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The annual returning date of a past event is known as anniversary. Anniversaries can be traditional or personal. Traditional anniversaries like Christmas, Mother Day, Teacher’s day, Women’s day and many such dates are important to us. Personal anniversaries are another list of celebrating; wedding anniversaries, birthdays, relationship anniversaries, 1 year at work place, first salary, new house, new vehicle and such many dates can be added to your list. Celebrating anniversaries are actually a personal choice; one can celebrate it or opt not to celebrate it either. You really need not always be with someone to celebrate anniversaries; they are not only about celebrating wedding anniversaries or milestones in relationships. It can be any date that follows a certain event by a specific amount of time. Celebrating six months of you quitting smoking, two months since you have started your workouts, six month anniversary of your new bike or the new pet you bought and like that any of the events in your life can be the purpose of celebrations. Anniversaries help you look back and realize how far we have come. For a businessman, completion of 25 successful years of his venture is a momentous day in his life. Silver jubilee celebration which celebrated for the completion of any important event is when we look back and realize how far we have come. The journey till her was not easy and we look back at it and see how the time has changed since the first day and how we have shaped ourselves. Birthdays can help in putting more light to it. Every year starts with new hope and new aspirations so does birthday. A birthday marks the beginning of New Year. There is a saying that with age people get wiser and so do they get old too. It is on our birthday when we look back and find how amazing the journey was.

Anniversaries aren’t always about only celebrations. Most of us have a day when our friend, or any relative or anyone who was very close to us and has passed away. Moving with life without them might the toughest part of your life but you have done this because that is what life asked for. On this particular day you have all the memories and moments spend with that person enveloping you. You might not really celebrate it we celebrate those memories. . At this time the simplest yet the sweetest thing which you can do is calling the person and show your grief and telling them how that person was a wonderful human being. There a few fixed dated when we celebrate collective memories too. For example let us just say that Christmas which celebrated on December 25th every year is an anniversary. Celebrating Jesus’s birthday is more like a celebration for us. Sending greeting cards, cakes, sweets, food and beverages and such gifts are the common way by which we show our acceptance and love towards this festival. Valentine’s Day is another such anniversary which is celebrated globally. There is a belief that this day is solemnly meant for the people those who are in a relationship but guess what it is wrong this day is meant to celebrate the season love. February is officially the season of love. Having a girlfriend or wife is not really necessary for celebrating this day. You love your pet; you love your siblings, your friends, your bike, your car, your book and what not. Above all you love yourselves, while others are busy making plans how to make Valentine’s Day grand for them why not celebrate it with yourself. Give yourself the hair cut you always wanted, take risk and cut your hair short, get the tattoo done, your hair colored anything you wanted, at the end of the day it should make you feel better. Enjoy yourselves and embrace it.

Apart from our own personal anniversary dates we have to remember few date that are important for others too, like birth dates of our friends, our parents’ birthday and their anniversary and other such occasions. Getting a gift at such occasion is another major task before you as your gift should suit the occasion. Cakes are handy when it comes for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries of our parents or on their birthdays too. You can also gift your mother fabrics, handmade gifts or any personalized gifts. Flowers are one such gifts that can go during any occasion so you gift them to your teachers, your girlfriend, your parents, boss or even colleagues. Along with it gifts like chocolates, sweets, cards, food and beverages, baby products or personalized gifts can also be gifted. Our page ‘awesomeji’ is one of the shopping gateways were you can find all the gift items at a very cheap price. Cakes, sweets, food and beverages, baby products or personalized gifts, holiday packages, handmade gifts, clothing, perfumes, kitchen and home decors and the list is too long to be listed; any gift item is available her at a very cheap price. Spread all across India , you can avail our services in Kozhikode and nearby cities including Beypur, Feroke, Kunnamangalam, Mavur, Koyilandi, Malappuram, Manjeri, Tirur, Nadapuram, Mahe, Ponnani, Thalaserry, Dharmadam, Muzhappilangad and Kunnamkulam. With a whole gallery of gifts, worrying about the price is the last thing you want to do as all of them are very cheap as we have decided to go easy on your pockets. Sending anniversary gifts to Kozhikode at a cheaper price is the easiest thing on internet today. To make the process much easier we have nullified delivery and shipment charges, instead you can get your cakes, flowers delivered right at midnight even. Yes, you have read it right we offer midnight deliveries too. Also sending gifts to other countries takes the same effort as the shipment and delivery charges for sending gifts to countries like Australia, France, Canada, UK,USA, UAE,S Singapore, New Zealand and many other countries has been nullified. No more complaints of distance, higher price and about delivery services because we have solved all of those problems for you.