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Did you know that Diwali was the first Hindu festival to be celebrated in an institutional environment in Italy? Headquarter of Roman Catholicism; Italy was a profoundly Catholic state with Roman Catholicism as its official state religion. However, with the soaring number of immigrants relocating themselves in Italy since the last two decades, the country has turned into a land of multiple faiths. Though Roman Catholics take up a whopping 81% of the proportion, there has been an increase in people of non-Christian faith. Hindus in Italy have made popular the South Asian festival of Diwali. The festival of lights as it is popular known as, is today celebrated widely across Italy with Rome as its religious and cultural base. Italians indulge in the religious festivities with equal fervour, passion and enthusiasm. From lighting lamps to bursting crackers and exchanging gifts, Diwali celebrations in Italy involve a lot of pomp and splendour.
Candles-Golden Gungroo T-Lite with 400 gms Soan Papdi Candles-Golden Gungroo T-Li...
$11.93 (Rs 823.00)
$10.85 (Rs 748.00)
5 Part Print 18  Pcs Chocolate Box 5 Part Print 18 Pcs Chocol...
$14.95 (Rs 1031.00)
$13.59 (Rs 937.00)
Printed Bow Hamper box with Almonds, Pistachios, Namkeen and English Brittles Chocolates 400 gms Printed Bow Hamper Box With...
$17.05 (Rs 1176.00)
$15.50 (Rs 1069.00)
Red Fantasy Red Fantasy
$13.85 (Rs 955.00)
$12.62 (Rs 870.00)
Auspicious Diyas Auspicious Diyas
$5.66 (Rs 390.00)
$5.15 (Rs 355.00)
DryFruit Hamper for Diwali DryFruit Hamper For Diwali
$13.85 (Rs 955.00)
$12.62 (Rs 870.00)
Diwali Dryfruits- Minakari Dryfruit Briefcase Box B-314 Diwali Dryfruits- Minakari ...
$44.37 (Rs 3060.00)
$40.32 (Rs 2781.00)
3 Part Print Almonds, Chocolate and Namkeen Box 3 Part Print Almonds, Choco...
$12.83 (Rs 885.00)
$11.66 (Rs 804.00)
Chocolate Date Diwali Hamper Chocolate Date Diwali Hamper
$11.46 (Rs 790.00)
$10.44 (Rs 720.00)
Red Potli Basket with almonds, Namkeen Pouches and Om T- lite Red Potli Basket With Almon...
$14.54 (Rs 1003.00)
$13.21 (Rs 911.00)
Candles-Ganesha Leaf T-Lite Candles-Ganesha Leaf T-Lite
$6.82 (Rs 470.00)
$6.19 (Rs 427.00)
Set of 5 Decorative Diwali Diyas Set Of 5 Decorative Diwali ...
$11.75 (Rs 810.00)
$10.66 (Rs 735.00)
Beautiful Combo for Diwali Beautiful Combo For Diwali
$12.04 (Rs 830.00)
$10.95 (Rs 755.00)
White Gold Toran White Gold Toran
$19.72 (Rs 1360.00)
$17.92 (Rs 1236.00)
Medium Cane Basket Basket with Kaju Katli, Almonds Pouch with 2 T-Lites Medium Cane Basket Basket W...
$21.36 (Rs 1473.00)
$19.42 (Rs 1339.00)
Gold 4 Print 12 Pcs Chocolates ,Almonds and Pistachios Hamper Box Gold 4 Print 12 Pcs Chocola...
$24.51 (Rs 1690.00)
$22.27 (Rs 1536.00)
Small Cane Basket with Almonds, Chocolate Pouches and 2 T-Lites Small Cane Basket With Almo...
$19.66 (Rs 1356.00)
$17.86 (Rs 1232.00)
Diwali Dryfruit Hamper Diwali Dryfruit Hamper
$17.62 (Rs 1215.00)
$16.02 (Rs 1105.00)
Diwali Candles Set of 2 Led Candles Diwali Candles Set Of 2 Led...
$11.54 (Rs 796.00)
$10.48 (Rs 723.00)
Candles-Ganesha Leaf T-Lite with 200 gms kaju Katli Candles-Ganesha Leaf T-Lite...
$11.12 (Rs 767.00)
$10.11 (Rs 697.00)
Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Gifts Sweets -  Golden Handle Wooden Mewa Bites Tray Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Gif...
$43.96 (Rs 3032.00)
$39.96 (Rs 2756.00)
Candles-Golden Gungroo T-Lite Candles-Golden Gungroo T-Lite
$6.82 (Rs 470.00)
$6.19 (Rs 427.00)
Brown Basket Basket with Soan Papdi, Toran and Diyas Brown Basket Basket With So...
$18.76 (Rs 1294.00)
$17.05 (Rs 1176.00)
Gold 6 Print Hamper box with Dryfruits, Nutties and English Brittles Chocolates 900 gms Gold 6 Print Hamper Box Wit...
$40.03 (Rs 2761.00)
$36.40 (Rs 2510.00)
Diwali Diyas With Soan Papdi Diwali Diyas With Soan Papdi
$17.26 (Rs 1190.00)
$15.66 (Rs 1080.00)
Red Potli Basket with Chocolate, Nutties Pouches and Om t-lite Red Potli Basket With Choco...
$15.36 (Rs 1059.00)
$13.95 (Rs 962.00)
2 Part Eco 12  Pcs Chocolate Box 2 Part Eco 12 Pcs Chocolat...
$9.41 (Rs 649.00)
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
Diwali Dryfruits- Minakari Assorted Dryfruit Briefcase Box B-314 Diwali Dryfruits- Minakari ...
