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The word ‘Anniversary’ was first used in a devotional books for nun in 1230. It in Italian meant’ returning yearly’ and the word ‘wedding anniversary’ was first found in English dictionary in the year 1673. An introduction to the city, Agra would be unnecessary. Every one of has can relate Agra with Taj Mahal. You were living a lie all these years, the arms of all artisans being amputated is wrong, it was never done. Agra is not only about Taj, it also has Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and other Mughal-era-buildings. And no doubt that we love Agra for its splendid beauty and it always wonders us we had such huge resources and gifted talents in our country still we somewhere want to be like western countries. Our uniqueness, multiplicity in culture, vibrant cuisines makes us different from any other country in the world. In this majority Hindu city you find people of all religion celebrating all festivals and we are bounded with oust cast. We love Allah, Jesus and all the other gods equally. This is the real us, we love each other, we celebrate brotherhood, we cherish motherhood and our love for each other is above all.

And anniversaries are a part of us, we anniversaries of every historic day in our life. With so many dates to be remembered buying appropriate gifts would be really chaotic, no more worries anymore. Why to fear when awesomeji is here. We have everything you want and you are looking for. Starting with sweets, cakes of all types, jewelry, sarees, Bouquets, home appliances and accessories, personalized gifts and what not. The only job of yours is to pick any anniversary gift and send it online anywhere in Agra. Did we mention that, we have gifts for everyone, let it be for your parents, girlfriend, spouse, boss, friends we have the right thing for you. Okay forgot to mention that our delivery charges are zero and we also provide mid night deliveries. Yes, you heard right and what are you now waiting for rush and place your orders right away. Calm down guys, we have stretched our services to neighboring cities like Dayal Bagh, Farah, Fatehabad, Firozbad, Rajakhera, Baldeo, Tundela, Kiraoli, Sadabad, Mahaban and Itimadpur. Our shipment charges to countries like UK, Canada, Australia, USA, UAE and Saudi is free too and so you can now send anniversary gifts online to these countries as well. We don’t know what you are still waiting for, run guys.