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Traditionally considered an Indian festivals celebrated by Hindus, Diwali is nowadays gaining popularity on an internal scale and is being celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in countries all over the globe. Among the countries outside India, Australia is one such nation which celebrates the festival of lights on a truly grand scale. A symbol of the victory of good over evil and of knowledge over ignorance, Diwali is more than just a religious occasion in Australia. It is more of a cultural icon of the South Asian identity and is celebrated by throughout the country as a celebration of rich cultural diversity. Major cultural events are held every year in cities like Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne with the celebration at Federation Square in Melbourne becoming one of the biggest celebrations in Australia. Many iconic buildings including the Victorian Parliament, Melbourne Museum, Federation Square, Melbourne Airport and the Indian Consulate are decorated for the occasion of Diwali.
Soan Papdi , Farrero Rocher with Traditional Diya- FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Papdi , Farrero Rocher...
$44.01 (Rs 3035.00)
$40.02 (Rs 2760.00)
Farrero Rocher with Diya- FOR AUSTRALIA Farrero Rocher With Diya- F...
$39.88 (Rs 2750.00)
$36.25 (Rs 2500.00)
Pooja Thali with Mix Dry Fruits Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Pooja Thali With Mix Dry Fr...
$39.15 (Rs 2700.00)
$35.60 (Rs 2455.00)
Dry Petha, Cadbury Favourites 2 Diya Set - FOR AUSTRALIA Dry Petha, Cadbury Favourit...
$44.88 (Rs 3095.00)
$40.82 (Rs 2815.00)
Soft Teddy bear and Candles with Ferrero Rocher - FOR AUSTRALIA Soft Teddy Bear And Candles...
$36.83 (Rs 2540.00)
$33.50 (Rs 2310.00)
Farrero Rocher with Fragrant Candles- FOR AUSTRALIA Farrero Rocher With Fragran...
$37.12 (Rs 2560.00)
$33.71 (Rs 2325.00)
Puja Thali & Cadbury Favourites - FOR AUSTRALIA Puja Thali & Cadbury Favour...
$37.77 (Rs 2605.00)
$34.37 (Rs 2370.00)
Cadbury Favourites & 2 Diya Set with Puja Thali- FOR AUSTRALIA Cadbury Favourites & 2 Diya...
$43.36 (Rs 2990.00)
$39.44 (Rs 2720.00)
Mix Dry Fruit 400g with Traditional Diya- FOR AUSTRALIA Mix Dry Fruit 400g With Tra...
$37.12 (Rs 2560.00)
$33.71 (Rs 2325.00)
Minakari Pooja Thali with Mix Dry Fruits - FOR AUSTRALIA Minakari Pooja Thali With M...
$39.15 (Rs 2700.00)
$35.60 (Rs 2455.00)
Dates Premium 500gm - FOR AUSTRALIA Dates Premium 500gm - FOR A...
$27.12 (Rs 1870.00)
$24.65 (Rs 1700.00)
Super Sweets Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Super Sweets Combo - FOR AU...
$43.50 (Rs 3000.00)
$39.51 (Rs 2725.00)
Dry Petha with 2 Diwali Diya Set - FOR AUSTRALIA Dry Petha With 2 Diwali Diy...
$35.09 (Rs 2420.00)
$31.90 (Rs 2200.00)
Puja Thali with Diya Set- FOR AUSTRALIA Puja Thali With Diya Set- F...
$33.57 (Rs 2315.00)
$30.52 (Rs 2105.00)
Soan Papdi, Mix Dry Fruits & Cadbury Favourites - FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Papdi, Mix Dry Fruits ...
$45.39 (Rs 3130.00)
$41.25 (Rs 2845.00)
Besan Ladoo 400g with Fragrant Candle Big - FOR AUSTRALIA Besan Ladoo 400g With Fragr...
$37.92 (Rs 2615.00)
$34.44 (Rs 2375.00)
Shiv Parvati Statue 3.5inch with Soan Papdi - FOR AUSTRALIA Shiv Parvati Statue 3.5inch...
$29.44 (Rs 2030.00)
$26.75 (Rs 1845.00)
Puja Thali & Soan Papdi - FOR AUSTRALIA Puja Thali & Soan Papdi - F...