$43.54 (Rs 3003.00)
$39.59 (Rs 2730.00)
Small Cane Basket with Almonds, Sugarfree dates and Figs Bites Pouches and 2 T-Lites Small Cane Basket With Almo...
$22.17 (Rs 1529.00)
$20.16 (Rs 1390.00)
Laxmi Ganesha Diyas And Silver Coin Laxmi Ganesha Diyas And Sil...
$20.52 (Rs 1415.00)
$18.63 (Rs 1285.00)
Revlone Set of 2 Almonds, Nutties Air Tight Containers Revlone Set Of 2 Almonds, N...
$18.60 (Rs 1283.00)
$16.91 (Rs 1166.00)
Elegant Diwali Diyas Elegant Diwali Diyas
$11.75 (Rs 810.00)
$10.66 (Rs 735.00)
Pack of Snickers Minature Chocolates with Earthen Diyas Pack Of Snickers Minature C...
$10.88 (Rs 750.00)
$9.86 (Rs 680.00)
Elegant Dual Diyas Elegant Dual Diyas
$5.66 (Rs 390.00)
$5.15 (Rs 355.00)
Small Cane Basket with Kaju Katli and Almonds Pouch Small Cane Basket With Kaju...
$17.50 (Rs 1207.00)
$15.91 (Rs 1097.00)
Jute Cane Basket with Mysore Pak, Almonds Pouch with  TGolden- Lite Jute Cane Basket With Mysor...
$20.92 (Rs 1443.00)
$19.01 (Rs 1311.00)
3 Part Print 10  Pcs Chocolate Box 3 Part Print 10 Pcs Chocol...
$9.83 (Rs 678.00)
$8.93 (Rs 616.00)
Imagica Set of 2 Chocolates and Nutties Air Tight Containers Imagica Set Of 2 Chocolates...
$13.64 (Rs 941.00)
$12.40 (Rs 855.00)
Jute Cane Boat Basket with Mysore Pak, Toran and Diyas Jute Cane Boat Basket With ...
$20.07 (Rs 1384.00)
$18.24 (Rs 1258.00)
Diwali Dryfruits-Golden Red Leather Finish Minakari Dryfruit box B-211 Diwali Dryfruits-Golden Red...
$19.66 (Rs 1356.00)
$17.86 (Rs 1232.00)
Diwali Hampers-  Green Wooden Serving Tray with Mewa Bites and 2 T-Lites Diwali Hampers- Green Wood...
$28.19 (Rs 1944.00)
$25.62 (Rs 1767.00)
Jute Cane Basket with Kaju Katli, Almonds Pouch with Golden T-Lite Jute Cane Basket With Kaju ...
$22.17 (Rs 1529.00)
$20.16 (Rs 1390.00)
Gold 4 Print Hamper box with Almonds, Pistachios, Namkeen and English Brittles Chocolates 600 gms Gold 4 Print Hamper Box Wit...
$27.91 (Rs 1925.00)
$25.38 (Rs 1750.00)
Diwali Dryfruits-Copper Gold Minakari Window Box B-50 Diwali Dryfruits-Copper Gol...
$17.50 (Rs 1207.00)
$15.91 (Rs 1097.00)
Big Cane Basket Basket with Kaju Katli, Toran and Diyas Big Cane Basket Basket With...
$20.47 (Rs 1412.00)
$18.60 (Rs 1283.00)
Red Potli Basket with almonds, Chocolate Pouches and Om T- lite Red Potli Basket With Almon...
$15.98 (Rs 1102.00)
$14.51 (Rs 1001.00)
2 Part Eco Almonds and English Brittles  Box 2 Part Eco Almonds And Engl...
$14.95 (Rs 1031.00)
$13.59 (Rs 937.00)
Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Gifts Sweets - Golden Baby Cart Mewa Bites Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Gif...
$26.90 (Rs 1855.00)
$24.45 (Rs 1686.00)
Candles-Golden Gungroo T-Lite with 200 gms Kaju Katli Candles-Golden Gungroo T-Li...
$11.12 (Rs 767.00)
$10.11 (Rs 697.00)
Big Cane Basket Basket with Soan Papdi, Toran and Diyas Big Cane Basket Basket With...
$17.95 (Rs 1238.00)
$16.31 (Rs 1125.00)
Small Cane Basket with Almonds, Nutties Pouches and 2 T-Lites Small Cane Basket With Almo...
$19.21 (Rs 1325.00)
$17.46 (Rs 1204.00)
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Diwali Gift Ideas – Why Limit Your Gifting Choices!
Make this Diwali a truly special festival for your family and friends by sending them unique gifts. With awesomeji.com, you can avail a wide range of products from the traditional handcrafted diyas, to contemporary candles and votives, from religious pooja thalis to contemporary wall décor items and home embellishments. You can also select eatables like traditional Diwali mithais, sweets, chocolate gift packs and assorted hampers or go for out-of-the-box items like merchandise, toys, games, jewellery and bags. Do not forget to check out our exclusively designed corporate gift packs especially designed for your business clients, colleagues and partners.

Send Diwali Gifts Anywhere in Italy
Whether you have your family in the religious and cultural capital city of Rome or your friends in the fashion capital city of Milan, your relatives in the historical city of Naples, your love in the romantic city of Venice, business partner in Bologna or a prospective client in Sicily, leave it to awesomeji.om and we shall make sure that your Diwali greetings reach your dear ones well in time. We also cover other cities of Italy including Florence, Turin, Verona, Genoa, Pisa, Padua, Cagliari and so on. Just pick a gift of your choice and rest assured, it shall be a great Diwali for you and your precious ones.

Send Diwali Gifts from Italy to Other Countries
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