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In life we reach certain stages in our relationship, work, at home, the institution we are in or the one we created. In the midst of all these we have celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or any such special occasion where celebrations are a must.

In the goals we had set and many more things that we love to call anniversaries. You might now ask why birthdays are so important. It is that day of the moth when we are the same 10 year old’s and get excited about celebrating it with your friends or family and the best part is it reoccurs every year which gives us new hope and joy . We got out for dinner or even have a house party by inviting all your friends. It makes us happy and lively and also it is more or similar like anniversaries because anniversaries are any event that recurs on every year. Birthdays are not just like any other day, they are different. It might have escaped your notice but birthdays bring us near to death, it tells us the time we have spent and the time we have in our hands. Every day that passes away is a yesterday. New day marks the new beginning and it only starts after the first one ends and the most fascinating thing is every day is not the same and this what makes it unique and so there is something different in each of them. Birthdays; brings you back to the reality and lets you about your time on earth. This is why birthdays are one of the happiest days of the month and everyone who is born deserves to be happy. Arranging surprise parties for your friends, sending gifts to your mother, teacher, sibling, boss, co-worker or anyone who is close to you is a way to show that our love them and also respect them.

Teacher’s day is yet another anniversary which is very important to us. Our teachers have played a big role in our life. School being our second home has taught us many life lessons along with academics. Thanking them with words would be so small and yes no matter how much strict they were back then we know that we love them for all their time and patience. This is why we should show our respect, love and gratitude towards them. Similarly you can send gifts to your friends, boss, girlfriend, spouse or even your parents during their special day.

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