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Certain days we have something that happens and is memorable. They mean so much to us that we end up celebrating them every year and we call it anniversaries. Anniversaries are important part of life. Birthday is one such occasion when we celebrate life and not surprisingly we celebrate it every year. An anniversary is a day on which an event occurred. It can be anything. In a year we achieve many milestones, we start new ventures and such there are numerous things that become memorable for us. Your first job, your first vehicle, your promotion, the first time when shares got high or any such occasion counts for a celebration and we celebrate it every year. Anniversaries are actually celebrating memories. Birthdays, the erotic tour with friends, the goa trip, wedding, relationships, first work and many more such events actually are memories to be celebrated. It was not easy to reach where you are today you had to turn big stones and it was not easy and that exactly is why anniversaries are meant to be celebrated. Starting a new venture and running it for long 25 years is not an easy job, it had its ups and downs. There were people who have seen your growth and your failure, there were people who have been a part of it too. It is important to remember all that has happened and experienced. Facebook is not something new today and they has taken it upon its own shoulders to remind us our memories and so they show a post that we might have shared a year back. Though we don’t really celebrate those moments but a single glance at the shared image we are drawn back to the memories associated with it. We remember about the day when we took that particular image, we might even end up tagging the people who were with us on that day and that is how it actually goes. We capture very moment that is special to us and the next year we talk about it to our friends.

Apparently birthdays are one of the most celebrated anniversaries in world. It is not always weddings or relationships that should be celebrated after completing of one year completion. You buy your new car and a year later that day you have those memories flooding to your mind. It was definitely not easy. While at college you might have thought that finding a job would solve all your problems but actually it was the opposite. It took a long of time, patience, money and hard work to get you your first car and so there is no wrong in celebrating it. It is milestone in our journey. That is just one example, similarly there are numerous other events and there are numerous people who have been a part of it. It can be anyone our teachers, your friends, girlfriend, your spouse; but all that matters is we has someone besides us to share our success, sorrows and happiness. This is exactly why anniversaries are the best and in this busy schedule it is important to look back and thank everyone including yourself for everything you have achieved. Christmas is another world famous birthdays which we celebrate worldwide. Christmas is one of the most t exciting time of year for two reasons one because it is Christmas and secondly it December; the last month of the year.

Now there is plenty of anniversary celebration. It can be traditional events like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Women’s day, Children’s Day, Mother’s day or even during personal occasions and apart from that we have many similar dates to be remembered. We have our friend’s birthday, girlfriend’s birthday, pour parents wedding anniversaries and such long list of events. The next hectic job is getting a gift for such events. People usually get confused what to get for anniversaries. Gifts shouldn’t always be very expensive sending bouquets of flowers to your teachers or parents on their anniversary. You can even organize a dinner for your spouse and get her flowers on your anniversary. A personalized gift are now a trend and is actually a way to show your love towards the person as you put in a lot of effort to get it done. There is no way that cakes are going out of the list. Cutting a cake for your memorable day is one of the best things to do.

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