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The origin of anniversaries has a long way attached to it. Let’s say that commemoration started with us. May be we can date it back to those days when the first calendar was invented. Okay now the origin of calendars are yet confusing. Abraham Lincoln’s 207th birthday, Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack completed its 71st birthday, India celebrating its 69th birthday, are events whose dates are to be remembered and celebrated. But the actual question is why are these dates to be remembered and celebrated. Does anyone know that the first British Empire, Jamestown English has completed 400 years of his freedom from colonialism and the surprising fact is we are able to remember this date. Ever wondered how is that even possible, we don’t know whether anyone who has witnessed or has been a part of it is still alive or not. Or maybe we can conclude that there were some during that time who felt the importance to celebrate anniversaries as remembrance to events, so some might have seen it coming and so today we have anniversaries for almost everything. Hence to give a proper era to the origin of the concept of commemoration can be dated back to 1607.

Bhopal known as the city of lakes, which is situated among seven hills and on the banks of two lakes has attracted tourists from all over the world. Art galleries, museums, lakes which attract the eyes of tourists, Bhopal also has architectures sculptures that can provide you faint history of India. This city has a lot more reasons to celebrate and we are happy to help you in celebrating your special day. Put aside your pressures off finding an appropriate gift for anniversary as we have all types of gifts with us. At awesomeji you can select the type of gift you want at the cheapest price and we will be delivering it free. We help you in sending or buying anniversary gifts online allover Bhopal and our delivery charges are zero. We have cakes, soft toys, bouquets, jewelry, clothing, fashion accessories and many other things. Our services are also extended to cities like Sehore, Berasia, Raisen, Sanchi, Icchawar, Vidisha, Rehti, Hoshangabad, Nasrullangani, Shujalpur, Ashta, Talen, Itsari, Akodia and Biaora. As we cater service to International destinations including, Australia, Canada, UK, USA and UAE you can now send your gifts those are away from home and make them feel; like its home and don’t forget that all our delivery charges are zilch so go on place your orders right away.