$28.86 (Rs 1990.00)
$26.25 (Rs 1810.00)
Mix Dry Fruits - FOR AUSTRALIA Mix Dry Fruits - FOR AUSTRALIA
$31.54 (Rs 2175.00)
$28.64 (Rs 1975.00)
Krishan Ji with Cow Statue 5inch With Soan Papdi - FOR AUSTRALIA Krishan Ji With Cow Statue ...
$34.08 (Rs 2350.00)
$30.96 (Rs 2135.00)
Soan Papdi with Soan Cake Double Sweets - FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Papdi With Soan Cake D...
$32.12 (Rs 2215.00)
$29.22 (Rs 2015.00)
Soan Papdi with Traditional Diya - FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Papdi With Traditional...
$35.67 (Rs 2460.00)
$32.41 (Rs 2235.00)
Painted Pooja Thali with Mix Dry Fruits - FOR AUSTRALIA Painted Pooja Thali With Mi...
$39.15 (Rs 2700.00)
$35.60 (Rs 2455.00)
Besan Ladoo, Cadbury Favourites & 2 Diya Set- FOR AUSTRALIA Besan Ladoo, Cadbury Favour...
$44.88 (Rs 3095.00)
$40.82 (Rs 2815.00)
Besan Ladoo, Soan Papdi with Decorated Diya - FOR AUSTRALIA Besan Ladoo, Soan Papdi Wit...
$39.22 (Rs 2705.00)
$35.67 (Rs 2460.00)
Delicious Besan Ladoo 400gm - FOR AUSTRALIA Delicious Besan Ladoo 400gm...
$26.32 (Rs 1815.00)
$23.93 (Rs 1650.00)
Snickers Chocolates Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Snickers Chocolates Combo -...
$35.89 (Rs 2475.00)
$32.63 (Rs 2250.00)
Farrero Rochar with Mix Dry Fruits - FOR AUSTRALIA Farrero Rochar With Mix Dry...
$45.46 (Rs 3135.00)
$41.33 (Rs 2850.00)
Picnic Chocolates Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Picnic Chocolates Combo - F...
$35.89 (Rs 2475.00)
$32.63 (Rs 2250.00)
Traditional Pooja Thali with Mix Dry Fruits Combo - FOR AUSTRALIA Traditional Pooja Thali Wit...
$39.15 (Rs 2700.00)
$35.60 (Rs 2455.00)
Cadbury Favourites Chocolates with Puja Thali- FOR AUSTRALIA Cadbury Favourites Chocolat...
$37.77 (Rs 2605.00)
$34.37 (Rs 2370.00)
Soan Papdi with 2 Diya- FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Papdi With 2 Diya- FOR...
$30.02 (Rs 2070.00)
$27.26 (Rs 1880.00)
Maa Durga Statue 3.5inch with Soan Papdi- FOR AUSTRALIA Maa Durga Statue 3.5inch Wi...
$29.44 (Rs 2030.00)
$26.75 (Rs 1845.00)
Soan Cake  with Lindt Chocolate - FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Cake With Lindt Choco...
$37.77 (Rs 2605.00)
$34.37 (Rs 2370.00)
Soan Papdi 500g with Puja Thali- FOR AUSTRALIA Soan Papdi 500g With Puja T...
$36.18 (Rs 2495.00)
$32.92 (Rs 2270.00)
Besan Ladoo with Decorated Diya - FOR AUSTRALIA Besan Ladoo With Decorated ...
$35.09 (Rs 2420.00)
$31.90 (Rs 2200.00)
Delicious Soan Cake 500g - FOR AUSTRALIA Delicious Soan Cake 500g - ...
$27.99 (Rs 1930.00)
$25.45 (Rs 1755.00)
It is again that time of the year: the time to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, with your family members and friends. Due to the limitations of your hectic lifestyle, you might not be able to wish your loved ones in person. But worry not, you can still send them Diwali gifts to share your love this festive season. Sending Diwali gifts to Australia cannot get easier—all it takes is a few clicks and your gift is delivered to the recipients in Australia in a timely manner.

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