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Popular Anniversary Gifts for Boss

Every morning walking to your workplace and the first thought that occupies us is about our manager / boos there. There is a phrase that says ‘manager is always right” and yes we know we might be right or we might have all the justifications right but no his/her word is the final one. We all cringe when we know that “the person sitting at the special cabin” is asking for us. For a minute we are replaying everything we have done starting from our last meeting and thinking about the excuses to be said if something has gone wrong, not that we know of any mistakes but still they can come handy and then we enter our rebellious mode where we are all that fierce and feisty and ready to give them a piece of our mind if situations get worse. That is how it always has been, at any cooperate organization, we are always been judged, always been monitored and none of us really like it. We all might say and laugh among our colleagues saying that our bosses are stupid or just annoying but guess what, they are the people who hired us at the first place. Makes sense, no matter how much ever hard we try to neglect it let us all accept it that our academics really is not that helpful when it actually comes to put all of our knowledge into practice. Joining as a fresher at any organizer we are being trained and put forward to many new techniques which we earlier did not know. They guide us and yes sometimes when we are being looked down and most of the time criticized but what you forget even they started like you. There were once beginners too and they know it, they would not have hired you and no, they don’t expect you to be master at everything but yes when they are working towards a target they want you to be part of it and to give all your hard work into it.

We fail to realize that they would not have hired at if we were not eligible and if they make us part of their project it means that they have faith and also trust in our caliber, the only thing that we have to do is follow their instructions after they have experience with them which makes them superior to us. Looking at them we might have our plans crystal clear in front of us, we know that we have a very long way to go to reach at their position. It takes time, patience and experience and there is no hard way to it working hard is the only option that you have. Just because they seem too bossy does not mean that they are unapproachable, to the contrary they are. They are friendly are always available to help you whenever you are in need. Don’t try denying but all of us strive for attention from our team head, we work hard to make ourselves noticeable because deep down we know that they don’t mean anything bad to us.

Putting aside the negativities and dislikes why don’t you guys make some effort and take some time to send gifts to your boss. After all they work really hard, making sure that we have all our comforts at our work place, our increments, the office lunches and dinner, the birthday celebrations , the refreshments and as such a great deal of their time is being spend on your needs. After all this they need appreciations too, they need to be praised for the trust they put on their team member that helped them in completing the project and meeting the targets. Now traditional celebrations are common for all so that won’t make them special but what would make them special would be celebrating anniversaries. Birthdays, or celebrating that success of a particular project every year, celebrating boss day or even his wedding anniversary, or celebrations on their completion of 1 year at this designated post are few of the occasion where you can make your boss happy. The major problem that lies ahead would be picking gifts for every occasion. Flowers, card, chocolates, personalized gifts, metal or handmade artifacts, holiday packages, clothing apparels, perfumes are many such gift items that can be thought off.

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