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Print Premium Jaipuri Razai Print Premium Jaipuri Razai
$41.11 (Rs 2835.00)
$37.34 (Rs 2575.00)
$61.70 (Rs 4255.00)
$55.10 (Rs 3800.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Band Baaja Baarati (Blue) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Simplicity with Class Simplicity With Class

$16.10 (Rs 1110.00)
Gold Print Jaipuri Double Quilt Gold Print Jaipuri Double Q...
$85.55 (Rs 5900.00)
$77.79 (Rs 5365.00)
Radha-Krishna Antique Jhoola Radha-Krishna Antique Jhoola

$10.80 (Rs 745.00)
Ecstatic Leafy Touch Ecstatic Leafy Touch

$15.30 (Rs 1055.00)
Beauty In Tree Beauty In Tree

$10.59 (Rs 730.00)
Assorted Kaju Sweet Box and New Year Greeting Card Assorted Kaju Sweet Box And...
$51.48 (Rs 3550.00)
$46.76 (Rs 3225.00)
Kaju Katli Sweets Box with Mix Flowers Bouquet and New Year Card Kaju Katli Sweets Box With ...
$57.57 (Rs 3970.00)
$52.35 (Rs 3610.00)
Gerberas & Roses with Dryfruits N Rocher Chocolates Gerberas & Roses With Dryfr...
$31.90 (Rs 2200.00)
$29.00 (Rs 2000.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Abstract Geometry (Black) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Auspicious Welcome Auspicious Welcome

$4.13 (Rs 285.00)
Glowing Tree(For 2 Candles) Glowing Tree(For 2 Candles)

$15.81 (Rs 1090.00)
Premium Jaipuri Razai Premium Jaipuri Razai
$36.69 (Rs 2530.00)
$33.35 (Rs 2300.00)
Magnificent Floral Print Razai Magnificent Floral Print Razai
$46.11 (Rs 3180.00)
$41.91 (Rs 2890.00)
Double Jaipuri Razai Double Jaipuri Razai
$41.11 (Rs 2835.00)
$37.34 (Rs 2575.00)
Cotton Jaipuri Razai Cotton Jaipuri Razai
$41.11 (Rs 2835.00)
$37.34 (Rs 2575.00)
The Red Luminary The Red Luminary

$2.54 (Rs 175.00)
Jaipuri Print Double Bed Razai Jaipuri Print Double Bed Razai
$41.11 (Rs 2835.00)
$37.34 (Rs 2575.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug - Band Baaja Baarati (Yellow) The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Rasgulla Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Rasgulla Sweets And New Yea...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)
Soan Papdi Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Soan Papdi Sweets And New Y...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)
Friendly Spiderman : Big Soft Toys Friendly Spiderman : Big So...
$6.60 (Rs 455.00)
$5.58 (Rs 385.00)
Merry Christmas Wreath with Designer Shadow Candle and Cute Toy Hanging Merry Christmas Wreath With...
$14.57 (Rs 1005.00)
$13.27 (Rs 915.00)
Abu A Camel : Big Soft Toys Abu A Camel : Big Soft Toys
$17.76 (Rs 1225.00)
$14.98 (Rs 1033.00)
Perfect New Year Candle Perfect New Year Candle
$8.99 (Rs 620.00)
$8.19 (Rs 565.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Attractive Pendant Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Attract...
$36.25 (Rs 2500.00)
$21.74 (Rs 1499.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Rejoicing Pearl Choker Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Rejoici...
$87.00 (Rs 6000.00)
$42.04 (Rs 2899.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Charming Pearl Pendant Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Charmin...
$36.25 (Rs 2500.00)
$17.39 (Rs 1199.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Stunning Pendant Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Stunnin...
$36.25 (Rs 2500.00)
$18.11 (Rs 1249.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Eye-Catching Pendant Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Eye-Cat...
$26.10 (Rs 1800.00)
$12.31 (Rs 849.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Monumental Choker Pearl Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Monumen...
$87.00 (Rs 6000.00)
$42.04 (Rs 2899.00)
Appu My Elephant : Big Soft Toys Appu My Elephant : Big Soft...
$18.63 (Rs 1285.00)
$15.70 (Rs 1083.00)
Cutie Pie : Big Soft Toys Cutie Pie : Big Soft Toys
$17.76 (Rs 1225.00)
$14.97 (Rs 1032.50)
Smarty Noddy : Big Soft Toys Smarty Noddy : Big Soft Toys
$8.19 (Rs 565.00)
$6.89 (Rs 475.00)
Gulab Jamun Sweets and New Year Greeting Card Gulab Jamun Sweets And New ...
$18.49 (Rs 1275.00)
$16.82 (Rs 1160.00)
Candle Gift Set Candle Gift Set
$16.68 (Rs 1150.00)
$14.50 (Rs 1000.00)
The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -Lady Jharokha The Ringmaster Coffee Mug -...
$7.69 (Rs 530.00)
$6.51 (Rs 449.00)
Designer Tea light Candles with Decorated Tree Designer Tea Light Candles ...
$11.31 (Rs 780.00)
$10.30 (Rs 710.00)
Mom & Baby : Big Soft Toys Mom & Baby : Big Soft Toys
$15.44 (Rs 1065.00)
$13.05 (Rs 900.00)
Bob the Builder : Big Soft Toys Bob The Builder : Big Soft ...
$12.04 (Rs 830.00)
$10.15 (Rs 700.00)
Designer Candle with Cute Santa Face Hanging Designer Candle With Cute S...
$8.56 (Rs 590.00)
$7.76 (Rs 535.00)
Sri Jagdamba Pearls Amusing Pendant Set Sri Jagdamba Pearls Amusing...
$50.75 (Rs 3500.00)
$31.89 (Rs 2199.00)

