring. That is why you bring to you these sweets and savory snacks combo packs so that the sweetness of the ras gollah, burfi, peda, and kaju kaltis are balanced out by the tangy spiciness of the namkeen snacks!