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Popular Anniversary Gifts for Brother

“A friend is a brother who once was a brother”. Brother; the word brings many emotions flooding within us. They are like the sour but yet that sweet candies that we cannot throw away because of its sweetness neither can be swallow it because it is sour. Our childhood memories are so fresh and amazing because of them. Every one of us would agree that there was not a single reason when we did not fight with our brother. Looking back now after these many years we may realize that all those fights were over silly things and that is when really hits us hard. We fought over television remote, over pencils, over sofa, over balls and countless such things. They tease and of course they are the ones who would dare to call us fat and girls, we know how much we hate it to be called fat. No matter how much ever we twitch our eyebrows we love them for trusting us, for saving us from our parents rage, for having our back and also above all for being our strongest pillar of support. Brothers helped us in understanding boys and men. No offence but yes boys or men both of them are hard to handle and deal with and guess who helps us in it. It is of course our brothers. Directly or indirectly they teach us patience. Now childhood is not complete without pulling off pranks with each other and the fights have taught us to be strong and patient. Girls might not be so much into technology or sports but we know about few gadgets or have our favorite football team or at least we know the names of the cricket team and know the sports and their rules it is because of our brothers.

Yes many of us might not have appreciated it while we were young but now we are thankful that we know the names. Not only are that also thankful that we know to some of the hard sports and we even have played them. Above all of that he is the first to depend upon we need some help. It can be any kind of help, helping in your academics, helping you in getting your report cards signed because of your exceptional academic performance, helping in writing a leave letter to school and as such all matters are taken care off. Later on we even depend on them for financial support. Common, what are elder brothers for of course for getting our needs fulfilled. It is true that they spoil us, they treat us like princess and guard us from any harm that this world can cause, they pamper us and may be that is the reason why we expect our better halves to take care of ourselves like we are being treated by our brothers. In an Asian country like India, the brothers play major role in one’s life and they even have a day dedicated for it. Popularly known by Raksha bandhan; this is festival that celebrates the love, duty, friendship between brothers and sisters. This is just a small way to express our love; in fact it cannot be expressed in just words.

Sending gifts or buying gifts for our brothers is not something new that we do. We have been doing this our entire life but how about making him special by making small things in his lives matter. Anniversaries are the best way to make him special, no we are not talking about his birthdays or wedding anniversary. We talking about celebrating his first day at his first work place, even how about celebrating the day he got his first vehicle, his graduation, his first breakup, his first love and as such they are many such small things in his life that actually matters. It is not only sisters who always likes to be pampered, instead even brothers like it too. They get happy and amused to know that how his sister has taken care of all his small achievements and been a part of it. He might be the one who has moved out first and started his own journey and yes that journey was not easy. But he always had made sure that you had no problems in your way, it is time that we return the favor. Brothers are our friend, our hearo, our guardian and what not. Sending cakes on birthdays or cards on all his small achievements are a big deal. Wishing him on dates that are important to him makes him feel more loved and cared.

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