Anniversaries are a pile of memories that are stringed together. They can be sweet and bitter too. For a politician his first electoral fight is a remarkable one similarly for an actor his first ever movie is a very big milestone and if it is a hit it is an added advantage. While for some people celebrate certain movies as an anniversary. For example Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge was such a super hit that people still celebrate the day it was released. Call it the love towards the star or for the movie it is still one of the celebrated movies in India. This is exactly how we connect to the things around us and keep it afresh in our memories. Our first tour, the 10th board exams, 12th exams, first crush, first job and as such; there are many dates that are very important for us. We work very hard to reach till there and the journey was not easy. Milestones in relationship are another great step in anyone’s life. The only way to show your love towards our partner is by sending them gifts on this special day. For people who are recently married, first wedding anniversaries are more like a grand celebration for them. While they might be new to this relationship they had to make big adjustments and look forward to make this relationship work ahead. They have to plan for their future life and so celebrations mark a new start and a gift of course everywhere spreads love. While in business, your milestones are the number of years you complete in that business. The work you put to reach up till here was not small and of course you had many people who have either worked with you or worked under you. This is where anniversaries come in; they help you to show your gratitude, love and respect towards them. They need appreciation too as much as you. Hike in salary, holiday packages, food or beverages, personalized gifts, gift vouchers are some of the gifts that can be gifted to your employees.

Annual dates like Women’s day calls for another celebration and since it follows up every year on the same date you can call it an anniversary too. Many wonder why only women have a separate day in the year to celebrate. Well come on you all know that women really had to put up a lot to be in a position where they are today. To be precise it was not started long back until them women were one of the suppressed sessions of the society. There is nothing wrong in appreciating them for who they are, they play different role in the society only to help you. No, don’t believe the myth that women only love expensive gifts, you gift her bunch of flowers and she still would be happy. Flowers; being the most charismatic things on this planet earth knows its job very well and it has made a path right to the hearts of the people. Sending flowers to the ladies in your life is the best way to love them and let them know no matter what happens to you are there to support them. Similarly there are occasions like birthdays, Teacher’s day, Friendship day, anniversaries and such other occasions when we exchange gifts to one another.

Getting gifts on any occasions is very hectic job and so finding the right place is very hard job and also created headaches. Our portal ‘awesomeji’ is exclusively meant for sending gifts to anywhere in India. Starting with cakes, chocolates, soft toys, games baby needs, baby products, Christmas gifts, flowers, jewellery or any such gifts items is now available here that too at a cheaper price. Spread across the country our services are now available in Udaipur and also in nearby cities including Nathdwara, Bhindar, Rajsamand, Kanor, Dariba, Salumbar, Pindwara, Sadri, Kapasan, Bari Sadri, Dungarpur, Amet, Khed Brahma, Sheoganj and Sorohi. Wait guys we have some exciting new to announce; which is that all our delivery charges and shipment charges are zero. To make the process of sending gifts in and around Udaipur at a cheaper price, you can now make use of our mid night delivery services too.