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Anniversaries are dates that reoccur every year. This date has some significance which can be both personal and of cultural importance and it is the annual celebration of any event. Anniversaries bring out tall the memories associated with this day. Getting married, starting a new business, death of any relative or any close member or any such event that is a milestone in your life and the next year on the same day every year we remember what happened, we celebrate the good memories and mourn the bad ones. You allow all the thoughts to embrace you and you drown yourselves into it. You think about how you ended up here starting from the first place itself. You realize that time has passed and you have been through a lot to reach till here. Anniversaries mark another milestone and also a new beginning. Gifts are an inevitable part in anyone’s life. As quoted by Walt Whitman “When I give, I give myself”; explains why exchanging gifts during anniversaries are very important. We have adopted this culture since the existence of mankind and they should be given from heart and not as act just because you believe it is your responsibility. Gifts are a sure short way to get close to a person, to sort out relationships that have gone bitter and to form new relationships or sometimes even make the relationships better and mend the small that lies in them.

Anniversaries are a moment of celebration. Be it personal or traditional anniversaries always have memories attached to them. Mother’s day; well to think practically we exactly don’t need a special day dedicated for mothers. But on this day you can take steps to make her feel special. You can ask her to take rest for today and offer to do the chores for one day, or you can take her out to a fancy restaurant and buy her favorite meal to her. You can ask her to take a leave go on a vacation to one of the favorite spots. This small acts or gesture from you can make her feel loved. Siblings; brothers or sisters can be the cause of your headaches but it is also true that your childhood would not have been better without them. You have fought with each other over pretty things. But you also know that you love them unconventionally and so their birthdays make you excited. You have seen them grow right in your front of each other and so you make sure that you get the best gifts for them. Phone, or other electronic gadgets, games, toys, soft toys or any such gifts can be gifted. Flowers can be send to teachers on teachers day or to your boss on their birthday, sending gifts to your friends will let them know that you remembered them on their special day.

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